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Hi All, our new reformulated candles are ready!

We have had candles as a part of our line, but I wanted to reformulate them with more eco friendly waxes!

They smell so awesome!


And we have wax melts on the way!

And new spell candles on the way!


So here's the info!









About our candles: Custom waxes, 100% cotton braided wicks, and three times the amount of fragrance in each candle! Our wicks are lead and zinc free, and that minimizes soot and ensures an even and fantastic burn.


Our candles are created in our TRIPLE CHANDLED™ method, this means more fragrance goes into the candle, resulting in a smoother fragrance, and the perfume really has a chance to be completely incorporated into the candle.


Our candles are blended with the same love and care that goes into our perfumes; in fact we utilize many of the same ingredients in our candle fragrances as our perfume potions. There are over twenty hours of crafting into each batch of candles!


Our candles are 7oz and burn for approximately 40 hours*, compare them with any of the high-end boutique candles and I am sure you will find that our fragrances are more multi dimensional, and a higher quality.


Our experience as candle makers goes back over 20 years, right along with our perfume and potion making, we know our blends and how they react with wax and air.

Our candles are "magically minded" that means that all the research that goes into the magick of our perfume potions is also infused into our candles, they are magically precise, as well as being beautiful.


Our frosted class containers are elegant; they make the perfect presentation for gift giving, or to decorate your home, office or party.


Our wax is "eco friendly" meaning we use a custom created blend of natural waxes. Our wax blend is proprietary information, and is a custom blend.


Our candles have an excellent hot throw-they will scent up a room completely and quickly. Reviews on the "cold throw" (scent when not lit) has been amazing, several customers never even needed to light their candle for the proper ambiance! Our secret blending procedure allows us to add three times the amount of fragrance per candle!


Not all potions may be available as candles, and not all candles may be available as potions, we are very selective about what can be utilized in candles, we want only the best for our customers.

Some fragrances are offered as fragrance melts, as the composition does not lend itself to a wicked candle.


Color-we don't add additional colors to our candles, colors can clog wicks and interfere with burning, many of our customers have requested over the years to have neutral colored candles to blend in with their decorating schemes. We prefer the natural beauty of the wax, and that white and cream are magically neutral colors that lend themselves to all magick, and are appropriate for all spell work.


Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie, saving the world one potion at a time!


* 40 hours in average, your burn time may be more or less depending on different factors.







We are proud to present the first four candles of our revamped line:


The Original Love Potion® Candle: Magical Properties: Helps remove inhibitions, amplifies and stimulates feelings of love, lust, passion and desire.

Prominent Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli, Apricot, Flowers, Greenery and more.

The original, authentic, magic potion perfume for love! Irresistibly delicious full-bodied Vanilla, with subtle notes of Amber, Rose, Verbena, Greenery, Apricot, Patchouli and more. Includes the strongest ingredients known to inspire feelings of Love, Lust, Passion and Desire!



The Sugared Honeycomb™ Candle: Verrrrrry sexy! The scent of rich and thick late-summer honeycomb, mixed with our delicious blend of 5 sugars. Honey fans know that this particular type of honey smells very similar to the scent of "female musk". You must be daring to light this scent, as it truly smells like "sex", and drives most men totally bonkers. Keep in mind, this is an earthy, down and dirty sexual smell. Mess up your hair, and wear a lingerie top or an oversized man's button down instead of a shirt. Look like you just got out of bed and can't wait to get back in...and the effect will be complete.


The UN™ For Men Candle: Based around the scent of expensive pipe tobacco, copal and woody notes, sweetened with dark sugar, maple and vanilla, with a brisk slap of cool, clean lavender. The addition of cool, clean lavender is combined with our intoxicating blend of exquisite quality pipe tobaccos, woods, copal and maple, making this an unusual, gorgeous and undeniably MALE scent. This 'briskier' blend is somewhat reminiscent of the scent of a barber shop of old!


The Mielihyvä Candle: Mielihyvä is the Finnish word for pleasure, and one can't help but enjoy this blueberry based potion with notes of grapefruit, spice, rose, and apricot. Give yourself over to pleasure!





*Burn only on a stable heat resistant surface. Keep from drafts. Do not burn candle when wax is less than 1/2 inch from bottom. Do not touch or move candle while burning, or if wax is hot. Never leave candle burning unattended. For best results burn candle for 4 hours at one time. Trim wick to 1/4 inch after candle has cooled. Do not leave any candle burning unattended. Some smoking of the wick is normal due to natural wax and high fragrance concentrations, to ensure even burning and keep smoking at a minimum, keep wick trimmed. Keep away from Children and Pets.

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Wow, Sinister, those sound NOMMY!!


"Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie, saving the world one potion at a time!"


Hrm, that'd make a great bumper sticker or t-shirt! :)

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OMG! An average of 40 hours? You ladies are killing me here....40 hours of LP Original....I'll have to peel my man off the ceiling!

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  • 2 weeks later...
They are ready to ship!


WOOT WOOT! Ok I am not gonna add anything to my current order heheh. BUT I gotta try one of these in my sale order :666:


THanks SG!

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I am excited to try one (or more) of these...maybe next order. Yay!

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