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  1. Trying to stick to budget!!! Bottles of: LP Silver OCCO White sample LP:Autumnal Equinox 2011
  2. Welcome to your newest addiction Sylah
  3. Any chance of this making a return????
  4. I second that!! Reminds me of the posters my older sisters hung in our room!!! They all look great Edit to say..it's def a sampler month!! I know and love all the songs!
  5. LOL Liz....me too!!!!! Im a Beth-Ann, my mom used to call me Lizzytish when I was little!!!
  6. FAWN

    Belle de Menthe

    Thanks Luna, I will try again. I love it in the bottle and really want it to work!!!
  7. FAWN

    Belle de Menthe

    I was really enjoying this one till Mr. Picky nose asked what's that soapy smell? Good Soap or Cheap Soap? I asked. Cheap Soap he said!!!! I think it's me amping something again. I will try again & see if I get the same reaction.
  8. These two have my name written all over them.. a mint Ho who loves the limelight
  9. FAWN


    I know this isn't one of Mara's magical brews, but I am really liking it!!! It's perfect for work, classy w/o being "Old Ladyish"..I think a full bottle is on the horizon
  10. You are correct grasshopper...he was not home is the answer
  11. Just got my package!!! This is the first one I am trying. It IS BEBEH Soft & sweet, I like it so far, will update after drydown. Edit: after drydown... soft vanilla & lavender...beautiful!
  12. waiting for sample pack to arrive. Sounds like a full bottle...I luz BEBIES
  13. Great Idea!!!! Edit to say, it's now 10pm, it's still there, very faint creamy mocha...lovely
  14. I know my 13 yr old son would be good with that!!!!!
  15. Spa Mint w/ Focus Potion LP Original I forgot I had these in my fridge! Just ran to burner, have solid spa mint from last session..still smells minty upclose..will see if it has any throw left after it melts. 3mos later...Perfect weekend to use melts...fireman hubby is away
  16. We are a team Skye!!! I have the Tiara's, you have the cats! Just ordered the montly sampler & 3 from the PE sale!!!
  17. This will be the most fun party ever imagined!!!! I have to borrow one of my sisters cat's for entry!!! I have none, she now has 11!!!! does anyone want a kitten??? Monthlyl sampler for me for sure!!!!
  18. I can't wait Im going to explode!!!! I want to know what phero X is!!! I can't wait to see the new release for this month!!! I think I need some SS4W, I want , I want, I want!!!
  19. I LOVE OW...it's part of my daily arsenal...I have a couple of beta's w/ scents in them..I need to order more!
  20. Katz....I was invited to a Post Rapture Party Sunday the 22nd on Face Book! Can't wait for the May releases
  21. Thank You for all your great reviews everyone, At first I thought it was the long awaited banish PMS/Menopause brew, but now I don't know!!! I like the inner peace & calm & being super focus aspect. I am at the point in life where I need to change my reaction to people, cause after all this time, they are not going to change how they act!!!! The enhanced noise I am nervous about. It seems very potent in 2x strength. It sounds like I need some
  22. PM I think the test subjects are perfect..l am looking forward to the reviews..from what I can gleen from the limited description, It sounds so interesting!!!
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