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  1. yes we do love being spoilt that's why Mara does it... spoil us wonderfully well
  2. Take a deep breath, relax yourself, get ready n go for the kill. think yourself queeny going to win a king of your heart, while we all friendly frenz of yours are done with testing and ready with all right pool of info. so you can put on all the new stuff and jump in. and let your man go berserk with your magnetic powers of seduction... n as far as bang is concerned, it is something which does BANG ..... bang on, bang bang bang....... it bangs on peoples heads or somewhere else ;0 . where ever but it does BANG.... he he he..
  3. i am there dear miss cherie, to do this for you. i would love to try these pheros unscented & tell u what they do...... if it is just fine, you enjoy your date love n luck magna
  4. want to make another guess...... yes m jumpin in Mara.... hold me, if i fall flat...nehhh hheeee... audacious, something in line of dominance, leather, or even like SWS... or combo of any 2 of these or all, or something which is sexy & bold and daring & carefree (me be me, or which says i am me- whatever)... i want it if it is in this family n m gonna for this..... wwwaaaoooowwww...
  5. Heya Beccah, i want to guess, i want to guess...... extra proclivities with Bang, something with whooping dose of cops, with Est and with e nol. say it is something like a combo of lace & cuddle bunny...... , it is going to be a bomb if it is..... lets seee yittt guyz N galz wot u say? m jumpin wid excitmnt....hehe
  6. oh great Mara, this is first release for me to watch like this , but this is awesome me too want to know the same. does this offer apply to all unscented old pheros as well . i am game for all now if you say yes...... pls say yes mara plzzzz plzzzz plsssss.... . you are a darling MARA. do say yes. we all want to listen it........
  7. Magnanimity


    oh thanks Gaby, i got it. you are soooooo swwwwweeeeeet. thanks for the help. actually i was confused about hthe name LP original, now when i saw it in sample section i was sure. be around...
  8. Hi, welcome back again i must say. as you already have potions from Mara. but i am wondering how could you resist from becoming an addict. never mind we all make mistakes in life.... nehhheeeee nhhheeee... its good you are here in the forum now. hope we share interesting experiences here. how about pheros? have you used them? i am experienced in those but in LP's i am new but, an addict already...
  9. Magnanimity


    Welcome Mandy, welcome to the addiction. noone's spared here... i am a newbie but already an addict. where one can order LP original? i don't know where it is in the perfumery to order.. pls help. i want to try all the originals. also i cant find potion with nos like no.7 or no. 9. anyone pls help me.
  10. mee toooo stalking he he he from 20th onwards. and i thought my notebook has some problem, the way it was showing the message board. got it much later that format is changed??? am right?..... still donno. you know i wake up in middle of night to charge my note book while i am logged in on the forum, so it doesn't go without battery. a new addict(Mara what you did to me?????) in making ....... a new LP star is born... otherwise was busy trying all my spell potions... new to spell world but i have good results to post... will do it soon..... right now its just the wait which is killing me..... ahh hurry up guys. yes yes you can do it .... faster faster.
  11. Magnanimity


