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3 questions about blends, UN's, and application....

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Okay, I've had a few questions zooming around in my head for awhile and haven't found threads on them.


#1: I've determined that I love the BAM brown sugar and the sandalwood and resins. Mara explained that I could get NOCCO's of those scents.


Question: Can you get those NOCCO's amped with a phero? say cougar? and can they come in spray form that way or oil?



#2; Is popularity potion in the monthly sample the same stregnth as in Darling Clementine? In other words, do I get the same strenght if I were to wear PP un w/ beyond the veil for example as I would in DC? Asking because I'm wondering if it would be better to get PP in alcohol instead of in a blend.


Do you PP fans think putting PP in an alchol UN is better than PP in a scent (in alcohol) ampled w/ PP?


#3 (dumb one, I know)


Applying roll on oil....So I'm talking about just fragrance, not phero's or cops (as I know they need a dry down), but when I'm rolling on Vicars and Tarts or LP red for example, do I just roll a strip and leave it? I've been sort of rubbing my wrists, arms, or whatever together so I can put my clothes on w/o oil stains. Then I read (I think from Mara) that if you rub your forearms together it can compromise all the notes in the scent?


what exactly is the best way to apply?



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yes you can get any scent amped with any phero, so you could get NOCCO with Cougar in oil or a spray. NO UN PP is not the same strength as the PP in DC. DC is 2/3 fragrance, 1/3 phero. Your UN PP is 100% phero (with dilutant).

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#3, I think it's vigorous rubbing that can disrupt the oils. What I usually do is roll on the oil, wait a minute or two and then gently stroke and smooth with my opposite forearm or fingers and then spread that around to another places.

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I not only rub vigorously, I also shake the bottle before I apply.....that is because I like the resinous scents, and some just smell deeper and better after shaking.

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Then I read (I think from Mara) that if you rub your forearms together it can compromise all the notes in the scent?

No that's actually a myth, what she was saying, IIRC, is that you cannot "bruise" a fragrance. However, when it comes to a fragrance which has cops added to it (again, IIRC), you can, possibly, get an adverse reaction from applying too much friction in application (I had this happen to me with Beth's Blushing Milkmaid).

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I remember Mara saying that if she rubs cops too ard,it smells like burning rubber :lol:


I actually like PP better in Darling C than full strength spray...it is just sooooo a matter of finding what works for YOU :D

Oh,yeah,like Dolly said,always shake,anything,IMO too

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Exactly what Luna said.

You cannot bruise a fragrance like that. (I likened it to accidentally splitting an atom when you are cutting yourself a piece of cake.)

I always slather the oils on my torso then smoosh them around with my wrists, then rub my wrists on the back of my neck under my hair.


Copulins are another matter. For some strange reason, if you rub them hard enough that your skin heats up from the friction, you can produce a "burning tires" smell. I've had numerous gals tell me that they applied it, freaked out and tried to rub it OFF really quick, and it ended up smelling like burning tires. I've tried it myself and that's exactly what happens on my skin too. So when you apply cops, you can still gently smooth them around on your skin, but then leave to dry down naturally.


I think the ladies covered all your questions, THANKS GALS!, but let me know if you have any more!


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