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  1. I will have to give this one a try. My skin chemistry usually rampages honey notes into something fierce to the olfactories.
  2. I've had some tender moments with treasured hearts.It allows both me and my partner to feel comfortable and less anxious. I feel like that puts us in a better place to communicate. So my vote is treasured hearts! good luck
  3. Alas, I do not. It's barely been a year since I started my lpmp adventure. I just grabbed the bottles from the monthly sampler set picture.
  4. What boobs? Pefumes and pheromas are the only girls evening out the playing field for me I've barely had time to scheme which ones I wanted from July, and now it's a SALE and NR?! Whoohooo!
  5. Going to the Bahamas in August. I can't wait to lounge around with this on.
  6. Woot! I'm back just in time and not too late! Wow drooling for the decripstions and notes. LP humidity is definitely a winning label. I might juuust have to order a sampler!
  7. Luv Truffle = AMAZEBALLS?! http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6626&view=findpost&p=185535
  8. moonholly209

    Hi Folks! :)

    HI barbar! Welcome :3 can't wait to hear about what you get!
  9. Those moments after a shower and I've towel dried myself off my skin feels calm, clean, and refreshed. Dreams of Avalon provides the same effect on me. It's a clean green floral that is soft. The floral is not a perfumed one, but a daffodil breeze in the spring. This has everything that i liked in Betrothal Potion, which the dill didn't play nice with my skin.
  10. Quaker oats to go granola bars makes a dark chocolate and cherry Chewy Bar. Mmmmmmm it's delicious and low calorie :3 reminds me of Special D I crave Special D when I eat one, but I crave one when I wear Special D.
  11. I've recruited friends and made them believers of magic thanks to LAM. A boost of carefree sexiness for any occasion. My friends and I have very different vibes and personalities but, I feel this has been a one size fits all phero for us. I cannot get over how much of a staple it is.
  12. I've tested this once, while i'm not ready to fully review it, Goddess of the Blue Moon has stolen my heart since the label went up. I want to test it out in a situation where I can really think about it, and with allergy season, I haven't had the nose for it so far. First impression is that it reminds me of NYMPH! which is one of the first scents that I was interested in when i joined LP. It's much more mysterious than fresh nymph. The night I dabbed a bit of this on resulted in a good time high for me that night. I loved it, and apparently everyone at the party did too. Goddess of the Blue Moon caused a scentsation where everyone continually made a fuss about great I smelled. no complaints here
  13. I couldn't even begin to describe the parts of Kitten Heel. I get a pool of amber with hints of floral and bright elements, but it's all melded in so elegantly the overall effect blows my mind. Kitten heels is my scent equivalent to walking into the massage parlor of a fancy spa pampering. The air in the room hangs a little heavier when you walk in, and it wraps you in a clean and relaxing warmth. Kitten heels is relaxed sexy which I am loving.
  14. I feel like in any fragrance from the VS Fantasies will have tempered and sugared down notes, but Victoria Secret's Love Spell is supposed to be cherry blossom and peach. I can't say much for the other scent but I know love spell well enough to say that it reminds me of fruit punch. I'd haven't given Shen Tao a try yet, but that sounds like it could work. Scents that I have that have the same sweet and flirty feeling are Night of the Fae ( berry infused cucumber melon), An Act of Violets, and Luminesence (warm, fruity, and sensual). I think the fun part has been exploring the different types of scents and notes, and I'm never disappointed the few times I stepped outside my comfort zone with the samples. Many Rose based scents to choose from! Check out the Titantic inspired ones! 1: Cuddle Bunny in my experience but the Est is hit or miss with some people. BAM! seems to be tailored for bond(age) bah-dum tchhh! 2: swimming with sharks or B2
  15. Whoa! I'm so blown away by this! I had stayed away from this because I was a bit narrow minded and wasn't keen on the idea of smelling like bacon. Maybe my nose is extremely weird but this isn;t like the bacon I've come to know. I'd say it gives it a salty hint, but I can hardly trace any bacon. This is where my nose maybe extremely off but maple is extremely sweet that it is berry like even though there is no berry in it. I do get french toast all the way! Hyper drenched french toast with another dunk of syrup and a little strawberry or strawberry syrup for good measure. My roommate left a half eaten raspberry jelly doughnut on the counter... I'm terrible... Breakfast in Bed possessed me i tell you!
