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I'll probably go lurk a bit after this...


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...But hi there! New to the forums, new to the perfumes here, but really rather looking forward to trying them out:) I was gifted with four samples in a stuffswap with a friend, and looking forward to trying them out, once i read up on them a little further:)


Looks like y'all have a lovely community, I can't wait to read more!



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Heh - it's got a couple actually, the main reason I use it is my time in the SCA - Lady Eridana di Venizia was the name I used and one of the titles I earned ;) Also flamingly pagan, and in the circles i traveled before settling down where I am now, it was de rigeur to address anyone on the same path as Lady or Lord. But mostly because of my SCA time. I miss it some but don't have time these days. I'm single momming it, with a 3 1/2 year old.





Welcome, LadyEridan!


Does you screen name have a special meaning? Just curious!


Glad you could join us.....



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WELCOME to the forum! COME chat with us once in a while! And enjoy your new smellies!!

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Hi Lady Eridian! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:

This is a really welcoming place, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just curious, which scents did you get?


I ended up with tall decant vials ( i assume the standard 'sample' size?) of Fayha 2009, Tahitian Temptress 2009 , Cleopatra's Blend 2008, and Smokey Kisses, which doesn't have a date on the label. I'm liking Cleopatra's blend, smokey kisses my skin seems to completely consume in a metter of less than an hour, and Fayha goes straight to 'I smell like someone's Gramma' floral powdery. Tahitian temptress is tomorrow's test:)

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