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  2. Spring has put me in a floral mood and I am going through my "Sugared Flowers" which Mara makes so palatable. I wore this today along with some Orchid Rose BAM, so it may be a little skewed, but I find that pheros oomph a scent up for me. This one just smells great in the bottle. I have some tulips outside, but I never could place how they smelled -- I never thought tulips really had a smell. When I applied this over the BAM, I got a fresh floral complete with stem. Later it just turned into a pretty floral. It's one of my favorites considering I bought it in the sale and had no clue what it smelled like. It's drydown reminds me a lot of water lily but with less of the candy sweetness. And it is not sharp and pointy at all. My husband says "soap" again, but this "soap" is pretty darn special (and it does not smell like soap)!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Oh how I wish I had tried the original! "If I could turn back time", as they say. 🤣
  5. Oh, if only you tried the absolute original!! I have adored this one since it first came out. It is still the only one I could wear at a physician's office. You can't wear much in terms of scents because of people who might get migraines, but this one... this one was a big exception. I got some of the neatest compliments... not sexual ones but happy ones. It was amazing how guys reacted... especially commenting that they wanted their wives to take a sniff because Pink was so much more... pleasing and less sharp to their noses. Most wives gave me a bad look. Their problem... If you live in Alaska and want to attract a guy, however, I had one made up here that made you smell like a cupcake. What a difference that made! All these guys wanting to bake me and my friend wonderful baked goods without us even asking!
  6. Cannot believe it's taken me this long to finally get around to testing this. ADORE. As so many have said before me, I have never fancied myself a "pink" type gal, but this is so much more than the sum of it's parts. This is everything!!! It feels simultaneously youthful and mature, sophisticated with a wink. Mischievous and flirty with undeniably sexy depth and intrigue. The roundness of the vanilla and resins ensure it's cozy and calming and happy to snuggle but the berries and sugar imply that it's ever ready to turn the F up. This takes adult me back to relive the best parts of my childhood. I am a total Pink convert; I almost can't fathom the amount of adoration I have for this scent right now. There are so many trials from my last shipment I haven't worked through yet but I just keep coming back to this... so so good. Thank the stars for it's permanence.
  7. Originally got this in a sniffie and immediately ordered a FB. I have been wearing this layered with absolutely everything lately - as the weather gets warmer it's adding such gorgeous depth and a sunshiney summer element, so so delicious. I have been leery of fruit blends for basically my entire life fearing I'd smell like the ass end of a Dole cup, but the magic of LP's have just in recent months begun to irrevocably turn the tides for me. I'll never go back. This is creamy and thick and full and so well blended - stands beautifully alone but is so delightful layered.
  8. If anyone has this scent gathering dust somewhere, I'd love to buy it! It is my all time fave and one of the few that really works on me.....
  9. Last week
  10. Last night before I went to bed I put a dab of Adam's Nectar on the back of my hand. This morning I woke up smelling like a spiced caramel apple. Adam's Nectar reminds me of my childhood.
  11. @Hildegerd, seriously! But everyone around you would weigh 600 lb!
  12. Glad you liked it, it's a favorite of mine (and my bride also likes it a lot.)
  13. I just got a sample of Adams Nectar and it smells awesome.
  14. @Eastwood22 I love Breakfast in Bed, I regret not getting 10 bottles of it. lol.
  15. I need to re-examine this thread with my reading glasses on! I got halfway through the first page and decided it deserved a clearer look. I'm now fantasizing about making grilled cheese out of challah French toast, with Brie and thinly sliced green apples in between the French toast. Yum. I've had this on all day, slathered it on around 10:30am. Today seemed like a good day for both eggs and breakfast in bed. But as I woke in a Best Western and breakfast was no longer being served, this was as close as I got. I was afraid my man wouldn't like it because he a strong dislike for smoke notes ON ME, like Allumette, but I slathered heavily anyway. (Kind of a double standard as he wears Cloven Samd and Mysterioso and Liquid Shadow, but I digress...) Turns out, it's not this smoke hat he doesn't like, he does like this hickory smoke. (Prob same that's in maple Sugared 🥓 Bacon?) Anyway, I've had this on all day and I've still got a slightly warm/sweet nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and hickory thing happening twelve hours later. I can't believe how lovely and cozy it still is. I paired it with UN Cuddle Bunny and it was perfect. I imagine it was meant for the ladies, but I'd cozy up to a man in this anyday. Nutmeg amps on me, sometimes to the point of needing to wash it off, but it's never too much in this combo. I only have a trial of this, I bet I have one more wear in it, so I hope Mara makes something like it again someday. I think I'll refresh it with some Egg on top, it's a good day for eggs!
