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  2. halo0073

    Velours Frais

    OMG I could not love this any more if you paid me! I’m a carnation ho and carnation perfumes don’t come around that often. This reads almost all carnation on me. I can tell the camellia is there softening it a bit and I know the spices are there playing off the carnation’s spice, but it’s subtle. This is not as sweet as Pinky Sweet and not as spicy or unisex as Evil In Carnation. It’s inbetween those two in tone. If I sniff super super hard, like so hard it hurts I can vaguely detect some of the other notes but it requires work on my part, so I won’t do that again. Carnation is one of my all time favorite notes so I am thrilled to have such a lovely perfume dedicated to it’s beauty. Full bottle for sure!
  3. I downloaded the app but have not done any of the tasks. I did do several hours of cleaning in my room yesterday which is the right zone so that’s something. I also ordered everything for an entire bedroom redo.
  4. Beccah

    Toujours Belle

    Here is another one that I can't stop sniffing on my arm. I love fig. The thing is, this is in the women's section but on my skin, it has a slightly masculine characteristic & I think I would enjoy this on a man very much.
  5. As PM said; this is for everyone. We put the unisex scents in the men's section to ease navigation for male forum members, as the exclusively more "feminine" scent reviews are more numerous than the "masculine" scent reviews. The neroli, tobacco, & resins are taking this to a more masculine tone on my skin, the kind of masculine scent I prefer with a sweetness to it. Yet, somehow it still has a clean feel to it? I can't stop sniffing my arm, I think I would love to smell this on a man.
  6. I ordered this today: Trials of- Love Potion Pumpkin w/Aja and Coquine Copulins and Aja Pherotine- DHEAS, Alpha-nol, and Androstadienone. FB- Scribe TMI, Mistress Mine Dominance, Topper, Essence oil, and Universal Antidote. I thought Mistress Mine was sold out- I’m so glad it was still in stock! Excited 😁😁😁
  7. Wanted to let everyone know that my now Ex-Boyfriend (ha, that was fast- but I don’t deal with abuseProtection Potion anyone? Ha another favorite of mine) absolutely loved this on me. He was crazy about all my scent (meaning all the different lpmps I tried around him) choices as far as I could tell, but this one especially so, and it’s one of my favorites as well. I just ordered a new FB. Ohhhhhh I’ll go post about my order!☘️ 😁😁😁☘️
  8. Yesterday
  9. I love this one. Absolutely love it. I'd get back up bottles if they were still available. It smells the same in the bottle as it does on my skin. It's tart and tropical, very juicy and fresh. After a couple of hours another dimension comes in as it develops a creamy, almost vanilla side. That just supplements the notes that are already there as they steadily continue. It's so delicious! The scent lasts a long time and stays strong throughout. I have to be careful not to put too much on because this one doesn't fade at all. Its strength also helps it cover pheros really well. I just cannot say enough good things about this scent. It is one of my favorites.
  10. @greenappletart That is a great review.
  11. I wish I got the berries that everyone else is getting. On me, this goes on as milk chocolate. If I get really close I can get a whiff of mulberry, but that's about it. Unfortunately, amber and I are not the greatest of friends and within about 10 minutes it completely takes over. Woe. I love how much lpmp fragrances vary by skin chemistry, but sometimes it turns around and bites me in the butt.
  12. I found this one intriguing and wasn't quite sure what to make of it. While I was wearing it I had to keep sniffing again and again as it kept drawing me in. I can smell the wood, but there's a sweetness there, too. The sweetness keeps it from being too masculine and makes it more unisex. I think the description of this one fits it so perfectly well. It doesn't so much smell like something as somewhere. It's outdoorsy but like you've caught a scent in the breeze of something happening far away. Like you were at the carnival but now you've left, and as you're walking away the roar of the crowd has dulled to a murmur and the breeze is bringing you fresh air, but also lingering traces of kettle corn, arcades, and cotton candy.
  13. I am so lucky and happy! I got none of the medicinal side of lavender whatsoever, and I was scared! Thank you @tyvey. I didn't even realize it had Gotcha in it, so triple win. Gotcha always gets my man worked up, as does lavender. My Vampire Bait w/ Gotcha is going on my trade page because now I've got another Gotcha winner! (I've got Honeyed LP & Fuzzy Wuzzy and a few more boosted.) My favorite perfume test is to apply it while my man is sleeping/napping. Tickle Tickle got a "um, that smells good" from under the pillow where he was napping/hiding from daylight. A cozy lavender with berries and cream is really all we need. Perfect for a lazy, rainy day.
  14. @oceanjewel thank you! He's loving the soap. 🛁
  15. luna65

