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  1. Fortune Cookie is an amazing scent. I love the almond note in this one. It is warm without being too sweet. It almost turns into a warm musk scent that I really find comforting. I get a little bit of tea and a small touch of green from the bamboo. I am so happy I have this one in a full bottle.
  2. This is an amazing blend. It is very uplifing and refreshing. I find that the mango note stands out the most on my skin. The dry down has more of the honey, maple, vanilla, and cocoa butter notes.This is a great scent for the warmer months. I see if is now discontinued so I will have to make my two sample sizes last as long as possible.
  3. I really love the start of this scent on my skin. It smells like fresh minty rain. There are some of the florals that do not play so well as the scent wears on. I did notice that if I get through that phase I am back to a really fresh pretty dry down that I really enjoy. I was going to sell this one, but after giving it a second chance I am keeping it. I think I can layer it with something maybe more masculine to take the floral edge off.
  4. I am a newbie, but I am loving all my new LP scents. I have many samples to test so reviews will be posted soon. Thanks for offering this program. It is a great way to sample scents that you might be on the edge of purchasing or just wonder what they may smell like. This is fun!!
  5. I had a sample vial of this one that I ended up passing along. I am really leary of rose scents, but I am always willing to give most a try at least. Sadly, this went all rose on me. I love the notes amber, cream, chocolate, and sugar since I am a gourmand fan. I really wished some of those notes would have taken over the show more. I have to say too this went on initially as one of the strangest blends. It sort of messed with my nose at first. I was not sure which way the dry down would come out. I hope passing on my sample allowed my customer to experience at least this same unusual start to
  6. damonkitty


    Not sure about this one. I like the initial green scent I am getting, but there is a note not sitting right with me.It may be heliotrope since it is a floral note that is not playing nice with my nose. This scent also is taking me back to my grandmother's old house. Actually something I smelled in her bathroom on her vanity. This blend brought back a nice memory, but I don't think I can actually wear it daily as a scent. As it dries down I do get a spicy kick that is nice.
  7. I new I had to try this when I read the scent description. I am a huge leather and tobacco fan and this perfume had those along with two other notes I love (chocolate/oud). I received my sample and slathered it all over myself so I could have the true experience of the scent. I think my eyes rolled back in my head. Yes!!! leather and oh my goodness the tobacco note. I am in love with this scent. I have a full bottle purchase in my near future. This scent is one of the best leather scents I have experienced in a long time.
  8. damonkitty

    EGG 2009

    Hmmmm, I will try that.
  9. damonkitty

    EGG 2009

    This blend contains all of my favorite notes, but for some reason it is going wonky on my skin . It may be the chocolate note since many of them smell almost burnt on my skin. So sad since I had such high hopes for this one.
  10. I finally found a floral note that works on me. I love this blend. It is so simple, but smells so good on my skin. Daisy is such a mild floral. Daisy blended with the vanilla sugar notes smells like a delicious cupcake on my skin. I only have a sample right now, but a full bottle purchase is a must.
  11. Yummy!! This is a wonderful spiced apple blend. I get a pretty good throw from the spices, but the apple note stays fresh and true in the background. I am happy this blend did not go funky candle potpourri smell on me like some of the spice blends do. This is a keeper!!!!
  12. I was lucky enough to be offered this in a recent swap. I LOVE it!!!! It started out a really strong pineapple, but quickly changed to the most beautiful, sweet fruit white musk. I wore it to work today and within a half an hour I had someone say how good I smelled. She thought I smelled like baby powder though. I thought for some reason I smelled a little like coconut milk. Anyways, this is a wonderful summer blend and I am thrilled to own it.
  13. I really like the green grass and earth part of this perfume. I end up amping a lot of heather and vetiver which are not my thing. The initial wet phase is so good on my skin, but the blend turns way too floral on my skin in the end. I would recommend this to a person that likes fresh, green, and slightly floral blends.
  14. This scent started off a little smoky which sort of scared me a little. I amp smoke notes so I worried it would take over the whole blend. Gladly the smokiness only lasted a short while and then I got a nose full of mellow spices. I did not pick up a lot from the basil, bat leaf or patchouli. This scent is pretty much a nice melody of spices on my skin on the dry down.
  15. This may be the most notes I have ever seen in one blend . I had to give it a try, but of course my death notes do their damage (rose, jasmine, vetiver, and sandalwood). I can appreciate this perfume, but it is not for me.
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