  16. @Potion Master? I'm sorry but I really need to know, and I can't find it anywhere. Sometimes, when we go home to the Crowsnest Pass, where I grew up, you can catch a scent on the breeze coming off the river of the wildflowers, and it smells like this!!!
  17. I had this on all day today, what with it being the eve of the birth of the marshmallow chick. Here's the thing, I love all of the ingredients in here except marshmallow. (I know, I know, that makes me a bad person.) My favorite jellybeans, though, are the big sugary black ones. That's my kind of party. I realized I have no other FB's with Levitation, so this might come off my trade list. I will consider it my destiny IF someone gives me some marshmallow chicks tonight. I love to eat them. I just don't need to smell them. Do they even smell them same? Either way, this scent was 100% perfect for the day before Easter basket madness. I'm going into a show soon and I think it's mostly gone so I will cover myself and whatever's left with Domina Venus. Not that anyone will smell me over the weed! It's 4:20, Bro! I'm currently in an area in CA where everyone grows so no one will be smelling anything but each others' weed.
  18. Hey guys. Just let you know that travel shock is real!!! I begin to like my fragrance more after letting them sit in dark room for a few days!
  19. Here is my review for Crema Delizia with BAM. The first time that I tried i was a sniff right after it was delievered. It was not very impressive. however, today, after shower, I decided to try again. Yes. I love it this time. I first tried the Pussy cat, it’s creamy delicious. Then I put on this Crema Delizia. I have to say they do feel similar. But personally I love Crema Delizia better. Nice sweet creamy chocolate coffee scent comes out first, later you can smell something that gives me a feeling of green and clean leaves buried in the creamy scent. (Maybe the balsam?) I really love it. I will go a full bottle
  20. Having read the above, lol, while Ann's Brown Sugar Black Amber is not my new favorite because of how it aged, it was scrumptious from inception. If it were requested as a private addition, would there be items available today for anything even close? Even if it used a lighter amber? Brown sugar and amber are sooooooo delicious together. It was such a deep sultry fragrance originally, even something lighter for the warmer evenings coming couldn't be bad?
  21. I still have some of this, veeeeeeeery little. I just revisited last night and, ooooooh how lovely it has aged. Still a sticky, chewy, delicious brown sugar, black amber bomb with staying power like that of aja on me....it lasted into this morning and is still delicious today! I would love to see this come back as a re-brew!
  22. Lainey

    Time Turner

    Welp. I put this on today and unfortunately, the coconut eats everything else, especially my beloved spikenard. It's a very soft, almost undetectable scent on me. Very close to the skin. And ALLLLL coconut. *sigh* I want more spikenard.
  23. This is a wishing oil. Acts as an amplifier for your personal energy and charisma. Created by: Description: Label art: Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010
  24. We combined recipes for luck and fast money oils. Draws cash your way. Increases luck in games of chance. This potion is a quick fix type of thing, not to be relied upon as a permanent source of income as one's life retains balance by earning one's income. Peach, Pear, Pomegranate, Orange and Tea Leaves. Our master bottle was charged with legal tender attached, and full sized bottles are each decorated with "money". Created by: Description: Label art: Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010
  25. Hex remover. Trick remover. Bogie banisher. Gossip stopper. Return to sender. Some people cast ill magic without even knowing they are doing it. This potion puts an end to it. Each full sized bottle includes an "Evil Eye" inside — these are for deflecting the eye of the devil away from you. SPICE ~ Lust, love, invigoration. SWEET CLOVE ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies. BAY LEAF ~ Psychic powers and to induce prophetic dream visions. BATWING (HOLLY) BERRIES ~ Aphrodisiac, promotes beauty, consecration, foresight, strongly protective, luck. RUE ~ Health, protection from evil, mental powers, hex-breaking, returns evil to sender. Created by: Description: Label art: Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010
  26. For the building of female personal power, confidence and self-love. Created by: Danna Taylor Description: Label art: Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010
  27. I forgot to report on this one the last time I wore it, but I did notice that people were happier to greet me, the ones who didn't, I noticed were looking to see if I would, first, almost hopeful (one person, in particular has been trying to get my attention more on days I wear this, Lace and DHEAS). The mailman saw me laughing at my phone and I guess it was contagious or something, because he started laughing, too (He's also reacted to my Lace, before). A bartender seemed very affected by my Levitation, too, that day.
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