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  2. Bahaha!! I love it! 😂 Those "wtf is wrong with everyone" moments are truly priceless.
  3. Careful. It might sneak up on you when you're least expecting it. @tyvey it did occur to me that it could possibly be an LP, but I never suspected it was on me! My man was sitting some rows behind me, but I didn't know where exactly. (He was actually in very back of plane.) I sat up real tall a few times and swiveled my head around looking for him. I knew he got on the plane with some new trials. It's not like I recognized the scent, it smelled like something I wanted to eat, but I made a mental note to ask if he scented himself mid-flight: If it was him, I was going to scold him for being heavy handed. What kind of a jerk needs to rub their personal deliciousness into their fellow flight mate's noses?
  4. Good Not only for you, but as an example for your daughter It took me 8 years to find a good one after my previous relationship ended. Don't give up
  5. Thanks @hedgehog for you kind words. I am so determined to find myself a valuable man and healthy relationship. It wont matter how long it takes, or how many guys i have to meet in the process. I am officially single for more then 7 years. i dont always pick such men , so that's not my pattern for sure. I am at an age where its not easy to find eligible bachelors, specially in my country, still i will wait for the right one to arrive. Else i am fine single then in an abusive relationship.
  6. Thanks all of you my friends. I did post all the details in detail so i get a completely rational insights on the situation. You all seems on be on same page and so am i, that this guy is so inconsistent. Plus i am happy that road situation did happen. I got to know what kind of man he is. that was very surprising, despite all his sweetness he left me on road all alone. I kept on thinking about that behavior while i waited on road for the crane and help. If i happened to be with a man and his car breaks, i wont leave and stay till all is sorted, no matter whatever next urgency is. So that speaks volumes about him. As per him his papers are with lawyer who is busy till next 3 weeks for personal work and will send papers only after he resumes work. Either this man is confused or he is big time player. In both the cases not a man for me. So i have suggested away till he finishes his trip and reaches back home and then only talk. He is abiding. In the meantime i will sort my head and will refuse any contact or taking it any further. I foresee him not contacting me after the decided timeline, he would want me to call or talk. I wont do , just in case he does, he will know i wont go any further. Thanks for all the support guys, its beautiful to have people who care , even when they don't know you. Humanity and kindness does exist on this planet. I will go back to dating and look further
  7. Haha, you were your own sweet and smoky treat! 😋 Airplane treat envy is real though! Especially when they run out of stroopwafels. I have a trial of this, but when I first swiped it I didn't get any sweet marshmallow, just smoke. I'll need to try it again now that it's settled a bit.
  8. @Eastwood22 this is very very funny. You’re silently side-eyeing your seat mate, and fuming at the flight attendant, and meanwhile you’re the one probably driving everyone mad with the delicious scent 🤣
  9. I’m so jealous... I’d love to smell like cilantro
  10. Dragon’s blood is the deathest of death notes for me. Vial sniff: I said “nope.” Wet: I did not like. But just for kicks I kept it on, and the dragon’s blood had faded in a few hours, and it was just a dark, you might even say blood, red juicy spooky cloud around me for a while. Then it disappeared. Then about 6 hours in I started saying crossly “What smells so good??” and stomping around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. It was coming from me. It was the Blud. This freaking collection I did however make the huge mistake of not checking/realizing before WEARING IT TO WORK that this had not just pheros but sexpionage 😱 All day I thought “boy everyone is in a good mood today”... Women were chatty, super happy to see me, and hung on my every word. I also noticed they seemed to keep repeating themselves - a lot! I know them all pretty well, and none of them are like that usually. So it was notable. One male colleague, we’re pretty good friends, & he’s never made a secret of being attracted to me but has never been inappropriate & it’s, just not a thing. He’s usually extremely socially competent, but today, I came into a room and sat down across from him and he loudly blurted out something not exactly sexual or inappropriate but... kind of weird, while getting halfway up out of his seat and seeming to just barely stop himself from diving across the table. A belated DIH/dazed expression crossed his face and he sat down, looking very confused. Several others of us exchanged glances. It was bizarre. Another male colleague, who is pretty reserved, the type who frequently shyly drops eye contact, was sitting kitty corner to me but increasingly leaned WAY back, away from me, to a sort of hilarious degree, like 45 degrees, but did not take his eyes off me for like 15 minutes straight, staring with the intensity of a starving Big Cat. It was super unnerving, and it’s what made me finally think to check what was in this, and then I was like oh ok well that explains ... everything. So, no more sexpionage at work for me. ETA I just looked at the notes and there are no red fruits anywhere. There is no accounting for my nose’s imagination. ETA forgot to mention! I got way too little sleep last night and was pleasantly surprised how not miserable I was all day. I think the sexpionage kept me going!
  11. Agreed with everyone above! Do you really want to be with someone who is this inconsistent, leaves you on the road, and makes you feel like you did something wrong? You sound like a kind, wonderful person and I'm sure you'll find someone amazing. This guy isn't it!