    hi, I tried this potion with the intent. And i am in love with this one. I can't pin point which note came first but i think i could feel, something masculin, musk, & flower and something sweet in the background with the deepening it quality. so went up to read the composition. oh my, i just love this scent. it is very delicate musculin fragrance. more on feminine side, maybe cos i applied small dab on my upper chest. it is very clean, light. a must have summer potion. i think my search is over for something soft , feminine & elegant fragrance in which i can bathe. i am a spice & strong fragrance lover but this has taken my heart. oh make me feel like million buck perfume wearer with this on. it is romantically soft for me. it has something which takes the attention to the mind, as the air i inhale goes up in head, not to the heart, body or soul. when i close eyes N sniff all the attention goes to head. something that connects you to mind??? don't know but i feel it. white musk comes nice on me. when it dried down after say an hour it becomes elegantly soft. kind of mix of musk, vanilla and amber sweetened. but i am not liking the fact that it is going fast. i think it will not last long. when i applied it with intent , i burned 5 drops in my warmer pot also. the whole house & specially my room feels clean n clear & as if something is gone from here. some uplifting quality in the air. a good scent for everyone to try once at least. i am still waiting for the intent to work for me. i am sleeping with this on now. believing it will be a new morning for me.
  12. wanted to add on is there something which brings out desire? when i sniffed it much later on my arm i felt very little turned on. i mean that made my mind to think about my man & going close to him .. somewhat like that, not exactly sexy.... i thought of asking this to you Mara as when i got this feeling i was working and it, was not already thinking of him.
  13. I am a more masculin scent lover or to adjust , i can do with unisex. fruity & florals are just not my types. but believe me, when i got my first order, i loved only 3 scents out of all i got. but being patient(as i am always been) helped me a lot. i can say now Mara has changes my taste completly. iafter trying all my scents i am in gradually liking them. maybe the intent she puts in them changes us..... love it & love you Mara for bringing this change in me. so after trying these scents, i thought of posting my reviews. by BTW now i love floral & appriciate fruity as well. they are so feminine. Got it in a sample. have tried but it was too fruity for me initially. now on 4 application i am writing. i got strong orange first. like fruity candy. after 10 mins i could pick up apricot. then 20 mins later it was mix of orange blossom & apricot. now i can't pin point which one is more prominent. but still fruity. after say 30 35 mins apricot comes out & something which is sweet musky or what, there is a kind of hint of something in the back ground, which i cant pin point, cos being new to these. i dont know but the more i sniff more it causes salivation in me ... funny.....but i am not hungry at all. it is not lasting very long but still on my skin after one & half hour.
  14. hi, welcome here, this is a wonderland for me & place for adventours with pheros. i am sure you are gonna enjoy your journey here. welcome to the addictionland..he he he... me already become one of LPMP scents...
  15. oh yes why not dear, would love to make new friend, also would love to help you with anything if i can. tell me your email i will write you. And just for sharing, sephora doesn't ship here in my region
  16. Hello dear, oh i didnt see that. it is "one" i said i am looking for one, looking for some good concealer. tell me online anywhere? else advise me m in same region as yours.
  17. Hi JOC, Can you help me find that? i have tried the MAC on the showroom itself but i am not happy. & i am looking for onr. but i haven't seen any her where i live with the name benefit.
  18. No JOC, it doesn't smell like that. its beautiful now. I applied it yesterday night, when i was here on the forum. after an hour it started feeling very soft and feminine. And when i sniffed my wrist now today morning it is just like any other expensive designer perfume. Mara is genius to craft such things for us here, its soft cotton linen & lavender in the background. i am sniffing my wrist like crazy now, can't get enough of it. try it for sure, you may like it if i am right.
  19. your welcome dear. sure try it. the products from MAC are good choice. i really like that loose powder, use only in summer.though people dont like much but a thin layer of powder helps the pollutants & dirt to stay away from your skin.so in a way it helps. for eyes i have 4 matte(single color) eye shadows, which i apply sometimes as liner, when dont want to use shadow. like you, if you dont want makeup, then go for matte colours on your face, it looks natural. i dont use much colours. facials helps skin glow, keep going for those... tell me anything, you want to talk about here, we will share it...
  20. hi. on me initially it smelled clean but soapy. i got scared as i dont like soapy ones but i kept patience & left it to test another time later. now some days back i applied it again & waited to see what it does. it was again clean & soapy on me & i thot it s not for me & forgot about it. say after 30 mins when i forgot while running errands at home, i felt it coming again. now it transformed into more clean soft silky cottony feel. then lavender came out and stayed. it is clean & refreshingly elegant smell. imagine a white princess sleeping on the white silk bed sheet with honey jar on the bedside & lavender in the vase, getting up fresh, in the morning before the sunrise, in her white satin full length nightwear that glides on the cottony white Marvell floor as she walks to window and pulls the white linen curtains to welcome the sun in. but the sun shy away looking at coolness & decides to stay hidden to leave the day cool yet bright white for her.......
  21. Hi, I got it in sample. initially it is of smoky family. likes the verhext & spontaneous combustion. it gives lot of smoky feeling maybe with civet.then it gives flowry & tangy aroma. all this with a liitle sweetness, in the very background. it just balances the civet & smoke and musky aroma. i have noticed if i sniff it too much, i get a kind of urge to contract myself down there, in fact it just starts to contract & relax and again contract & relax..... weard but something is there which triggers sex... for sure, on me at least., i will get it for sure, in full bottle sometime. it does help in setting happy tone to the mood also. i was kind of PMS y(not actually pms but mood kinda pms y), & i applied 2 drops on wrists & rubbed. it balanced me out.
  22. Ahhhh, its wonderful. i sniffed it in sample. it is coffee n smoke.. on my skin it turns out to be coffee spicy smoke.... soooooo sexy. just right for me. i can't describe it much but it is sexy yummy , sexy hot N sexy smoke around me..... just right with dominance, leather with or without cops. it is definitely combustion..... seductive & strong, people can't help but notice you from top to bottom, just to understand what's burning or who's spreading the heat lol lol
  23. and heartwarming as well. we love you Mara...
  24. Magnanimity


    Oh Dolly , i am in love with this one. i got it in sample N now i have ordered full 2 bottles. i am planning to wera it with leather & SWS as cover for UN these two. i am gonna wear these throughout the winters. this is awesome fragrance. some one told me i am smelling dangerously sexy with it..... it definitly is sexy & bewitching on me. i got dragon's blood prominent , smoky peppery warm woody aura. it instantly got heated up on my skin. & diffused strongly around me. One day i went to a party wearing it & danced for 2 hrs. as i am very hot( lol i mean temp wise, icant tolerate heat, feel no chills in winter, my body is cozy hot even in winters, people hold my hands to take heat when they fell chilling, n i sweat a lot), it got around me like smoke. at one point of time it vanished but as i started dancing it came out again more so strong as if i have poured whole big bottle of something on me, but it was captivating. people danced around me as they were charmed by me or something, in fact followed my steps.... & held me in arms & held me in hugs.... it a real hit for me....
  25. Magnanimity


    Yes, i got a compliment like that from my coworker wearing verhext at work. it was like - oh my god you are wearing dangerously sexy fragrance. lol now it is for us to interpret what he meant by "dangerously sexy" i am just in love with this one, i am a complete dominating spicy fragrance lover..... but i can't wear it in summers. it is actually dangerously hot ( for me as well) as i don't feel chills but i feel hot hot all the time... lol. it is very warm fragrance, warm & hot, instant bewitching heat lol.....
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