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Decadent Diva


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Funny that I see this tonight, I was just thinking this afternoon about how awesome this scent is. I'm completely in love with it, and if anyone is dissatisfied with the aging process of their bottle, you know where to find me ;)


I was initially surprised by how sheer it is. I don't normally think of resinous scents as being sheer, in fact I don't think I've ever had that experience before. But after the first hit of sweetness, it calms down into this sensual, velvety-soft veil of scent. THIS is what I wish my skin always smelled like!


Now I have to tell you a bit about my man...I love him, but he's all cupcakes and fruit by way of scent preferences (on me, obviously, haha). I do my best to accommodate him from time to time, but man, it's hard. I'm not a very foody/gourmand kind of gal. I have exceptions (thanks completely to Mara!)


Well I put on Decadent Diva and find myself being huffed, "oh you smell so good." I'm just :D :D :D because I also don't smell like baked goods or fruit salad! It also has a cops-like effect even though I do not wear it with cops. Not only from my beloved, but pretty little waitresses flirt with me ; )

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Yes this is Heaven, and aged well.

A great scent for me, someone who likes the idea of darker scents but has a hard time finding one that works.


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Ive gotten this a while back but never actually used it. In all its newness n everything lol. My first impression a while back in the vial, SOUR. It scared me away and i just forgot about it


I absolutely lust for resinous scents now these days and It actually doesnt smell as scary now.


I get the black amber/musk at first, sweet patch and then sandalwood. Its a definite dark, chewy amber forward scent~

Dark, resinous and slightly sweet and edible! I absolutely salivate when i smell this, its very gorgeous♡

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