    Toujours Belle

    This one is really interesting to me, the contrast between the jamminess of the fig and the fruity brightness of the black currant. It has an almost fizzy kind of quality. I normally don't prefer the more ripe kind of fig but this one is really nice. The darker notes of the brown sugar and the black amber sort of binds everything together but doesn't make it all too dark, just lends a bit of an exotic air, a nice density. There's a sweetness but it balances really well with the more resin-y characteristic of the attar. I can picture this in a genie-style bottle!
  16. To be honest, I really wasn't sure about this one. Not even the first few times I wore it, scentwise, but knew my man would benefit. I AM SO GLAD I WENT FB ON NOX!!! Seriously. I feel like it took longer to settle than the average road weary scent, travel shock-wise. But it is so good. I'm wearing it today, it's sexy and steady and calming and wise. Not masculine or feminine, "the calming delight of the deep dark night," like it says in it's description. Maybe feminine like the power of the ocean, but like Durga, not to be fucked with. You can be the ultimate mother of all (not like you know who, please and thank you) protecting all, and you could kill all, but wouldn't harm the innocent.
  17. LFM is a weird phero for me. It definitely has the "attention and respect" thing going for it - I get good service, and people seem extra polite and helpful - but it definitely has something about it that makes people stand back from me, stare at me, and refrain from interacting with me verbally. In some cases it seems like they're awed, (I've noticed this most with older men), and in some cases it seems as though people are intimidated or even a little afraid of me. It makes me wonder if LFM gives me the aura of a hard-ass or a full-of-myself bitch. Lol! It's a weird, weird phero for me. But given that I definitely get too much face-to-face people interaction (I'm introverted and get overwhelmed and exhausted by having to interact with so many people), it's also turning out to be kinda useful in keeping "active" face-time, (as in having to converse when I don't want to), to a minimum. So I guess that it kind of turned out that the thing I disliked about LFM turned into something pretty handy to have in my back pocket when I need it. It's funny you mention having the same kind of reaction with H&S. That happened with me, too! I went to a BBQ at one of BF's new bandmates homes a few years ago, and knowing that he was married, I thought it might be nice to wear H&S so that maybe his wife and I would have a leg-up in getting comfortable with each other, getting to know each other. Because generally, H&S tends to do that between females, (I find, anyway). But she had almost exactly the same kind of reaction as you mentioned. She and I had a few really uncomfortable interactions, and that was it. It was such an awkward afternoon, because BF thought that she and I would really hit it off, since we have a lot of the same interests. Thank goodness that BF is so in tune with me. He noticed how stilted our interaction was, and spent the rest of the afternoon kinda stuck to my side as a comforting buffer, bless his big, fat heart! And when he got up for any reason, I spent time goofing off with their dog, in order to avoid interacting with her any more than I had to! I was wearing H&S, OCCO: Pink and Double O, I think? Or it might have been Baby Chicks... It was one of those two, anyway. So weird we had the same kind of experience with such an innocuous-seeming phero! I've tried Levitation at work. I love that phero. I really do. But not for work. It helps me make great big tips consistently, so it's awesome for that. But it also makes customers want to hug me! LOL! I don't mind so much when it's a customer I've known for years and years. But it's not just regulars, (though they do it too). It's tourists. People who are just passing through. It's really cute that they want to hug me. I know it is. But it's also weird being that physically close to people I don't know, and it tends to draw a lot of extra attention to me that I don't particularly want, especially from my coworkers, who can't help but tease me about being a friggin' Teddy bear for my customers. Not to mention that it's also kind of time-consuming (think lots of oddly inappropriate gushing while customers have an arm draped round my shoulders, or are gripping my hand like my Grama used to), and tends to happen at "crunch time", when I'm trying to get people out of the restaurant in time to get to whatever play they happen to be going to. The Hug Factor makes me opt to wear Levitation in situations where I already know everyone. It's just too weird being hugged by half my friggin' section! Can you imagine ever wanting to hug your server?! I mean, unless my server is Alexander Skarsgard, Mike Ness or Jason Cruz, I'm not hugging a stranger because she didn't screw up my order! OW works beautifully though, and Super Sexy worked wonders, too. Cuddle Bunny's good, Balm Bomb's good. LAM worked surprisingly well, (I tried that recently). Popularity Potion works really well, and so does Lumina. I know there are others... I can't think of them off the top of my head. And I think that MLH will be VERY useful. But no Levitation at work. Edited to add that I wear cops almost every day now. I don't even really think about it anymore. Especially at this job, because it's such a laid back place. I didn't wear them as often at my old job for 2 reasons - one being that I didn't want to accidentally cause our chef to flip out with a testosterone boost, and secondly because my old Manager Dude and I were clearly attracted to each other but we got along so wonderfully that I didn't want to make the physical attraction seem even more in our faces. It would have felt weird and rude somehow. At this newer place, most of my coworkers are people who have been friends of mine for years, or at least long-term acquaintances, and the others are all young'uns. Our customer demographic is wider, too. It's not all octo and nonogenarians. It's everything from teenagers up to people with walkers. Wearing cops in this environment feels more organic, natural. I don't feel as though I'm going to trigger anyone's bad side. And mostly, people's reactions seem pretty normal, too. Well, there's that one regular who occasionally yells out in the bar as I'm walking away, "Eggers, why won't you LOVE me?", but I've known him for ages and he's a goofy fella so he doesn't count! 😂 I think the situation/place is just more fitting. Nobody looks at me weirdly. And off reactions from random women are surprisingly rare... although they DO happen. But when they do, it doesn't seem any different than when I was a young hottie getting the side eye from a wife or girlfriend who's just irritated that the server for her Big Date Night is an attractive one.
