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  1. LAM + BAM = BLAM !!! excellent mix Lam + Bam + Occo red (go sparingly on each)= volcanic eruption
  2. Rocketfuel or SS4W have made me a total man magnet in the past but LFN could also be a choice, why not road test them before and see which one works best for you!
  3. Good luck and enjoy your new surroundings! Have a happy, stress-free crimbo.
  4. This will always be a fave of mine, I wore it yesterday and bumped into an old friend who was being so strange around me, he was rather DIHL and then he disappeared very fast. A few days later I asked him about it, he said I just looked so good that day that he`d had this odd feeling that he would try to kiss me, even though he knows I`m a taken woman, which is why he left in a hurry and that he`d never felt that way before....that something must have come over him!! Just goes to show what SS4W can do!
  5. This sounds fab scent-wise but I am curious about the effects it has.... any juicy stories?
  6. I don't have persuasion potion, I do have popularity potion....I agree nothing sexy, it needs to be straight to the point.
  7. I am really suffering from a painful injury right now (hence the huge phero sell out, need money for docs- see trading post 18 bottles for 300 dollars if anybody is interested email me asap) and I am finding some of the Doctors I am dealing with to be incompetent time and money-wasters. It's a long story but I need my competent Doctor to pull some strings and do me a favour and make a request for me and help me deal with some of the medical bollocks (long story basically me paying $300 for medical attention and now having to pay another $300 because the Drs botched everything up) , it may help it may not but I want to at least try because I am in pain. I am paying other Doctor too but at least he is competent. What phero incites people to do that little extra for you? I was thinking perhaps dangerous games. I have used CB on women before for such things but my Dr is a man and I find men can get DIHL starry-eyed with CB and forget what they were supposed to be doing in the first place. Any recommendations would be good.
  8. Maybe later, these are good ideas thanks bruiseviolet but right now I want him to relax, he is a serious type in that he does not mind flirting but he seems to feel uncomfortable when things stray from work or in a direction where he feels too out of control. I want him to be calm and feel he can trust me, and make him want to take care of me. I believe betas are best for that inspiring that.....although I'm no expert that's a question for Madame Luna.
  9. Thank goodness I did not LFM him because my LFM is amped with cops. As it is SS4W scared him; see below. I SS4W-ed him in sneaky clean. However I think I need to take it down a notch. My modus vivendi is: he is sexy, I am sexy, we work together at the office, why not have some fun, flirting and making the most of it. He is a sweet, gentle, kind sort of sexy guy, which actually gets me going because he seems to be a little subservient and always be wanting to please me which I love. He goes out of his way for me. I love a guy who knows how to make a woman feel like a Princess/Goddess. But today it felt like wearing SS4W I was too much for him: it turned him on and then frightened him away. I am not suggesting we bang each other's brain's out (only in our minds) because I know he has a wife and I have a partner but a little wetting of the appetite (and more) and then using that appetite to eat at home (sometimes literally), can bring some extra fire into the kitchen and make what I'm cooking chez moi extra delectable. Plus it makes going to the office a lot more interesting. But today after about 15 minutes of talking he really seemed to take fright, it was like there was a warning sign all over me: danger lady And then he appeared to get cold feet. I was telling him about a project which I am working on, that I thought he'd offer to help me with but instead of saying he'd love to - as he usually does- he started telling me that he is really pressed for time lately and has a lot on his plate, has not been seeing enough of his child etc etc. Basically taking the conversation to a place far far away from the lovely lilt of our usual repartee. All of these factors which he mentioned (stress at work, not seeing his child etc. ) may be true, but normally he'd overlook that for me and yes normally he does me special favours but today he was hinting at how he can't do me any favours any more . I am thinking next week when I'll see him again I either go phero naked (oh but I hate that) or I use heart and soul with no cops and see whether he comes back around to being my sweet little admirer again. I don't want to wear anything with cops lest he take fright again! Bottom line is if he were a real man, he'd not be scared by my Grace Jones attitudinal tendencies but since this is the most fun I have at work all week I want to make the lollipop last so I can lick it a little longer and savour the sweetness just a touch more. But today when I SS4Wed him he seemed to freak out and get cold feet. At first he was really eyeing up my breasts (were I had placed some of the Sneakyclean), like they had committed a crime or something.... so clearly he was attracted but then when I tried to be flirty with him he sort of distanced himself from the conversation and started mentioning his 2 year old kid. I was being a bit ballsy because SS4W makes me that way, it makes me act a bit like I know I'm sexy and you want it. I think maybe he got
  10. SS4W it is then! maybe in sneaky clean but my LFM is way amped with cops so maybe OTT for work. Thanks for the advice!
