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  1. Velvet kisses is to die for. Any that's left in the trial vial will be meticulously rationed for special occasions. From memory, the chocolate is more of a mocha/ cocoa silky smooooooooth chocolate. I thought there were florals in this, but I just checked. Nope :3 The mandarin feels light and floral to me I guess. The amber and myrrh is purrrrrrr. I can't tell if it's CB's effects on me or effects on the boyfriend, but his hugs when i'm wearing them are different; the make me melt.
  2. This scent reminds me of vitamin c cherry orange drops. It's syrupy, juicy, and all flirty. The cops are well covered too. As, fore the lace, I had some of this on during the day, and then I decided to hit the gym. It definitely made me feel less motivated to kick butt and break a sweat. There was a whiny voice at the back of my head the whole time going"This is hard." Yikes. Never again...at least at the gym.
  3. Nope I've been swamped with midterms and pages and pages of reading that I haven't been able to hang out in the forums. BUT AHHHH! I giggled at the name because I definitely have spent too much time daydreaming about it. Here's proof: INSPIRATIONS I daydream of cool midmornings and afternoons where a fuller Moon comes out to play and flirt with the Sun; she is light, soft, playful, mysterious, and coyly disappearing into the blue sky. “L’ Appuntamento”- Ornella Vanoni “Moon River” –Performed by Audrey Hepburn HOPES Vanilla musk acts as the setting. Apple plays a supporting character, and is quite possibly the love interest. Freesia is the leading lady of this story. I’m hoping it will feel something like laying naked, comfortably warm, in a fantastical field of freesia that goes on forever, fresh with green apple dew. --- I didn't know there were so many PE's brewing! Go Team LPMP for your perfumey amazingness! The anticipation of my PE and the promos Mara mentioned is almost unbearable.
  4. I'm not quite sure whether or not Valentina's Delight is a blessing or a curse. I was going order a PE with freesia and musk.
  5. The first thing that came into my mind was the word "deep." The coconut sinks into depths of warm musk. There's a little something that gives it a slightly green,almost soapy, edge; I'm not sure if that's the opium or ambergris. Naked is right because the dark depths pull me under a sensual haze that makes me want to sleep under the sheets au naturale.
  6. The wolf and the shepherdess whisks me away into a dazed picture of idyllic sunlit walks. Soft and musky violet cream that a subtle hint of cedar that lurks beneath. It's homemade milkshake sweet and the cedar adds a little extra dimension. I feel that all of this is blanketed by sheer veil of lotus and the powdery quality of the perfume that contributes to the dazed feeling.
  7. i'm extremely excited to get my hands and nose on this. thanks for reviewing ladyv! how are the waterlilies? i'm intrigued for frosting and flowers
  8. i have yet to try out lp silver but xuehua xing has been awesome to wear and makes me crave peppermint. wet, xx is cool and icy. the sweet and syrupy peppermint, still holds a calm quality because of the white tea i think. the peppermint is clean instead of spicy. dry, xx is phenomenal. the marshmallow fluff and powdered sugar softens xx. it feels freshly fallen snow, sparkling in the daylight, and daring you to jump in it. it's fresh powder that snowboarders and skiers crave. lastly, the white musk brings it together, slightly head-spinning and seductive.
  9. This is long overdue, but thank you so much for sending me lp winter so promptly. I'm sorry about the mix up, especially during your busiest time of the year. I can't wait to enter the new year smellin' great everyday because of you and team lp
  10. Ahhhhh! I come home from vacation to find these little gems! All the lotus is making me drool
  11. The raspberry and the violet notes are the ones that I recognize the most. The clove and the myrrh hides just behind the sweet feminine notes and gives it a mysterious and opulent feel. I started to amp the clove and the musk after an hour or so. I'm not sure but I think this one is a "dirtier" musk, or it could be that I hadn't showered in a day with no sleep writing a paper the audacious though is interesting. i couldn't help but have a little swagger today. i had a cool attitude about me until i had crashed in the afternoon. in hindsight i felt like a female james dean, and that i could get away with leaning against walls, shrugging my shoulders, and uttering a nonchalant "whatever." kinda how I felt. maybe with more clothes, less vengeance and vindictiveness. all attitude.
  12. Can I say, I'm so glad that this is permanent? LP: Red is what I've been wearing on the colder days. It just warms me up and makes me feel so very cozy. It's a very silky cinnamon scent melded into a touch a rose and a creamy vanilla. There's a fruitiness in it and since it's a variant of LP:OG I wanna say that it's the apricot. Whatever it is it give the oil a fleshy quality. I like fleshy scents, this is a good thing. I mean fleshy as in a chunk of dewy, soft, supple, smooth, and sensual skin. I feel absolutely awesome in this and really would never have imagined myself to do so prior to trying it out.
