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  1. I got my order today funny story: I went to bed @ 9:30a. The postman came police-knocking(loud!) @ 1:30p. I went from murderous to ecstatic in like ten seconds flat. The ladies were very generous as always in this first order of two. I requested empty vials. So that I could spread the love amongst my fam. They included pipettes & sniffees along w/ the $75 worth of free product. BTW, I love the hummingbird nectar.
  2. I've got sniffees & I snagged a sale freebie. This one reminds me of the bourbon balls my grandma makes @ Christmas time. Delicious!!!! The smokey is right on. My whole family smokes. So this blend captures those bourbon balls perfectly!
  3. Enabler! I wish school starts August & gets out May here. That BBM isn't going to wait. I better grab it.
  4. Oh boy. I want to place another order so badly, I think I shall burst!!!! It is that time for school shopping, though. So I must be good. I really want to try the BBM.
  5. I neeeeeed this one!!! Oh, great the TT called me an addict yesterday*having no idea of the ongoing joke here*. If I get a pckge immediately following my sale pack. He's gonna know I'm an addict. If this sells out before I get to it. Remember I have a bottle of bosom bows to sacrifice, ha. Who wants to send me a sniffee so I can know if I need to make that offering?
  6. I got my notice today!!! I iz verry happy.
  7. name='Ail )O(' date='Apr 28 2008, 05:50 AM' post='11269' Quick question? What makes a good natural oil replacement for the cyclomethicone? That kind of stuff(although loads better than mineral oil) still tends to sit on my skin. Or is that effect you want? To keep the fragrance diffusing. Would you know how I could make a homemade body spray out of my LP. Like a spritz, maybe alcohol based?
  8. name='acoustic_essence' date='Jul 10 2009, 11:21 PM' post='60196'] Hmmm..... a mystery. We might have fun trying to guess Mister!
  9. Let's see: Neanderlicious Elevation Potion Mr.Right Now Happywater MayDay Sorceress PG:Wildflower LAM Sandalwood CheapGirls boosted sale Tail Money Honey LP:Red/H&S
  10. I have an excuse to buy. I bless sugar. That's how I enable myself. Good thing the terrible taurus can't see my paypal receipts.
  11. So when I get my LAM, I intend to do much damage. I intend to show these fools around here no mercy!! Yeesh,I think I've been posessed by my avi!! I hope the sandalwood gives me enough cover.
  12. Patience is a virtue. I'm going to be a saint by the time this sale is over!!!
  13. welcome,welcome,welcome! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  14. Egads that went fast. I've learned that if you're on the fence w/ something. Buy it!! You can always trade it off later. I'm dying for reviews on that PE(Ails).
  15. Just read description for Beccas boy bait. I was curious, obviously. Hmm, peach... This Beccah will not be baiting any boys with peach! Peach hates me & I hate peach. I love everything else in the arsenal for the new releases. Y'all must really love us. I saw all the phero blends.
  16. Thanks Mara. I must blame the terrible taurus for my desperation. He won't give me the funds to make it 8!!!! I know he has them! All, I can say is YEESH. Can you tell I have a problem?
  17. So, if you get 3 free bottles when you order 4. N if you get 1 free bottle when you order 2. Wouldn't 6= 4 free bottles? Or is it just the way it's posted? I hate to make 2 orders, I don't think I should spend the money for 8. The kids still need diapers & food. Uggh, the hated diapers. My toddler will take his diaper off, go & get a clean one. Yet for some reason refuses to use potty. He prolly thinks: Uggh, the hated potty.
  18. No, we're not there yet. You want me to pull over. So you can go to the bathroom, again? :drink2: I told you not to drink all that, at the last stop!
  19. I about had an aneurism last night. The server was messing up & wouldn't let me on. Kept saying something about bandwith. So of course I panicked & emailed the ladies! They are so good about getting back to me. Now problem solved.
  20. Do not wear pop. w/ a wig! That whole people wanting to touch you thing can go south quickly!
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