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  1. Mrs. Kravitz in da house! I'm still trying to learn how to engage in conversation more (instead of just stalking :3 ) but i'm pretty much chained to my textbooks.
  2. My favorite things how didi you layer them? did you put the oil on and spray PP over the oil?
  3. i am floored. vk rewbew?!?!??! THIS IS AWESOME!!! there goes my schemes for the third time this week. thanks for the rebrew and thatnks for keeping things interesting ;D
  4. YAY! it all sounds amzing how are we supposed to decide? i've been craving coconut scents for a while now thanks to those creamy coconut fruit bars! so a lick of cream is tantalizing. blue goddess has lotus in it?! i'm exploding right now. let's just say the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry because no amount of planning could have prepared me for the overwhelming awesomness.
  5. I'm 5'2'' on a good hair day! glistening buttons is fab. the dom mixes give me a bite that's harder to convery normally. it's a good feeling, to have some nibblage! got any inches to spare?
  6. That's.... Awesome! I felt more like the song could be my theme that day rather than feeling like her, per say. I was looking for a video of the song mostly, but the music video turned out to be fun and silly I had to post. The Christian Sirano gag kills.
  7. I've been afraid to try out this one. What kind of vicious sexay fury will you unleash little vial? SS4W already has me clawing at my partner o_0
  8. My friend and I just had a conversation about how shorter girls have to compensate what they lack in height with attitude. Or else, they get a pat on the head and a "aww, how adorable" shoo. I will def give it another chance though. Maybe I'll pick up Red Lace, since I have made scent associations with Girly Twirly. It's work trying to mitigate the havoc a period can bring! I feel chained to the cycle sometimes
  9. crossing my fingers for the descriptions tomorrow<3 oh pwease oh pwease oh pwease oh pwease !
  10. Hmm come to think of it I read in an article a while back that when a female is ovulating she is more likely to become insecure despite that's the time when she's deemed more attractive. I think that I've been wearing it a week or so before my period. Otherwise, I haven't really tested out phero's on my period, but I get tired and get annoyed by people more rather than flagrantly mess with my emotions. ! That's exactly how I feel! I'm kinda frustrated with myself when I feel this way, and I tell myself, "Enough of that; don't be silly girlfriend." Do you get the same reaction from CB too? The ratio of EST...Yeah! I guess this might explain why some EST blends I can work with. Is it fair to assume that CB has a smaller ratio of EST than Lace because I've yet to really notice anything when I use velvet kisses (RIP)? Does anyone know where Sexology fairs among the ratios of EST too? I was looking into it, but the self effects from lace have me worried.
  11. I've been having some adverse self effects to Lace that past few times I've worn it, more specifically, Girly Twirly. I've noticed that instead of people wanting taking care of me, I want them to take care of me! I feel clingy and insecure when I usually feel comfortable with myself. As an example, when my boyfriend and I went to watch a play, I felt a desperate need to hold on to his arm the whole time and go home to snuggle (which I didn't get). Another time I went to a party with a friend, and I was hypersensitive to what people thought of me and found it hard to mingle. I want to say that lace was the only thing different in these times. Could it be the specific blend of est and a-nol in Lace + Cops? I can handle EST blends like leather, ss4w, heart&soul in passion in pink, PP potion, and the CB in velvet kisses just fine. Could it be the balance of est in the blend? I don't think I'm o'd-ing on it because it's only a sample vial of Girly Twirly and a few on my wrists and behind my neck. It also makes me wonder about congruence. If I don't respond well to Lace, does it it mean that that's not the vibe/personality I have or that it's amplifying that side of my personality? I initially thought Lace would work for me because I'm pretty girly,more submissive, not as strong of an "alpha female" as my friends. What are your thoughts ladies?
  12. oh sweeeet! thanks eggers. i guess didn't look at the labels close enough. can't wait to see the notes for that!
  13. AHHHH The artwork is so fun and playful! Velvet Steel's label is some serious biz. Love Potion: Red Lace Pheromone Enhanced w/ Lace + Copulins Pouncing Potion Pheromone Enhanced w/ EoW Copulins Lap of Luxury Pheromone Enhanced w/ Swimming with Sharks Kitten Nip Pheromone Enhanced w/ Mother's Little Helper Darling Catalina Pheromone Enhanced w/ Popularity Potion Heart's Ease Pheromone Enhanced w/ Balm B are there seven or six phero fragrances coming out?
  14. yes. we sure had fun with that line! it got to the point where our directors had to tell us to grow up...teehee.... i played gracie shinn, the youngest daughter who introduces the wells fargo wagon song. You've got a cute way of talkin' You got the better of me Just snap your fingers and I'm stalkin' Like a dog hangin' on your lead I'm in a spin, you know Shakin' on string, you know You make me feel like dancin' I'm gonna dance the night away
  15. Hmmm i'm not sure where the option is, but Mara said the offer is on all of danna's creations at this post.
  16. gimme LP oils and free my soul, i wanna get lost in the stalkin' roll and drift away Man! Music man was the first musical I did at school !
  17. Oh! I forgot to mention that Empress of Persica is all up in the peaches and cream...scent wise... Good news that it's also currently a part of the buy two get one free of select bottles.
  18. Hi Bisou! I'm still pretty new too (?) , but you will love it here. LP and their artisan perfumes really add another dimension into your life. Next thing you know you'll be plotting and scheming for your next purchases and creations. Have fun testing out your pheros :3 I just started to make a chart of LP Pheros for women that shows and color codes each specific phero in the blend. This way I can look at the specific mood of each phero at a glance or narrow what does/could work out for me. I've also made columns for intended effects, self effects, and such, but I'm still working on filling it out. There's a lot of info to sift through here! It's meant to help me get a better idea of what works for what situations and help me plan what I want to get boosted in the future. If you'd like what I have so far you can download it at http://www.sendspace.com/file/90bpdu. I actually made it for all LP-ers, it saves you time from formatting everything <3
  19. The delicate and soft scent stays close to the skin. It is feminine and slightly powdery. Imagine biting into a juicy, more sweet than sour, green apple when I first roll it on. Then, the green apple note dials back to the way a green apple skin smells before you bite into it as it dries down. That is when the freesia and vanilla musk really come into play. Out of what I have tried so far, it has the almost the same mood as lure of the siren and the wolf and the shepardess but more delicate. I would not call this a sexual scent at all, but I get a comfortable and content in my skin feeling that makes me feel sexy. I may be biased, but it really does smell like lying naked in a field of freesias with a basket of green apples. Way to hit the nail with that! Thank you so much Mara and team LP for making my dreams come true!
  20. Whoa! PP delivered in literally giving you a "movie star-esque' charisma! That's awesome to hear. PP is a good one! I'm not usually one for attention, but PP helps a reserved girl like me not get lost in the background. It also makes me feel more at ease with myself as well.
  21. LP silver, I need a bottle of this, but not until March releases
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