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  1. Hi there! I was wondering how to register for trading within the community.  Thank you very much!

  2. Is the bacon note more smoky hickory? Or does it actually evoke OMG bacon? I mentioned this one to the BF and he's drying for me to smell like bacon now...
  3. I LOVE Vampire Bait. I'm thinking of trying this out just based on this.
  4. I'm thinking of ordering this. I'm one of the few women in the office, and there are only three of us under 30... I want to have an air of sophistication and femininity, but also to be taken seriously. How is this in the office?
  5. Unfortunately I will have to downgrade the amount I plan on buying for the moment. I'm going through a tough time and might be moving out on my own from the apartment I share with my boyfriend. It's not a bad situation, but it's gotten a little stale between us so who knows what will happens. That doesn't dimish how grateful I am that this was made and I feel so blessed to be able to come here and share everything and the fact that the woman who owns the whole gosh darn company cares about what I say. Thanks all. Mara- I'll let you know how much I can order soon. Sorry for the delay.
  6. I sat downwind of everyone so I didn't really get any noticible phero effects (drat) but the scent was very nice, a light powdery condensed milk scent with a touch of caramel (but totally not baby powderish). It's very nice and sweet and innocent. I think I might get a bottle eventually.
  7. Trying this later today when out with some friends, want to get all chatty and cozy with them. Also, wondering if I make this into a spray if it will be way too much of everyone and the waitress spill their guts... But it's an intersting (if slightly diabolical) idea.
  8. Trying to convine myself I don't need all 12 bottles... failing miserably. We can let you know by the end of the week? Or is earlier better? ETA: FANKS FOR ALLZ TEH A-NOL! I IZ SQUEEING ALREADY!!!
  9. Still thinking of ordering more. Man this is difficult! Now, I'm thinking of doing more bottles than sprays. This way I can spray in the morning and touch up during the day. Mara, can you tell me how much A-nol is in this blend? Is it lots and lots? I think you're right about the sweet dill, while I love the scent of it, it's totally the A-not that puts the uncontrollable smile on my face
  10. Right now I'm thinking of 4 sprays and 4 bottles. I think that will last me a while. I hope so at least... :frets: :wrings hands:
  11. Wow. I almost cried when I read this. I can't express my gratitude. Not to sound creepy, but is the address on the packages and billing the same as your mailing address? I would love to send you a handwritten note of thanks. As far as pre-ordering I will have to check my budget today and beg for early birthday presents and see how much I can purchase and get back to you later this evening. I'm debating between the oils and spray right now... (OR a few of both!) I'm not really sure how good scent dispersion is with the spray but I know I have to apply the oil around 2-3 times a day. Is the spray something I could apply in the morning before work and then just touch up during the day once? Or should I use the oil first and then spray over that? Any help in that area would be appreciated. Thank you sosososososososososo much PM. Again, you could bowl me over with a feather right now!!!!
  12. I'm so sad by this. I really wanted a nice water, fresh scent wight the bamboo but all I get is soap. And not a light hint of soap, this is HI MY NAME IS SOAP!!! YOU WASH STUFF IN ME, REMEMBER??? INCASE YOU DON'T I WILL REMIND YOU WITH MY SCREAMINGLY LOUD SOAPINESS. AREN'T I THE BESTEST THING EVER???? Yeah, its really soapy on me to the point where I don't even want to wear it for phero effects.
  13. This is my biggest order yet! 1 bottle Mara’s Rocket Fuel TRIAL SIZE: Candy Apple Cutie TRIAL SIZE: T.M.I. I kind of went crazy with ordering the Wax Melts... I want to take some to work so I was looking to create a happy and comforting vibe: 6 Summer Sparkle + Alpha-Nol 2 NOX + B2 4 Spa Mint + Tranquility 8 Summer Love + Open Windows 3 Water Blossom + FocusPotion 3 Sweet Caramel Apple + Heart & Soul
  14. Thank you Pretty Lady for all your help! :sunnysmile:
  15. mejuxtaposed

    Honey Ho

    Ditto this. At the start it was a delicious honey with the pear note on top being all yummy and juicy like. Upon dry down, something sinister ruins this blend for me and makes it smell "off". Makes me really sad in the face.
  16. :sock puppet shaking no ha: Another newb question: I reserved a bottle of MRF, how do I add that to my cart/get billed for that?
  17. Sadly, I don't get any fruit from this at all. It starts out as a really feminine floral and dries down to a harsh dark green note on me. Really stemmy, with a touch of soil. I'm not sure if that would be some sort of black musk giving me that vibe, but I'm personally, not a fan.
  18. Should I wait till the tarts go up to put in an order? Or put one in now and then when they go up? Does it matter? Am I making things difficult for myself :sock puppet shaking no ha:
  19. This is my first big stalking, so how soon is the site updated after the forum is, so we can order?
  20. This is soooo fun! I'm not a cougar, but was reading about all the great self effects just from wearing it. It begins with a fabulous mouth watering grapefruit. And this is a juicy pink grapefruit, none of your screechy white bitter grapefruit here. It's totally lucious. As it dries down, you get the musk peeping through interweaving with the vanilla. The grapefruit dissapears after a while as all top notes do, but it still leaves a bright golden aura in its wake. I'm not sure if younger women are supposed to get hits while wearing this but I didn't notice anything from anyone else. But I did feel a bit more girly and giggly while wearing it for a while , so that's always fun!
  21. How about you wear Elevation otion when doign something you know would be elevating- like riding a roller coaster! I know scent memory is particularly strong but I hope you can find a way to enjoy your perfume. Otherwise, I'm not Wiccan, but what about a cleansing ritual? Like focus on the perfume, and breathe out all the bad energy you have connected to it. Then, as you deeply inhale the scent, focus on a while healing light filling your body. Good luck!
  22. I've been futzing with my car all morning. Drove an hour longer than normal to a job site only to find something hanging from under my car, so getting that taken care of fir the past few hours. Haven't even started my work yet ( waiting in the really dingy waiting room at the repair place). And my BF has been away on business all week. I'm soooooooo ready for some retail therapy!
  23. This is my favorite LP of all time. I started with LP a couple of years ago and ordered some samples here and there, mostly to try out the pheros. This one got tossed aside because it was OMG DILL when I put it on. Fast forward years later. This is now my go to morning blend. It helps with my depression/anxiety and starts my day when my ADD meds are taking their time to kick in. The scent is so uplifting so it's not just the A-nol. Both the smell and pheros work in perfect harmony in make this such a positive blend. If this blend were a color, it'd be fluffy white with yellow and blue dots, like a cloud with sun hitting it in certain spots. I can't rave enough. The vanilla musk makes it smooth and yummy but not drooling edible. The dill makes it watery/ozoney to me (not minty) and also adds a freshness. (If PM reads this, is it the dill leaves or dill seeds? I'm looking into aromatherapy and think this would be a wonderful addition to an herbal blend.) If there's an amber in here I don't smell it per se (maybe it's a white or lighter amber) and rounds out the blend. Just I need to aquire more bottles (I have 2 already and that doesn't feel like enough)! (Can I solicit a PM here if there are any unloved ones floating around?)
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