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  1. I'd buy a bottle... if cutie.pie were to leave any, that is!
  2. Thank you for posting this! I have been wondering what to wear when I wanted a 'handle with care' vibe on those days when I just need people to be kind. These boards!
  3. No point in even sniffing, hearts. It's just *not* nice. Better send it to cutie.pie!
  4. There is one called Mother's Little Helper, though it is not actually intended to be used with children per se. Might it be that one?
  5. Thiiiiiiiis close to cannibal chat in here, folks!
  6. Hmm, I think the throw depends a lot on the temperature, humidity, air flow, where you wear your perfume, etc. What I do know is that sprays tend to diffuse over a wider area than roll-on perfume. I'd guess that across a normal table you'd be fine with roll-on, especially using some spray on your hair, too! Just because he couldn't recognise that he was smelling your perfume doesn't necessarily mean he didn't. It could just be that it was subtle (a good thing). I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences with phero diffusion areas, too!
  7. YES! I mean, erm, if I were forced to choose just one then based on the results I've noted I'd stick with BAM over LAM every time. My favourite method is to wear them together, though.
  8. donsie

    Hi everyone!

    I have tried both and no dice (pssst - I think it may have more to do with the wearer than the phero). I might try UN Leather and just sit in the centre of a collection cleaning implements until moved to use them.
  9. donsie

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! I'm still waiting to find a phero that inspires me to clean!
  10. Damn, I've just come back to the other side of the Atlantic!
  11. I guess it's a combination of the patchouli, verbena, and vanilla but I get an almost cedar-y and balsam-y undertone from this. For me that is definitely a good thing and a welcome bit of serious weight and balance to the pinkness of the rest of the ingredients. Not sure this is one I love but I am surprised at how it wears on me despite being a pink scent. I'm glad I took the plunge and tried this one at the recommendations of others on the forum.
  12. Yep... and I've even had some sleep since I got back so don't feel jet-lagged... almost!
  13. What about Teddy BB or something like that? Smelling like one of the guys might help. Sounds like this guy has issues with women. MLH also popped into my head, NuTrix.
  14. Just make sure it isn't Dom Noire because I think he'd lurve that!
  15. Oooh, I like compliments. I'll be wearing this one out soon!
  16. Thanks for this interim report. I'm interested to see how this one works out for you after more testing.
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