  18. Since we've been having rainy weather lately, I thought it would be appropriate to try first off. This is totally unisex to my nose - for the guys who might be wondering. And it does have a really "natural" kind of evocation, like, opening your windows to smell the rain. It's a little more ozone-y than the real thing, I would say, but not overpowering. And I am very sensitive to ozone accords, so if it doesn't bug me then you know it's okay. So a little pointy, but altogether clean and fresh and well-blended to create a linear impression. The mint is more of a plant-like herbal kind of vibe rather than what you would normally expect. But for those of you who really love the clean scents, this is perfect for that kind of mood. This would be a great choice for work because it's one of those which has a specific character but is smooth enough not to come off as too strong to those around you.
  19. Eggers I waited tables in the early 90's at a very popular waterside place in Los Angeles. The money was great (most of the time)! Man those were the days. I wish I knew that then. lol. I will say I have litterally had that same exact experience and I never knew about cosmetic pheros then. So I can see that whole scene. I can feel you running your ass off and being totally aware of what's happening. Flashback city to the nasty, jealous unsupportive Non-sister-bitches. Fuck them, even if you were wearing pheros. Boy, the stories we could tell. Honestly I have heard a few others say LFM holds people back. It definately has right and wrong places. I get the good service from retailers and men in general. It is the first pheromone blend I ever tried here. That night people (friends and a couple i didn't know) were so nice. Everyone thought I looked better than I think I actually did. Maybe because I needed a big boost of confidence and it gave me one. The only place I dont wear it is to work It challenges the female boss, so no. We get on well and its her hive. I am fine with that. I'm looking to move on soon anyway. More recently I had a similiar experieance with Heart & Soul (Ikr?) and cops. This one woman, whom I did not know, was weird. Like there was an invisable force field keeping her away from me. It was a neighborhood social event. I had just a small circle of COCO pink on my belly, well dried down, with a spray of H&S and a dab Spinnerette. Most people were friendly and chatty. Mostly women, the men who were there were married. It was not a "scene". I just wanted to feel happy and confident in a group of people only about 20% of them I knew. So its all good. This one friend introduced me to this lady, she barely looked at me, no eye contact and as if someone phyiscally pushed her (she did mumble a pretense) she backed away. It happened 2 more times during the evening when she saw me. Like there was this invisible barrier around me that bothered her and kept her back. oh well. It was intresting. Im thinking the youthfulness of H&S plus that bit of cops just freaked her out. Live and learn. I still enjoyed myself and had entertainment too boot. I wish had pheros back when I was waiting that would have been a fun experiment. I think I would lean on Levitation, OW & MLH quite a bit. I wouldn't think cops great for tables with women. But, more often than not you seem to make it work.
  20. I The 15 min cleans and shine your sink (along with clear counters)are still something I do today. Since you mentioned this I went to the site. I notice that ADHD is mentioned quite a bit. It is helpful for us with that condition. Glad people made that connection.
  21. @halo0073 that's awesome! I had the wall calendar and the stickers, but I didn't do the "control journal." If I was a paper person I would, though. I like the app with my routines listed, and you can add whatever you want. Like my #1 nighttime agenda item, to set the coffee pot for the morning. But I've always liked how she breaks things down, like 15 min of decluttering. That's why I set timer for 5 minutes per room and only commit to fold and put away 5 clothing items 3X a day. Having to "clean the house" will have me shopping for imaginary dream homes on Ziprealty in no time. Her way is to do a whole load start to finish everyday, but I do what's best for me. This is how she helped me today, I have an item on my morning list called "think about who is home for dinner." Not plan it or cook it or even decide what to make, just to simply wrap my brain around who will be home and where they'll be coming from. That kind of low pressure got not just a dinner but a great dinner on the table, thinking about them and their needs and how I can love them up, instead of just doing another chore. And, check it out, I did indeed shine my sink tonight!
  22. This one was really calling to me - I love green bananas, for one thing, and I do get that exact smell, OMG! The fruitiness of this one takes center stage, but I feel like the other notes are a backdrop to the whole thing. It does have sort of a jungle-type evocation to me. But it's also very potent, so maybe be careful how much you put on at first.
  23. I'm pretty darned happy it turned out so well! She's pretty awesome and we really "get" each other. It's great having a friend like that. 😊
  24. For anyone else who is wondering, this is buried in the description for Coquin! I was like "what are we talking about?????" I read, but it doesn't all sink in at once!
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