  16. ^^^My thoughts exactly! You guys did really all out for The Bohemian Cats Collection! It's such a nice touch.
  17. Velvet Steel. Whoooo finally got my package and I'm lovin' it! Going to wear it a few times before I review it.
  18. No way am I a pro, but I'd love to share you my newbie experiences. From what I gather each blend has a general effect that varies depending on a.) the vibe you already give b.) the vibe you want to give. So for example, I've been told that my natural vibe is not too girly and not dominant "male" mentality, but a cool feminine vibe. I agree with this because of my cheery dreaminess and controlled attitude. These are what kind of feel these blends give me: Cougar- subtly charming. confident glam. Audacious- feisty.bold. cool confident. borderline negligent. devil may care attitude. Leather- on top. direct. "i got this." borderline arrogance. Cuddle bunny- coy. cute. SS4W- flirty. mental curves. playful. BANG!- slightly wild. provocative. LAM- carefree. feelin’ good Lace- i'm still working out the kinks for me on this one. it's supposed to be a happy juice blend. BAM- comfortable kind of allure. You might want to check out the reviews to get a sense of the themes to supplement the actual descriptions of the blends. Also what type of confidence are you looking for? Haven't tried Lumina yet, but Cougar and LAM are low maintenance blends (energy wise) that give you a boost. I feel that Audacious could help in feeling less adverse to break the ice. I hope this help until a seasoned phero user can tell you what's up.
  19. I have a feeling that I'm going to love this one too because I found that I'm a sucker for lotus. Grabbing a sample soon, but I'm planning on ordering a full bottle of this next month. I'm thinking about adding some cops to this when I do. For those of you who have tested this, what are your thoughts on doing that? Is it too light of a scent that would need major dry down time?
  20. If a T of A were a song by a choir we'd have a fun, smooth, and sassy song. The choir is comprised of lotus sopranos, blackberry altos, and a lavender diva soloist. The lavender stands out, like Luna, a bit sharp on me. I haven't thought of this song in a long time, but "The Boy from New York City" by the Manhattan Transfers come to mind.
  21. My skin eats this up as if this were the real thing... or maybe i'm just finding an excuse to bathe in this. I have the 2012 edition and the chocolate is light and breezy compared to the sumptuous CHOCO-LATE in glistening buttons or dream lover. Layered chocolate wafers perhaps? mmm cherry yogurt and chocolate wafer parfait. yup i'm hungry.
  22. hot damn!...slightly off topic but i just really need to say raq, i've been meaning to tell you that your avi is you are amazing. i thought it was a painting at first, but i was freaking out that it's youuuu! doubly hot damn. ok back to Velvet and Steel which i'm super excited to wear :3
  23. ...must be patient.... i've got a week or two before i get to experience this. tropically sassy sounds like a good time. if i had my way i could wear the easy breezy island resort look all the time. maybe i could wear this instead.
  24. I wanted to have a day to myself before I tried this. The first forty five minutes have been INCENSE and HONEY close up with hints of something soft wafting around occasionally. After I weathered the storm, EP settles down to a light smokey berry which I could do. It's a tough forty five minutes, but patience is a virtue. I'm not sure if it's because I'm reviewing this, but I keep coming back to my inner elbow for some huffs. You know after you eat something and there's that taste/aroma that lingers in your mouth? A good huff of the incense leaves a light spiced berry taste/aroma. The BANG! is definitely inciting latent sexy mischief in me...it's nine in the morning and I suddenly have the urge to go clubbing or plan a Vegas trip...! will have to test again to see this in action!
  25. I just ordered LP silver and getting some samples of Kitten Heels and Velvet Steel. I'm going to make another one soon for Velvet Kisses sigh* and Blue Goddess... creative financing...
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