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Est sensitive men


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Anyone notice women having bad responses to EST? Every time I wear an est blend my sister and dad get really agitated. But whenever I wear SWS or Dom(with Cops) its totally opposite -- i'm guessing its the they are helpful, nice, etc.. I just wanted to get repeated instances for both of them before I reported here.


I usually wear LFM, but I end up wearing SWS or dom noire if I know I'll be around them.

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I know i'm late. LOL I've never been pregnant but my dad wasn't asshole mean but he wasn't the nicest when my mom was pregnant. Also, pregnant people irritate my sister. My mom and my other sister are very caring with pregnant ladies now that i think about it.


ETA: I stick to TH or SWS for family functions now.

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I find TH to be awesome for family stuff. I've experimented a bit. H&S, MLH, Leather, Dom, OW, Balm Bomb & Teddy Bb.

TH, for me, is still #1. But, I also keep Teddy & OW as very good options. MLH, ISNT BAD EITHER. In particular if I'm the one doing the hosting/cooking et al.

Otherwise Im happy to do nothing and relax.


** I :heart: love burning a TH enhanced wax melt if we are all inside too. Wow!!! Try it.

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