  12. He’s already repeatedly demonstrated violence. This doesn’t appear to alarm you so I’m kind of at a loss honestly.
  13. I've tried several times because I want so badly to love this, but on my skin it's only sweet, screaming cilantro until the last glorious ephemeral moments before it goes poof. 🤷‍♀️ I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little relieved. At last there is an offering from this collection I won't need at least one bottle of. Phew!
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  15. Wow, this is beautiful! I feel like it needs to be a spray. I'm in a hotel room by myself, eating yogurt and drinking ice coffee in a king size bed. The cheery and bright green apples make this behavior somehow more decadent. As if I've dressed up for lounging. I hope my man likes this one. Green apples are his favorite.
  16. I wore this on an airplane yesterday, and I did get a bit of that whipped cream accord. I didn't realize it was coming from me, but I was eyeing the bag of face down snacks the woman next to me was eating. "What is that? A bag of smoky sweetened nuts?" It was making me a little angry because I had only been offered ritz bitz by the stewardess. Where's my sweet and smoky treat? It wasn't until later that I realized it was me. By the time I was in passenger seat of the rental car, all that was left was the smoke. Here's the thing, I couldn't stop huffing it. We saw a cool sunset and took a tram ride up (and down) the Sandia mountain in New Mexico. (Work trip for my man.) I don't want to smell how it smelled personally, I don't want it to be my perfume, but I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. I'd like the cuffs of my coziest sweatshirts to smell like that, just not my skin. I will cherish this sample, though, and save it for another outdoor sunset adventure.
  17. ^^^^ Also totally agree! Will also add that this type of behavior often escalates to domestic violence. Better to let him go
  18. ^^^ I totally agree! He is a narcissist and you need to save yourself before you get any more caught up in his bs than you already have.
  19. NOTHING !!!! - You have done nothing wrong. Do you understand how you now believe that, you committed some offense for which you need to be punished/banished ? He has placed this idea in your mind. He criticizes you without really knowing you. He finds objections before there is any evidence. He admires you then pushes you aside. He speaks sweetly then explodes. He acts like a gentleman then he assumes the role of a cad. Do you pick men or attract men who all follow these actions? If so, then I would say maybe you need to find a different path. But in this case this man - this is all on him. Yes, this is mind games. He wants a certain response and so he tries method A, then Method B - no result = explosion. He goes back to Method A and still no result = he disappears. He tries method C = cut you off. Where are his divorce papers????? Why can't you meet his family??? Why can't he meet your friends and family? Can't Even Text?? No 10 minute call ???? It's really hard on our psyches when we like someone like this kind of man. What about your investment?? So far I don't see any investment or true concernment on his part my best friend is dealing with something very similar - they did have a relationship but is was the same thing, finding fault, criticizing, exploding temper - she was often wonders what she did wrong too- but it's the same answer NOTHING - you didn't do anything wrong!!
  20. Yes , he meant call it off now rather. Wont be good invest more time and effort when its not going anywhere. Mind game?? How is my question? I need to know , what i did wrong? So either i correct with him or correct in future , with any other man. If its my pattern and it goes wrong with a man?
  21. i thought this meant apologize - does it mean break it off?? i think the up/down, in/out, hot/cold is just a operating mode it usually works Lfm helps people like you but remain respectful
  22. Since you don't know what he likes, I'd wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. If you feel sexy, you'll be sexy, period. I personally wouldn't wear Sexpionage to a first date, but I don't know how it works with your chemistry or what you're looking for. Also, if you're looking for more than just physical attraction from him, don't overlook the socials (i.e. OW) or sexy-socials (like Cougar, LFM) layered with an OCCO for added oomph. If he feels good when he's with you and you really connect, he'll remember that. That combined with the effects from the OCCO may leave a deeper impression than the super sexual blends.
  23. I agree with this - preformance is at the top of his list - and the big head needs to have the little head make it ED is heartbreaking and can ruin a relationship if correct action is not taken - and medical checkup is needed
  24. Do you think so??? He said he is very stubborn and once he is gone he will be gone. I said so am i , no u turns for me not for anything. May be you have better exprience, but i am thinking its called off. He said so in clear words before i suggested to take time off. He almost said what you want to do? He said there is no point to continue, as its not working now so it wont work in future. And what you saying about LFM? Please help me understand.
  25. i find this highly worrisome - new people are usually more blind to people's faults .... He is telling you it won't work out without saying this. 10 days?? his sister?? no communication??? Very odd Plus - leaving a lady stranded on a street ???? - what kind of a man or a friend does that ?? a lot of what he is saying probably works on other women - yes sit back and do NOTHING do stuff with friends and family, make things, read, cook i think he will call in 10 days LFM - mix it up
  26. I am little off and feeling little low for the moment. I liked this guy and told him too. and i think this happened after 4 5 years of me looking and meeting people on single dates. i couldn't get past one date with any guy. They wanted second dates bit i didn't . i like strong man and alpha because i know only such a man can be with me. I wont let this hit me on my self esteem or confidence, but i am sure thinking do i need to learn to sit back and relax? i surley do not know how to do that? no man was around so i don't know how to be in that skin. I fend me and my daughter and fought my own battles. Its not easy in the country i live but i am standing tall on my feet. i am not heart broken but i wish things were better.
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