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  1. Well i guess we do i sprayed it and was expecting the usual (horrible but still addicting) smell of cops but nothing! I was tempted to try spraying again just in case i missed something but i was afraid of OD so i didn't. LFN is the stinkier one i have, Bang! comes in second. This two are both UN sprays. I have LP Red boosted with Sexpionage in oil so no cops smell there.
  2. I work at a personal training studio but i mostly train women. I guess i just needed something to pick me up, cause i've been feeling way too low lately. i hadn't given this one a try for a long time, at least not on its own. Reading others' reviews about this one being a happy sauce i thought it might be good to try it out. It definetely did help. you are right though Brown Sugar is quite loud, lovely scent but loud. Maybe i'll give the original one a try with my next order. I hope i'll try Brown Sugar on a day when i'm out having fun, not many days like this lately though
  3. I got this yestarday in the mail (spray 60%alcohol-40%oil). I put three sprays on (2 to schest and i split between wrists). What's weird is that i can't smell anything ... I've read here how strong the cops smell in this is but honeslty if you talled i was spraying water i would believe you. Could it be travel shock? ETA: I can smell the cops in Bang! and LFN for sure but not in this one.
  4. I wore LAM Spicy Brown Sugar today to work. A lolipo on my tummy and some on my forearms. The scent of this is too strong on me but the phero is awesome. I think i might get the Original in my next order. I had never used this phero alone in the pst (i know!) so today i decided to use it on its own. I guess this one trully is "happy sauce". I felt "happy" in a way even though lately i'm quite depressed. It lifted my spirit and the spirits of my clients which is good. Overall a very nice experience. I guess siple pheros do their magic too. I'll try it more in the days to come and decide on another FB
  5. This one is lovely. It's orange cake alright, at least on me. When wet the orange is a bit too strong for my liking but after dry down it calms down a lot and it's very nice. I don't get the honey, or maybe it's just so well blended that i can't smell it. The scent is very nice an i keep sniffing my arm. It reminds me of something from my childhood but i just can't remember what...
  6. The cinnamon in this one is really strong on me, together with the oats it reminds me a lot of Gimme Money. Nice scent and i love sniffing my arm when i have this on. Unfortunately it won't be a FB for me since the people i hang with seem to really not like spicy scents. I'll enjoy my sample though.
  7. I see pro-create is sold out too Anyway i love the scent of Unbridled (i got my sample from you cutie.pie ) and i might consider a PE at some point. I need to figure out how these work though ... I'm expecting a FB of Wink at the Moon, i have a sample and i really liked it so i got a FB in a swap. I love these type of scents
  8. I have a sample of this one and i love it! I absolutely do. Is there any scent around here that might be similar to this?
  9. i just found this thread ... awesome reports everyone. I think i need to get Un Cougar in x2 spray 60%-40%. I have the x1 spray and i usually use 5-6 sprays, so i guess that a x2 strength makes sense.
  10. I'd love it if scents similar to "Lick of Cream" or "Dolce Far Niente" were to be released. I wish i knew about LPMP when those were around
  11. Where can we check if we have posting credits to redeem?
  12. Yeah me too ... for me Aja smells bad from the bottle, and i really wanted to like it. I'm starting to like Phero Girl more and more now. Maybe it will get first place for me too. It's brighter than OCCO Gold (at least to my nose) so I might consider a FB. I'm sure it has less cops than the OCCO, but do we know how much less?
  13. i have a bottle boosted with Sexpionage, I've got no one to use this on at the moment but i hope this will change (fingers crossed!) I've heard it goes very nicely with Bang! too
  14. I got a sniffie of this with my last order. In the bottle it's gorgeous. On me it's a bit too strong in the begining but i can't stop sniffing my wrist. It reminds me a lot of Hypnose by Lancome for some reason.
  15. I think you can OD on cops too, i think i've read it here somewhere. The scents are amazing though so i don't blame you MDC suggestion about the NOCOs is great if you are afraid of ODing. I'm guilty of wearing too much OCCO Red and White. I like the Gold too but i think it's way louder so i don't use as much.
  16. I have tried LP Red both in oil and spray, but i think i like it more in oil. It feels deeper and more delicious to my nose. LP Original on the hand is awesome in spray. Again that's just me.
  17. I really like OCCO Gold although it's a bit heavy for me when first applied. To be honest i usually love it the next day (yes it lasts that long!) It's this amazing soft flower honey scent. Delicious I have a sample of Phero Girl, it reminds me a lot of OCCO Gold but it's brighter on me. I haven't tested it much though yet. Aja on me, is bad, like really bad. Pee smell (from someone who is really dehydrated ) The thing is that in the vial (sample) it still smells bad to my nose. I don't get that whole honey others are talking about.
  18. BBM is delicious. in my opinion it is yummier than OCCO White. But the combo of the two is out of this world!!!
  19. This is the link for the samples set: http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/articles/Sets The one that Mailiyahn is talking about is at the bottom of the page
  20. Snowbound MAPLE SYRUP ~ Love attraction, longevity; money attractant. HICKORY ~ Aids legal matters. Love, lust, protection. CHESTNUT ~ Amplifies male potency, love. ALMOND ~ Fertility, stamina, masculine energy, business success, money, prosperity, wisdom, intuition, insight. COCONUT ~ Protection, purification, receptivity.
  21. Androstenol, if I remember correctly the OCCOs have the higher amount of cops in general.
  22. Any chance we could expect a rebrew of this one? It sounds delicious!
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