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  1. I put my other scent on a different piece of skin & I usually use two 3-4 inches swipes of LAM.
  2. That doesn't surprise me since those are the two LP's she has gone through by the gallon!
  3. coffeemama

    Sand Witch

    Yum! I can't wait to try it!
  4. I'll add my vote for Sexology, it is fantastic!
  5. Every month I buy a monthly trial size collection so I can try everything, then I trade off the ones I don't like & buy bottles of the ones I really love. The pheros aren't available in sample sizes, but you can usually find someone who's willing to split a bottle.
  6. You'll love it, the scent is amazing & the SS4W is just icing on the cake!
  7. Tears of Joy! You are going to love the three LP's you ordered, they are some of my favorites!
  8. Well I may have to get some Lover's Reunion too.
  9. Have any of you also tried Evil in Carnation? I'm trying to decide if I need Lover's Reunion too since I already have a big bottle of EiC.
  10. mejuxtaposed, mirrorghost, & Vespero!
  11. But I must say that the new releases sound so yummy!!!
  12. Well shit, Shelly's Waves of Lust is already sold out.
  13. So CC is doing bottle splits for all of the OCCO flavors, would anyone be interested in a sample vial decant circle where you could pick & choose what ones you want samples of? I'd be willing to do it since I know there are some of us who don't want to try every one. LMK!
  14. Great minds think alike, that's exactly what I'm doing!
  15. I was thinking about this too, I would definitely be interested!
  16. An OCCO sampler pack is an EXCELLENT idea!!!
  17. You really are too kind. And yes, my PO is the same.
  18. Ajia that is so sweet of you! I would love to have it, are you sure you don't want anything in return?
  19. No he hasn't, I should probably try to find him some, he loves the foodies!
  20. Ajia, that is so sweet, my 5 year old son helps me decide what LP to wear & he has a few that he likes to wear too.
  21. coffeemama


    OMG! I love Eddy & Patsy! And I still watch reruns of Are You Being Served? I love the ever changing colors of Mrs. Slocombe's hair!
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