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  1. I've not tried Aja before and I'm wondering how much of what I'm smelling here is that and how much is, well, the rest of the perfume. Does anyone want to opine on how much this covers Aja? Eggers mentioned it's a bit tamer here. Do others agree? Does Aja remain distinctive although less loud?
  2. Aw, I'm a cuddle bunny now. All true, folks, all true.
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    Dragonfly Fascination Potion 2015 Blessing Oil 2015 H2OOO Sexology III
  4. SirenSong, is this your first experience of Sugared Honeycomb? If so you are in for an exquisite treat!
  5. I loved this (on a willing male participant, not me)! It lasted absolutely ages despite being very fresh. Even the coconut, of which I was wary, just worked perfectly, seeming more like coconut water than coconut milk by staying fresh and aquatic rather than heavy and creamy. It was gently tropical, I'd say, with plenty of aquatic freshness... or maybe a tropical breeze rather than being all sunscreen and daiquiris and cabana boys. I don't yet have anything conclusive to report re: hedione but I'm looking forward to testing this more and seeing what comes of it.
  6. I think I need an FB of Dragonfly, among other things.
  7. Thanks very much for the careful and tidy packaging! Everything arrive safely and I had a great time sitting outside with the cats as I sniffed my way through the new arrivals.
  8. Ha, you got me there, QG -- I'm a massive square. But, wait: envy, gluttony, and sloth are sins, so I'm in there! Thank you!
  9. I'm a slave to sin, which we all probably knew already!
  10. Aw, thank you. I was fine, mostly amused at how absurd and out-of-character it was!
  11. Aw, thanks, both! I didn't feel sad exactly, just very emotional. I'm an easy crier (cat food commercials would do it for me, I'm sure)! I'm sure my cycle was a large part of the cause as I've never had this happen with CB, Lace, or any other pheros before. I'm not supposed to get a period at all on my current birth control but I just happened to start spotting a couple of days after the incident. If I had been or ever am aware of an impending period I will be more careful with the EST!
  12. I was still eyeing up the fertility and family planning section at the grocery store today. Dangerous stuff that EST! Either that or my mom is doing some twisted magic to get me to give her a grandkid (I wouldn't put this past her).
  13. So, I accidentally applied a whopping great dribble of CB and ended up crying at how cute children were. This is not donsie. Donsie only likes animals. LOL @ donsie doped up on EST at a vulnerable point in her cycle.
  14. Ha, I finally used enough EST to get all weepy. I was applying scented CB when the vial slipped a bit and rather more than I would normally use dribbled all over, including into my jeans, thus there way no way to wipe off or get it back in the vial. I wouldn't call it full-blown OD as I felt fine physically and no one reacted negatively, but I did find myself crying in the chip shop because a little boy was apparently painfully cute. I don't really like kids, I don't want kids, and this has never happened before with children (animals, sure). Turns out I was probably prone to tears hormonally, too, based on what has happened with my cycle subsequently but I'm certain the wallop of EST was also partly responsible. At least now I know it affects me!
  15. Ha, yes, and bring the formula to share with the rest of class!
  16. If you do then I'd be very tempted to get one of the extra bottles (if they were to exist) for my main squeeze. I *love* tonka!
  17. I got my notification overnight. Now I'm hoping for speedy overseas postage!
  18. Congrats, Wendylynne! DD, I'm curious to see what you come up with!
  19. Congrats, DD. I am racking my brain for something that combines flamingos and HP.
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