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On 11/6/2020 at 8:39 PM, Anonymous2F said:

the OG ODALISQUE with BI in it. Smells awesome, kinda cocoa butter forward and vanilla-y cloud of awesomeness

I’m hardly using my trial of the new one, because I betting it will age exactly the same way.

Has anyone noticed BI giving them a hit of energy, like what one would expect with Mega Watt? That’s what I’ve been experiencing. And of course, the usual man hits, but I am cleaning my house in my Daisy Duke, and my man, the clean freak, finds me cleaning a turn-on, no matter what I’m wearing.

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26 minutes ago, hedgehog said:

@Eastwood22 I think the energy jolt is from the androstenone? I’ve noticed it with other blends with it, like LFN and Dominance.  Now I’m curious if you’ve noticed the same!

I've noticed it with LFN & Leather. I never wear BI or Dom, so I can't comment on those. I get it big time with LFN, specifically in oil for some reason. 

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