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  1. Welcome! I think you're gonna like it here!!!!
  2. Drive by Fruiting sounds so good! I am not sure how I have missed it! I am struggling to pick out my sale freebies. I am ordering LP Carnival, LP Pumpkin. LV's Sweet Pussy, and Petit 4.2...and some sparkly store goods? For freebies...maybe Aurora, Pie In the Sky, Sticky, Sweet, Indiscretion, and Howl? Any suggestions from my sweet scent loving peeps?
  3. Damn! This stuff sounds like it is right down my alley!! So excited to get a sampler!
  4. CK...I am just catching up here! And wow....biggest hugs to you dear! I think it is safe to say that you are the biggest blessing in this man's life. And he gets it..he just doesn't know how to show it properly. It looks like his affection and love for you manifests in all the wrong ways and all of the negative is most likely based on his fear of losing you. I am really sad for him. I don't have much to add here except to say that I think it is going to be very hard for him to seek any counseling or treatment. As a counselor...and even though my experience is generally limited to dealing with teenagers and their parents...I have found that it is extremely hard for men to participate in counseling. There is some stigma out there that makes them think they will be perceived as weak or less masculine if they do so. When you add in his age...where that generation is fairly stoic and believes in handling your problems yourself...that makes the likelihood of him seeking help even more slim. As I am from the South...which seems like the hyper-masculinity hotspot of the earth...it just isn't seen as a strong manly thing to do. I am not trying to generalize or stereotype at all...this is what I have dealt with personally. I am sure there are exceptions, but in my experience the majority think this way. With that being said, you have done all that you can. I admire your selfless attitude toward him and I sure wish I could be more like that. Just make sure that you take care of you first. Don't put his wellness above your own or let your life suffer in any way because of his situation. I think this is one situation that is what it is. And sometimes you have to love others as much as they will allow you to..that is all you can do. Love you dear! I am sending prayers his way...but more your way! Xoxo
  5. I love her so much! She is my favorite scent blogger! And the photography is to die for.
  6. brookejones


    Hi! Glad to have you!
  7. I cannot wear Sneaky Clean. In all fairness, I don't know if it is the Phero or the scent but it gives me a raging migraine. This hurts my heart because it is so beautiful!
  8. Is this sweet at all? I think I really love oud. Manor is my favorite Solstice Scents perfume and I THINK it is the oud that makes it so unique.
  9. Sigh....I need one too now. Lol! I will sign up this week. Funny thing...I was totally anti social media until I met you guys! Lol! Y'all converted me!
  10. Yay! I love our Facebook group! Good idea girlies!
  11. Hi! Glad you found the perfumes and the forum!
  12. Welcome to the forum! I have little experience with pheros so I will not chime in on any advice there. However...Honeyed LP is my favorite!! My Mr. tends to respond pretty well to anything that smells good! Because of that I just buy what I like scent wise...so you definitely made a good choice with HLP!! Good luck and I look forward to reading your reviews!
  13. Hi BlackWolf! :-) It sounds like you are really into music...what kind of music do you play? Do you play an instrument? Do you have any videos up anywhere? Most of us on here are pretty into music as well. Music is a pretty "social" hobby. Hopefully you will be able to meet people through that interest.
  14. Hi! Glad you found the forum!
  15. brookejones

    Hello :)

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!
  16. Hi Curious! Welcome to the forum!
  17. brookejones

    Hi! :)

    Welcome to the forum! Good choices on the order...I am VERY partial to Honeyed LP. I will let others that are way more experienced than me advise you on the pheromones, but I am glad you found LP!
  18. Sorry Indie! But you need it...you really do! And also OCCO Ambrosia and Pumpkin Fairy Cakes are right up there! I'm just saying.... I had to have Awake, Aliyah, Merry, Cherry D and Nutcracker Sweet. And a sampler. Dammit.
  19. Yay Sunny! Welcome to the forum! I am going to defer to the vets on here for advice because I have a lot to learn myself. My favorite tropical is OCCO Ambrosia but I am sure there are many great ones here. That is a great story about your college sweetheart! Love it! I wish you lots of luck on your date :-)
  20. He he he he Mai! I have a pin on one of my boards that reminds me of this! I will probably screw this up royally but it says something like: Someone told me I was unrealistic. So I got right down off my unicorn and slapped the shit out of them!
  21. Ha ha! Thanks for letting me know that! I have a friend who screws up all the sayings and I totally don't have the heart to tell him. He always tells me he needs to "put a bird in my ear" and doesn't understand why I crack up! I really wish you could all attend one of these shindigs with me. I think everyone in America should experience a rural southern small town funeral. And then I would make you all some moonshine because you would need it after one of those funerals! I totally need to clean up the short story I wrote and send it to y'all". You could read it on a bad day and thank God that you don't live here :-)
  22. Yay Bell! I am a unicorn jockey. I am so proud :-p
  23. I am currently Jonesing (lol!) for some Awake, Aliya, and Merry....and whatever Valentine's Day georgeousness is coming down the pipe.
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