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  1. Well, while you all are looking for/at some boob, I gotz my Shipping Notice from LPMP, so nyanyanyah. I predict something Blue Blue Moon, Blue Bayou, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Blue, aw geez, now I have to go dig out some old LPs (the kind you put on the record player)
  2. QG: Thanks..BTW: is that PE you were working on still on the table or on the back burner for now? ComingUp Roses: Yep. Mr. K is all yours....for now. I got something better this afternoon anyways: My Shipping Notice from LPMP! Must go now and watch reruns of Bewitched so I can check out Mr. and Mrs. K. and get into character.The original Mrs. Kravitz (Gladys) was Samantha and Darren's neighbor.
  3. Thanks Loves Truck, CuRoses and RBT! @Loves Truck: Nah, I don't want him either. I have enuf on my plate as well, lol!
  4. LOL! Nah, he's probably over at Loves Truck who's been Mrs. Kravitz longer than us. Anyways, feel free to go over to my profile and check out my website when ya get a minute as well. Would love to trade e-mails. Thank you for thinking of me.
  5. Coming Up Roses: Sounds yummy. Can't wait to try mine with the Cougar. I'm getting it from J.D. Still have yet to order Topper tho. My list just keeps getting longer, but I'm finally starting to get a handle on what works for me in order to narrow things down. Looking forward to trying the La Sylphide/LFM as well. NuTrix: I try to make a list every month and do one order.....like that's ever gonna happen, lol. I will continue to try, but, I'm really o.k. with knowing that my goodies will come, 1x a month, 2 weeks after the very last order I make.
  6. Congrats ComingUpRoses and Loves Truck, now we all get to be Mrs. Kravitz....
  7. Hello, AmethystRayne: Welcome and so glad you had such great results with GOTCHA! It's quite the journey once you've discovered pheros. If you go over to the Trading Post, register with Halo you might find some Gotcha and other things you might fancy.
  8. Birkey: Resent your e-mail....I had typed in one letter wrong, lol. That's what I get for having old(er) eyes, ha! You should get it any minute. ComingUp Roses: Thanks, sweetie. It was getting kinda old being the Disgruntled House Elf...but darn it, I didn't get to use the cute little Don't Annoy the House Elf emoticon before I turned into Mrs. Kravitz.....heh heh. You can go over to my trade page (OBW's Stash) and reguest my e-mail from Halo thru there. Hey, wait a minute....we're BOTH Mrs. Kravitz now. So...where's Mr. Kravitz? At your place today? Are we like Sister Wives now??
  9. I'm hoping I have the right e-mail address.....Go ahead and request mine from Halo and try e-mailing me....I will resend using the one she gave me..maybe I typed it in wrong.....or you can go to my membership profile on here and go to my website and go from there....
  10. WnG: Yes. I find it really can lend that Peaceful Easy Feeling....whenever I use Tickle Tickle/Gotcha it helps create a very loving, tender vibe and then we tend to take a nap, before or after, lol!
  11. I have been using/enjoying Encens de Café layered over 221B a lot. I got the 221B in a sample vial and a couple of sniffies of the Encens de Café. When I'm not sure what to wear, this combo takes me most anywhere, especially when I'm in my office. To me it reminds me of my college days, quietly studying in the library, or more recently discussing books/current issues/casestudies with my cronies. I would like to try this over UNSWS.
  12. That would be so kewl RoseBlackthorn! I'm about an hour away from Prov in CT., but I'm always buzzing up to Prov. and Newport, RI. Newport has some great restaurants as well. Have you ever been to the Providence Performing Arts Center? We saw the play Wicked there a few years back. Amazing. Enjoy the Cougar if you get it. I have Lace in Gypsum White. Love the fragrance, and Lace is fun but doesn't affect me as much as Cougar.
  13. Also, ordered a couple of bottles of Totem: Beaver and have my eye on trying a sample of Bear next. OMG, RoseBlackthorn, I would so go for the Stone Cougar...I've only got it in 1x, but it's so awesome. It's what I wore to the Santana/Rod Stewart Concert and for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend....Can't rave enough about it (and the concert)! And yes, must do Portugeuse food when you are in area again.....Also, Federal Hill has incredible Italian food. ComingUpRoses: Liquid Moonbeams has Evening Stock in it. A favorite of mine. What do you wear your OCCO Ambrosia with? Wld it go with Cougar? Nutrix: Thanks for that tip about maybe having LPMP do an invoice instead of multiple orders when ordering from both Artfire and LPMP. I will do that next time. It was my first time ordering thru Artfire so wasn't sure.
