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On 11/6/2020 at 8:39 PM, Anonymous2F said:

the OG ODALISQUE with BI in it. Smells awesome, kinda cocoa butter forward and vanilla-y cloud of awesomeness

I’m hardly using my trial of the new one, because I betting it will age exactly the same way.

Has anyone noticed BI giving them a hit of energy, like what one would expect with Mega Watt? That’s what I’ve been experiencing. And of course, the usual man hits, but I am cleaning my house in my Daisy Duke, and my man, the clean freak, finds me cleaning a turn-on, no matter what I’m wearing.

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26 minutes ago, hedgehog said:

@Eastwood22 I think the energy jolt is from the androstenone? I’ve noticed it with other blends with it, like LFN and Dominance.  Now I’m curious if you’ve noticed the same!

I've noticed it with LFN & Leather. I never wear BI or Dom, so I can't comment on those. I get it big time with LFN, specifically in oil for some reason. 

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Blatant Invitation is my favorite of all the unscented pheros I bought. I’ve gotten so many reactions from others with this one. This is the one that also works best with my personality. I tend to come across as flirty, even when that’s not my intention, so BI works great with that. I like the scent of this phero a lot, on its own, which makes it easier to wear for sure.

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I have an update! I got some wild hits tonight with BI and Lace. I put BI on both of my arms, 5 swipes each because I was wearing a jacket, and I put Lace behind my ears, 1 swipe each. 


I stopped at the corner store to pick up a few things and for some reason, the store was full of men. I grabbed a basket and first walked past one guy on my way towards the back of the store. It turned out that I accidentally got 2 baskets stuck together. As I was walking, the other basket fell and startled me. I was startled but once I understood what had happened, I started laughing.


The guy I had walked past started walking towards me and said "you accidentally got 2 baskets, didn't you?" I laughed and said I didn't even notice. He was reaching out to pick up the basket but I already had my hand on it. He said, "Don't worry! I'll take it for you." I thanked him and went back to shopping but then realized, he didn't work there. He was just shopping too, like me. 


Then I walked past a younger hipster looking guy as I was getting a jar of pickles. I went a couple rows away to get a jar of salsa. I put the basket on the ground to free my hands and when I stood back up, the hipster guy was standing right next to me. Since I had everything I needed, I went to checkout and there was one checkout completely open. It seemed like all the guys who were heading towards the checkouts purposely moved towards the other lanes so I could use the free lane. It was wild. I wish I had captured it on my phone because it was almost comical.


I don't usually get this type of attention. I have a punk/dark vibe, and I know that's not a lot of people's cup of tea. For instance, tonight I was wearing red and black flats with a baphomet design and a shirt that said see you in hell in big letters. I don't wear makeup, and I only brush my hair once a day. Dark, wild, untamed, punk. That's my vibe, so I don't get approached often. I know I could change it, but damn it, I don't want to! I like this style, and I like being myself! So I usually have to approach first and act extra nice so they understand that I'm still a good person, despite how I look. It's a nice change to have it the other way around.


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