  11. when I wear this- I have the spray with cops- men look at me like I am sex on legs, it is for night time wear only.... women give me compliments but it's a strange mix of jealousy and wow she is hot....
  12. I've been enjoying flirting with a colleague, so far I have found far far away to work well with him. It seems to inspire respect, he seems a little mesmerised, attracted but respectful. I was wondering what other pheros would do this? I tried CB but found surprisingly that he seemed less respectful and more leery. I was thinking of trying LFM but the only version I have contains COPS and I've have noticed it's best for evening not office wear as men seem to look at me like I am sex on legs, which is good, but respect is vital in a professional arena. I went to send him the message that I'm sexy but a Goddess who must be respected. If the phero causes bonding that is a big plus.
  13. Indigo

    Always A Lady

    This sounds gorgeous and so lady-like, I love feminine scents! I cannot wait to read some reviews of this LP!
  14. OK great suggestions! Unfortunately I dont have SWS, I have LFM in spray but with added cops, I also have oil with no cops but it may be too cold to diffuse. Same goes for Darling Catalina. Dolphin Dolls please let me know how it goes! I am going to see the gay bloke hopefully next week and will also keep you updated. I am considering layering perfect match with Lace as I used Lace on him when I first met him, which was a long time ago, but he was very positive then. I wish I had some gay test subjects haha, but unfortunately in the city I am currently in I do not know that many. I know one here indirectly, he is the cousin of a friend, both times I met him at a party and he was all over me, making me fag hag of his night both times, I was wearing SS4W on each occasion. He gave me many compliments. But I understand cops may not be suitable especially since this particular gay I am trying to get on my side is a work relationship and not as yet a friend, but I would like him to feel I am hence the possibility of using perfect match.
  15. I also agree with all these lovely ladies but also know when you're determined you're determined. I would try perfect match and open windows to have a meaningful chat with him and BAM if you want emotional intimacy and then all the sexy stuff too.
  16. OK thanks ladies, perhaps perfect match will be ideal I believe it has EST but zero cops!
  17. true, but I have experienced at least 2-3 gay men really like esty stuff. Maybe pairing Red Lace with Cuddle bunny would be a good combo and LP red.......
  18. Thanks Queen of Swords! Your combos sound great and all that EST I am sure works great on your gay friend. Maybe I'll start off simple with CB or lace or velvet kisses with some LP red, I am a little afraid of mixing many pheros together as it seems hit and miss for me, so I want to use something that will definitely work without having to play around with method of application, combo etc.
  19. Halo, thanks I'll check if I have an audacious sample because I never bought a whole bottle, although another one I want a whole bottle of! Beccah I agree I dont plan to wear pure cops but I know EST is good for gays. I don't sadly have B2- again another bottle for the list of I wants. Tyvey, yes EST seems to have worked for me previously with gay men. I may just go with lace or cuddlebunny as I know they have worked in the past especially cuddlebunny seemed to get my gay bloke friend all gooey. Cheers for the advice on LFM. I'll have to test it again maybe just one spray or one and a baby spray, I think last time I used two or three. I won't try the oil right now because it is too cold so it would be hard to diffuse at all in this weather as my body heat is at zero!
  20. Thanks ladies! Goddesslyne, glad to oblige! Yes gay men can be tricky, so many of them want to be us, but then because they're not they can very quickly become misogynistic. However there are some that if you use the right feminine wiles, fall under your spell and become your sycophant forever. I've seen it happen. The suggestions are great but I don't have SWS. Drat. I do have La Femme Mystère but it just never seemed to work for me, I have both spray and oil, somehow not congruent with my persona... I don't know why... I'll road test LFM again but although men drool over me, it tends to make me clam up and not be very friendly which I need to be in this situation so not sure this will work for me, perhaps I become too mysterious hence anti-social. I know it works for many other ladies but it must be something that doesn't suit me. I swapped my Lumina because again this did not work for me. It's strange how some pheros just amp my natural qualities but others are somehow not congruent with them or give an OTT impression. Unfortunately I do not have Bang! Double drat. It is on my future shopping list though! Maybe I should try one of the ESTY pheros I know really work for me: cuddlebunny, Lace (I also have red lace), cougar, etc. Not sure about super sexy, I know it works like a treat with straight males who are all over me like bees wanting to be close to the Queen Bee but not sure how a gay man would react as he may want to be the Queen Bee ;-)
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