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  1. I am a newbie, but I am loving all my new LP scents. I have many samples to test so reviews will be posted soon. Thanks for offering this program. It is a great way to sample scents that you might be on the edge of purchasing or just wonder what they may smell like. This is fun!!
  2. I was lucky enough to be offered this in a recent swap. I LOVE it!!!! It started out a really strong pineapple, but quickly changed to the most beautiful, sweet fruit white musk. I wore it to work today and within a half an hour I had someone say how good I smelled. She thought I smelled like baby powder though. I thought for some reason I smelled a little like coconut milk. Anyways, this is a wonderful summer blend and I am thrilled to own it.
  3. This may be the most notes I have ever seen in one blend . I had to give it a try, but of course my death notes do their damage (rose, jasmine, vetiver, and sandalwood). I can appreciate this perfume, but it is not for me.
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