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  1. Hello ladies about 3 days ago I used some EST on my mom. I used 1 spray on her hair by the back of her neck. Well 3 days later the smell wont go away and it smells like pee even after she washes her hair like 5 times. I keep covering her hair with different oil perfumes to at least cover up the smell but my sisters and I can smell it and very strongly. Any ideas on how to remove that smell Im sure it will within a few more shampoos. I just want to know for the future use of it. I know the other company uses some sort of light neroli scent to cover up the stink that some of these pheros have. Have you guys considered doing that as well because WOW this EST stink is horrible.
  2. hmmm would that be a clue to a hypnotic phero that makes everybody want to look at you like a sexy female snake charmer lol.
  3. wow sounds like you had fun I want to try this one too.
  4. Well I recently got my order of est, super sexy and drop your guard and I must say they work and they work well. Well as soon as I got it I sprayed on est but umm I think I got too excited and I sprayed it 3 times and then I thought hmmm 300 mcg may be a tad too much? lol cuz the scent at that level made me gag and feel sick. Nobody could smell what I smelled but I think Im sensitive to phero scents because I could smell them. I didnt want to wash it off in the name of science so I just kept on with that gagging feeling for at least a few hours. My mom put 1 spray on but I couldnt smell it as much on her at 1 spray versus my 3 sprays. Well unto the results for est. I got lots of people smiling and helping me out more than usual. Lots of smiles and kindness from at least 20 people. Even strangers felt the need to smile and be extra nice. Drop your guard seemed to make people really chatty and tell me their whole life story I may need to put less of this on. It seemed to work great. Super Sexy I think it worked but I will need more experimentation with this one. I used this last night and I was at the park waiting to see the fireworks well I was sitting in a chair and the wind was blowing really nicely and there was this really cute asian guy to the right of me where the wind was blowing to. So I think maybe the got a wiff of the pheros. He kept looking at me ALOT he didnt come over "maybe because I had my little sisters around me and puppies and other family near" but he kept staring. At one point he had his head rested on his arms and he was just staring at me and I caught him and he looked away lol. Then it rained they cancelled the fireworks show and 4th of july was ruined lol no fireworks unless you count the random sparks in the air from people using illegal ones in the area. P.S This morning I could still smell the pheros on me man this stuff is strong
  5. thanks for that reply dolly. Are you talking just about androstenone or androstanone? Since I see some mixes have both in them. I just know I always put on alot of the oils all over so I havent put that much attention to the pheros in alot of the blends since I wasnt sure of the dosage. Like does 1 roll equal spray. It seems it might be a little harder to give realiable results on the phero blends since the application may be a bit difficult to pinpoint. I want to really pay attention to the pheros blends and start testing them and to give feedback Im just not sure how to give right dosages and such since strength and mcg is kinda unknown. I know I have gotten results with them especially cuddle bunny which actually makes me happy the first time I smelled it I giggled for no reason. I have some super sexy , drop your guard and est on the way. I think it would be good if we made some sort of estimation table to report on the pheros as it would be good information for future buyers and other members who are curious about application and usage.
  6. I was wondering about this exact same things. On A.D which they got TAH from they kinda give you an mcg level as to know what proper dosage would be. I always wondered should I be looking at the phero blends just as perfumes since I dont really know the amount of pheros that Im using and I wont be able to properly test or compare results or how much I should or should not put on. I've also been a bit concered about the -none in alot of the female blends. Since I've been reading that women shouldnt wear too much none because it gives off a male vibe not just a dominant one but one of a man. I dont know exactly but I'd like to know more about that. I know I slather on my LPs and I wonder if Im OD or if Im not putting on enough to really get a phero effect or if Im just getting a placebo effect since I cant really know the dosage. I know the recipes are kept secret but how are we suppose to know like what dosage would be good. or are we suppose to look at it more as just perfumes? I love the scents and I really buy them right now more for that than the pheros in them since I really dont know how to test them and compare since I dont know the level of mcg. I also have tried not to slather on the phero blends with none ever since I read too much -none on a woman wasnt good. Hope the M & D can clear it up .
  7. thats a yummy report, I gotta get me some essence oil , I'll have to try that mix sounds fun
  8. congrats on another great review of your wonderful products
  9. I think you should do a phero library definition section, because with alot of the phero blends there are names I never ever heard of so far and it would be nice to know what they do before buying.
  10. wow everything looks amazing, I love the new pheros they look like they will be great.
  11. Vivica