  13. On me this smells like a quieter version of what's in the vial. It's super sweet with a bubbly quality. Two things is reminds me of: a.) my favorite gummy cola bottles in a perfumed version b.) a santa ana windy/indian summer day. I get a smidge of cinnamon with dry florals that are tempered by vanilla, and sweetened with a leeeeetle berry and a lot of sugar. i want hairbo cola bottles now.
  14. The first time I wore this i had a few other scents on so i didn't like it as much. Then, I gave it another shot one night after I got out of the shower. I had a little rose body oil on before I put LBR, but instantly I felt relaxed. A long day, a hot shower, a silky layer of moisturizer, and a scent to drift me away with the night. LBR is a hazy lily that's been lulled by the sandman's powdered sugar, a lot of it. It's okay I think I have a sweet tooth for powdered sugar. A hint of lavender and lemongrass, though, stops the powdered sugar from being cavity sweet. I've been wearing this after studying furiously all night. I feel like it restores me throughout the day, as if I had a good night's sleep . It's my little bottle of rest
  15. I haven't tested this for the SS4W yet, but good god I'm getting this! I don't know if I smells these notes prominently because I the lps i like have them in them or if the notes are what my skins chemistry just loves to announce. I get a cross between call of the moon and nymph! Call of the Moon comes up because there is a fleshy plump lotus blossom. The lily and the moss remind me of Nymph! too, which gives the sweet florals a moody dimension.Sometimes there's a puff of woodsmoke and pepper here and there. This is a complex scent, but I can only pick out what I know so far. Overall it's glamorous florals and with a moodiness. This scent is appropriate for putting the back of my hand to my forehead and swooning. I'm having tons of fun doing so the very last note that stays on my skin after a few is so pretty. it's a scent that makes me me guilty of thinking that the neroli scent from the other place not so bad. is that the scent of the pheromones? maybe it's the musk? the only way to decribe it is a tad musky, fresh and lightly sweet, and a little tangy. any idea's to what that is?
  16. raq- on my skin, i think the rose comes out as a softer and smoother variety than lam orchid rose. it smells like actual delicate rose petals, instead of a perfumey deep damask rose. it's there as part of the ensemble, not center stage. then again, i'm biased and adore rose :/
  17. MMMM amber. I'm beginning to devlop a real affinity for amber Thank you for some perspective on it!
  18. Je nais se quois is the term for heart and soul, and Passion in Pink is a great carrier that exudes it. It's playfully wild. On the surface, pepper and passion fruit adds a rambunctious edge. The caramel bridges the rambunctiousness with the glamour and sophistication of the rose and amber when I inhale deeply. GRRRRR I growl and shake my head from side to side with glee at how much I enjoy this scent when I give it a big whiff Rose, to me, is a smooth scent with a dry finish sometimes. They way the cayenne complements the rose is kind of like a teeny nibble in the midst of a luscious kiss. At the end of five hours, the faint traces behind are caramel, amber, and pepper, with an even smaller hint of rose. gmmmrrrmmm.
  19. AHHH lp lusting...i keep reading the descriptions over and over... the more i do the more i'm regretting editing my order. darling clementine will most likely be a bottle for me next. it sounds perfect. i envy you guys.
  20. monthly sampler, lp red (finally testin' this baby out), la belle revuse (it's been my morning after an all nighter restoration scent!), detective and the dame, pandamaniac sample to test out bamboo and amber notes!
  21. Thanks ladies for clearing up my initial questions Tyvey, Halo, my roommate and I have been experimenting with cops occasionally, and you are right. You do definitely know if they are still around. No denying that distinct cop-py smell. I've noticed that it disappears faster on me than my roommate. She usually needs the whole 20 minutes to be safe. I've tried CSBB another time after testing out other lps. It's not a strong as when I first used it, but I still get put under a slight perfume spell in the beginning. The different phases of each perfume have been interesting to follow. It's an adventure to see how a perfumes change over time, and I appreciate how the exclusion of stabilizers make each scent so unique to the wearer. t's been two months since I've been introduced to LP, and I'm still learning. Do all amber musks have an animalic quailty?
  22. YAY! wait... $15 unscented trial blends........ this. changes. everything. i have no idea what to get now! o_0
  23. NR Nov '11, oh how I long for you. This is my third new release! third time's a charm so I'm saying hello to that sampler pack
  24. Around five in the afternoon today, I had this feeling hit me where I felt like I needed trouble, and that I was going to do whatever i g'damned wanted. Granted, whatever I g'd wanted to do was to finish all my chocolate filled chocolate chip cookies and clean my room. I needed to feel like a bad-ass sexy mama in my own way. I wore all black and decided that the empress would be the way to go from my limited sample collection. It is peaches and cream and so much more. A lusty power that hides behind the peaches and cream facade. It's like a power line or power box, unassuming on the outside but there's a hum of all of the force inside. The ginger gives it the cool energy, and the frankincense brings the sensual aspect. I'm sad I broke my sample bottle :*(
  25. Thank you. I'm glad you think so because I'm having a great time stepping into the world that each creation offers
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