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    Okay, that's it! I'm putting it on my list.
  2. I decided to try this over EGG, so I may have blendage here. At first, I smelled the deep dark chocolate as well. Yummy! After awhile, it transformed into a more subtle chocolate and then the orange blossom, honey and vanilla came out to play. This fragrance had me at chocolate!
  3. Jo Anna


    Holy sweet mother of God! I tried this for the first time last night. I got a huge swiff of the Black Raspberry. It smelled rather deep and masculine on me for about two minutes (not a complaint by the way). I had to be careful, my first response was to make a pass on myself. What a fantastic fragrance. You ladies are right, this is a very warm comforting fragrance. Perfect for nighttime activities. Hehe!
  4. Great! This may be one of the only one's I didn't order a sample for. Back to the drawing board...one more to add to the ever growing list.
  5. Well my box of "new" goodies came yesterday. I received the notice in the mail and went screaming like a wild banshee to the post office. I made it with 5 minutes to spare. I torn into the box on the drive home. I would have used my teeth if I hadn't had a pen. I've found that pens are very effective with light seams. Anyway, I ended up receiving my last order first. I received... Eleven Nox Phero Girl: Super Pherogirl (scented) Blatant Invitation True Confessions (2) Raven Moon 2008 ***came same day Samples: C.F.M, LP: Winter Solstice, LP: Green, Sultry Afternoon, Me Jane, Deliciously Wicked, Kittenish, Nasty Habits, EGG, Scandalous (Magical Omaha). Whew! I think that's all. What's bad is that I'm expecting another one soon that's just as big.
  6. Jo Anna

    Top Five

    I just got my package yesterday. Now I must add different current favorites. LP: Red Eleven LP: Original Deliciously Wicked Scandalous *List subject to change with mood.
  7. This one sounds soooo good; however, I can't do the cantaloupe. I so want to try this and keep going to it when I'm shopping. I just don't think I can overcome the cantaloupe smell. I'm so sad!
  8. Jo Anna


    Ohh, thanks Scourger. I was wondering how this one was. I'm still waiting for my box, so I am forced to live and smell vicariously through others.
  9. You know, now I may need to try this one. I was wondering if this was too strong or if it was light and sweet. Thanks for the review. Great! Now I have one more to add to the list.
  10. Dolly and CC, you're both my hero. It's too bad I don't have a direct target for this C.F.M and Blatant Invitation combo!! I'm getting them both either way.
  11. No fair talking about the new ones before I get my box. Now the wait will be worse than before.
  12. Thank you so much for the clarification. I knew it had to be something wicked and fun. Great!! I just ordered a sample only. I'm sure I want the big one (I guess that would be both literally and figuratively speaking).
  13. Okay, I am apparently sooooo missing something here. What does CFM stand for? From all your stories (especially you Dolly), it sounds like somehitng I need immediately!! :emot22:
  14. I ordered a Nasty Habit Raglan shirt, a Pink LP logo tote, and, because I just couldn't resist, a Wicked Sexy mug. They have a great selection of stuff there. It's a must see!
  15. Welcome PhatSounds. It's nice to know there are men out there that recognize the power of scents. You got some great stuff.
  16. Mara, please add a Sea Monkey's Cocoa Fae and Sea Monkey's Musk in the Dust for me, please. You can add it to the current order I have. It's the really BIG one.
  17. Jo Anna


    Thanks for the welcome everyone, There's so much to read and catch up on that I feel like I'm running to hurry and catch up with everyone.
  18. Jo Anna


    You are so right. I can't believe my eyes didn't pick it up. I have GOT to stop drinking at work. It's nice to know others like it as well as I do.
  19. Jo Anna


    I'm suprised that there hasn't been any review of Eleven. I had a sample of it, tried it on while I was shopping online for more LP concoctions, and was completely wowed by it. I decided to wear it today along with Phero Girl, so I guess that would make Phero Girl an 11. Eleven reminds me of LP: Original but on spicy steroids. It feels and smells so warm and spicy (at least on me). It's both sweet and spicy...I'm walking around today in a cloud of yummyness.
  20. Jo Anna


    Greetings Everyone! I am so happy to meet people who are as obsessed with wonderful fragrances as I am. I am an Alaskan, born and bred. I was introduced to Love Potions from the Magical Omaha website. I have since ordered multiple samples plus a few regular sizes. My favorite so far is Love Potion - Red. I have a whole shelf designated for these fragrances...is that wrong? I would recommend trying the exclusive Dreams of Avalon fragrance from the Dreams of Avalon website. WOW! It's also nice to hear that people are just as crazy about their cats as I am about mine. It's nice that he allows me to live with him. :ferret6:
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