    Today I finally put this one on. When I first got it I smelled it in the vial but I guess I didnt pay enough attention to it. So I finally put it on after getting out of the shower and WOW its fantabulous. I love the fresh scent with the sweet dry down. This is like the perfect clean just out of a cold shower on a hot sumer day refreshing scent. I added this one to my full bottle list.
  12. wow the descriptions sound amazing. They all sound fantastic makes me want to buy a big bottle of each one. Me Jane sounds like a great mix I cant wait to test that one out.
  13. Vivica

    Turkish Delight

    I wore this last night and I took this picture. Its actually fun wearing what you're eating lol
  14. YAYYYYYYYYYY for UNE you know I wanted that badly M&D they look so fantastic I am so excited about this month. I cant wait to see the descriptions. WOW Im feening
  15. WOW 30 thats a heck of alot of phero blends that you can choose from. I cant wait to see what you come up with
  16. man reading these threads about est makes me wish more and more I had bought it when it first came out. I love my cuddle bunny so I cant even imagine how good the straight up est must be. ahhhhhh guess I gotta wait for the new stock to arrive.
  17. Vivica

    Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight is a staple in my home so I couldnt wait to test this one. This one really does smell like the rose turkish delight. The rose is the strongest note to me and the sugar comes in next and smells great. Im more partial to the original turkish delight candy without the rose flavor so I think if I layer this one that has more brown sugar or maple scent it will go perfect. I think it could layer great with pied piper or raqs sharqi. I'll probably buy a big bottle of this one too for my sister since her eyes bugged out when she smelled it and said I better buy her one lol.
  18. Vivica


    mmm Spanish Gold I was looking forward to this one the most and it was worth the wait. It does remind me of all the yummy warm nights I had in spain when we used to eat outside. It smells fresh and the touch of olive brings the memories of the spanish food I used to have there. Also it smells alot like a spanish woman does smell. Meaning how she can go from cooking a beautiful meal and the scents of the spices still remain on her while she rushes off to dance in the all night parties as she places a flower in her hair and all the scents merge. I know since Im part spanish and I know spanish men love a woman who smells like natural food cooked from scratch and flowers. MMMMMM full bottle of this for me. I cant wait for more of the around the world scents. Fantastic ladies and oh as always thank you for the fantastic package and the extras you guys are the best.
  19. Vivica


    I love this one too , it smells like melons and violets with like a splash of dew covered grass. mmmmmmmm makes me want to kiss in the rain I feel like being in a fairy tale. lovely
  20. I love this one its a full blown floral scent which I know will last a long time. This will be a full size bottle purchase for me soon.
  21. Vivica


    I think that may be true. I love this scent it actually made me happy and I remembered eating gum as a little kid " I dont chew gum anymore" but this smells wonderful. This is truly yummy though my sister loves it too its funny that we both like to wear the same thing she's 14 and Im 23 lol and we both love to smell like the color pink which this is exactly what the color smells like. Now hopefully it will melt of the pounds lol
  22. YAYYYYYYYYYYY for betrothal wooo hoooo... is phero girl rebrew going to be up soon too? and my little syphon
  23. I didnt even know about the fortune cookie that came with the perfume. hmmm I may have to buy a big bottle just out of curiousity.. Man only a couple more days till payday I keep wanting to place my order already.
  24. wow that is a big difference. mmmm I love LP you guys are the best. You know Im down for a bottle I'll be making my purchase at the end of this week when its up along with the monthly sampler and a few other goodies I cant wait till everything is up and ready to purchase.
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