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  1. I got a bottle of Red amped with BI and it did indeed "water" down the scent some. It was lighter and smelled kind of like eggnog. I prefer the scent strong and next time I get a bottle, it will not be amped with pheros. I am almost out of Red. Wish I had more money.
  2. OMG I LOVE THIS! I wish I had tried it earlier........ This is so beautiful, unusual and smells expensive. The first thing I thought when I sniffed my wrist was the expensive perfume my grandmother used to wear, crosses with some notes from Clinique happy and then "cool fire." I am guessing the cool fire is the blue musk, which is somehow both cool and sweet. It reminds me of lilac almost. This scent is so unusual. At times it smells old fashioned then the modern scent peeks through. It smells warm and sexy, and also has cool almost aqautic undertones as well. This really shouldn't work by a
  3. LP Red is great. It's one of my favorites. It works well for encouraging sexiness with someone who is hesitatnt (or frigid haha). I added blatant invitation to a bottle and it is best not worn out in public. Men and women look at me lkike they want to devour me and lock me in a cage in their basement.
  4. I have oreder a few samples of this in the past year. I just purchased a full sized bottle. I love this and it is now rivaling my favorite perfume Sugared Honeycomb! I had always thought the scent smelled like "Christmas" but was really sexy... Like "sexy Christmas." I see others said it reminded them of Christmas too. This blend so well with my skin. I am wearing the perfume, it's not wearing me. It is so well blended it really hard to make out particular notes. I smells little whiffs here and there I can distinguish. This is the first perfume with chocolate in it that I have been able to w
  5. I love this one too. It smells great : ) My fiances room mate came home one day and said "wow, it smells really good in here." I had just put on LP Red.
  6. This is a dead ringer for Healing Gardens Sheer Passion perfume. I unfortunately don't get the pretty vanilla smell others seem to have gotten. I saw the comparisons between this scent and BPAL's Antique Lace which I love and smells great on me. This is very marine and aquatic on me and clean smelling. Not sexy at all.
  7. This smelled like honey and vanilla on initial application. It faded to a musky, woody almost light pachouli scent. I can tell this would be wonderful on someone with a different body chemistry. My body turned this into a very non-sexy lumber jack almost Nag Champa scent ;( EDIT: A few hours later, the lumber jack scent has morphed into something good. Like BPAL Snake Oil smells on my friend (sexy and exotic). Snake Oil on myself smelled like Nag Champa. My father told me I smelled like a head shop. I am giving this a few more chances.
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