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  1. Love it all!!! The artwork for the PE's is gorgeous & I'm loving the blue footed boobies!
  2. Wow mademoiselle, it sounds like you were quite the sex kitten!!! :cat_girl5:
  3. I was about to start to a thread about what pheros are best to use with older men, but you already answered my questions. I found out this weekend that a older man (he's in his fifties, I'm in my thirties) I was crushing on years ago is now smitten with me (which works out well since we're both single now) & I'm more than ready to see what it leads to. The cops laced perfumes I have are LAM in Spicy Brown Sugar, Sugared Vanilla & Honey & Sandalwood & Resins, Cuddle Bunny 09, Me, Jane & a sample of Tail. I'll be sure to use them liberally when I'm around him. Thanks!!!
  4. SHELLY!!!! That sounds amazing, I have to get some!
  5. I got this today & it is gorgeous!!! I haven't tried it on my skin 'cuz Aunt Flo is visiting & that always screws with my chemistry, but from sniffing the bottle, which is amazing, it is heady, mysterious, beautiful, & just all around fantastic!!!
  6. Thanks Dolly! I should get mine today or tomorrow, I'm so excited!
  7. If Shelly's blend smells half as wonderful as it sounds I will have to get me some peach ass too! And I think a sniffie would definitely qualify as a piece.
  8. This will be my summer staple, I can not quit huffing my arm! Wet it smells like my cocoa butter/coconut body scrub, but then the fruits start to make an appearance & after it dries it turns into luscious, fruity, creamy, tropical sexiness. I want to lick my arm, but I know better.
  9. My order's here!!! Thank you so much for the extra goodies! I got the adorable little sample of Sugared Roses solid perfume, I normally don't like roses in perfume, but the solid is light enough that I actually find it quite lovely. And I will try out the Breaking the Ceiling Shea lotion later. Did anyone else get sniffies of Gothic Latte & Amy's P3? I'm assuming these are customs, Gothic Latte is fabulous, I smell coffee, caramel & maybe brown sugar, P3 seems to be a fruity floral. My favorites from the sampler so far are Jungle Colada, Thief of Hearts, Money Honey, & Tail. Off to test the others!
  10. So I detailed my Intellectual Woman debacle in another thread, basically an entire bottle of IW leaked out in my cloth purse. I'm not sure when it happened but I noticed it today, now I'm wondering if being exposed to extremely high doses (like a bottles worth!) of IW would cause adverse effects. I know it leaked out in my car because I can smell the pheros & some leaked out on to my dining room table, does anyone know how long pheros hang around when not on the skin? I'm hoping not too long... And should I be worried about this huge dose of pheros affecting my kids? They are 5 & 10.
  11. Maybe I'm just coming down with a cold & my body aches & headache are completely unrelated to the pheros. I just wanted to get some advice, thanks! It really sucks that I lost a whole bottle of IW.
  12. I just realized that my bottle of Intellectual Woman broke & leaked out in the bottom of my cloth purse. I'm not sure when this happened, but I had sticks of gum in the bottom of purse & I chewed 2 sticks yesterday. I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday afternoon & I'm concerned that my gum absorbed some of the IW & I may have ingested some. Do I need to be overly concerned?
  13. The hottie & I haven't been out since last weekend, but maybe next weekend we'll meet up again (my ex has my kids every other weekend, this is my weekend). I'm very curious about the Hot Honeyed Fig, I'll be waiting anxiously to hear your review. The Legacy Edition is so exciting! And you never know where you'll met your soulmate. I'm sure we'll find a bottle to split soon, we are addicts after all.
  14. Whadya get? I got the sampler & 2 LAM's (Sandalwood & Resins & Spicy Brown Sugar)
  15. I got my stamps.com notice early this morning, I can't wait!!!
  16. Your Mom & Grandma sound alot like mine. I absolutely need one of those nights!
  17. Wow, no wonder you walked in with your panties in your hand, that's a smokin' phero cloud!
  18. I think Dolly meant that since LP w/BI was sold out, you could have the regular LP boosted with BI as a substitute.
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