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I finally came around to this, idk why I avoided it for so long cuz I actually ended up absolutely adoring this blend with how it just...for me, bulldozes over everything with good vibes


I don't have any super specific stories, I think I get v strong selfies that I would expect from BB. Im pretty sure I end up being the one that's tamed by this blend (not that I'm complaining!) that everyone else just follows my lead. 10/10 for pherobombing self I suppose 🤔






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I think of TH as customer service in a bottle. It's not like LFM, though, where men are eagerly wanting to do favors for me. It's more of a patiently helpful and wanting to work through things together way. Like we're a team trying to reach a solution. Men and women alike become more attentive and less harried. It lends a sense of calm and patience to the interaction.


There are plenty of self effects, too, in those situations. Last week, I spent over 2 hours dealing with a company's customer service. By that point, I was already irritated, so thought some TH might help. I had put on a different phero hours before that morning and didn't want to mix them, so rolled a little Altar of Venus w/ TH on a kleenex to have near me and occasionally sniff. It made me a lot less stressed and the experience far more bearable.


For me, though, it does come with a time limit. I have discovered that if I leave it on too long, I get really sad and emotional. There are at least a couple pheros that are like this. Levitation is another one. I'm not sure of the exact time limit, but, for example, 12 hours is too long. I know it's the phero, because if I scrub it off, within a few minutes, I'm right as rain. 

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i'm a heavy introvert, so I think that I've learned to recognize "good" times as times afterwich I am not energetically drained.


grandma and I visited the doctor's right after I put TH on. Waiting time was over 1.5 hours, and we got out of there after 2 hours total... somehow grandma and I kept our cool  lol  It really shouldn't have taken that long but all good :)

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