  14. Thanks, Nutrix! It's very unisex fragrance. It really spoke to me and I discovered SWS works so well for me. Sure could have used some of this back in the day when I was having to deal with union dudes! A little SWS goes a long way, lasts a long time and fits me like a glove.
  15. I wasn't going to do a review on this one because I didn't want you all to know just how good it is so I could stock up more than the two bottles I just ordered....but I was so moved by this one that I had to share: To me, this fragrance blend reminds me of my late father and beloved brothers and all the other good, strong men along the way who with a steady hand and gentle reassurance, helped teach/mold me into what I am today. When I sniffed it in the vial it was so skillfully blended it was hard to pick just one note. However, upon application I could discern the cranberry/cedar which is so evocative of the cranberry bogs and cedar trees of my native northern woods. My mother may have had a backbone of steel, but these men were gentle giants, wise and kind and smelled like the woods and allspice/nutmeg that this blend drys down to. It was like having their presence with me when I wore this. The phero blend Swimming with Sharks that this fragrance is blended with immediately lent a sense of strength, focus and uplifting reassurance and clear mindedness. I went thru my day with a true sense of purpose and was able to dig down not only to my roots but to that inner core of strength/steel from my ancestors which lasted throughout the day and into the next. Powerful stuff this SWS. So, whether you are hitching up the horse trailer, hauling wood/hay or tossing a blueprint into the cab of your truck to go meet your contractor for a scope review, headed to a board meeting with the "good ol' boys" or hiking the back 40 with the dogs, this blend says it all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Thank you Mara for this blend. And, I LOVE you Dad. Thank you. :chaplin:
  16. Maroon: Yes, do have pity on da bebe, lol! I vote for Oranzipan! Never smelled it, but it sounds like fun!
  17. Hi, Stacy! That's kinda what I was going for with the SC/CB duo...he he, I was in a haze of love/lust for days with that one...I think my husband thought he died and went to heaven cuz it got him going big time. I definitely need to try the UNBang tho where the proportions are all worked out.
  18. Hi, Nutrix! Yep. I use SC/SS4W in public, but I like to spice my SS4W up with CuddleBunny for hubby. In fact, I think it was you I got that idea from somewhere on here, lol! That combo kicks my and husband's libido up for sure.....but I've never worn it outside the bedroom, heh heh.
  19. My experience with SS4W has been in Sneaky Clean. For me it's a versatile blend, crisp, clean with a slightly elegant feel while wearing it, and people have treated me with respect, yet admiration. When I wear Cougar people are upbeat, talkative, chummy and find me more approachable. My husband loves both on me. I recently gave a sample vial of SC/SS4W to a dear friend to experiment with. She went thru a rough divorce and is re-entering the dating scene. She met a wonderful man while wearing this and she excitedly called me last night to tell me how respectful and attentive he is and totally smitten with her. If you saw the picture she sent me that she took of him showing the love light in his eyes you would see it. She is from Paris, in her 40's and beautiful, but the SC/SS4W helped to break the ice and get her mojo back.
  20. Roses: I just found Dolly's journal a couple of nites ago, so I am far from being current, lol!
  21. ephoebe23: You mentioned wearing Cougar and LFN together. IMO, those two are not very congruent to each other. Cougar is all shiny, sparkly, upbeat and social. LFN can lend an aloof, rather remote, "I am the Queen" kind of vibe. Personally I would not wear them together. Each one is wonderful on it's own, but very different. I echo so many here that have said it's important to take your time with each of the pheros or phero blends and get to know each of them before experimenting. I would try OCCO Pink or White under your UNCougar with some scented Cougar Potion spray/oil over it. I'm still test driving LFN and for me that one can be a bit tricky. I find it helpful to write down what I'm wearing for day or night time and the results and adjust accordingly. It sounds like you have some wonderful stuff. Enjoy.
  22. CURoses: You will LOVE Dolly's journal. A wealth of info. Thanks, Dolly! You rock!
  23. I also ordered Flying Potion, some samples of LAM and BAM, MRF, Treasure of Silver and Liquid Moonbeams and found some OCCO Ambrosia and LAM Pink Amber over at the Trading Post.
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