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  1. I have the worst craving for this today, only it's packed! I want that yummy spicy cookie scent!
  2. Reading the notes for Blue Moon, wow! It sounds amazing. Good job thinking that one up!
  3. The label for Blue moon is lovely and Bermuda Breakfast jist sounds really appealing, I can imagine sitting by the beaach watching the sun rise. That sounds really good right now!
  4. Sounds delicious! Especially as those naughty hazelnuts mean I cabt eat nutella!
  5. Fig to me isn't green. I think this sounds really yummy.
  6. I just realised every single time (until now) that I have looked at this and thought it was called Black Frye. I had no idea what it meant. I am clearly losing my mind! This sounds so amazing.
  7. I just found this and sprayed it on the radiator, I have to say it has calmed my nerves somewhat. It's just so perfect. I think this is my all time favourite PE (that isn't mine)
  8. How did I never realise this one even existed until now? It sounds delicious!
  9. They do look great! There's a house locally with gargoyles on the gate posts.
  10. Baahaha. That made me laugh a lot.I am the same. I don't remember it either.it's like memory erasing speed. ATM I'm in nesting mode so I am crazy to do stuff now but my energy is kind of limited. I have my morning coffee then go nuts before it can wear off. My eyes are seriously closing by 8pm now and I have sooooo much to do.
  11. I'm happy not being sexy with it. Bf doesn't like gotcha anyway so I just usenit when he is at work to blitz clean ;]
  12. I can take credit for the idea behind this one
  13. I think gotcha is meant to be romantic lol but to me it just does weird cleaning things. Which is good because I use it motivationally!
  14. Ooh good! I have to pay the tax and wait for the parcel to be delivered. I like bang! For my feel sexy choice usually. Gotcha makes me go hyper doing stuff like cleaning and I never really used sexology- that's the lots of cops one?
  15. It wasn't anything I can take credit for,nor have I smelled it yet! It was based on a body cream my friend sampled me years ago then I couldn't get any as they'd stopped having it! The notes for that were blackberry, cake, white floral, sweet orange and white musk. It was called Pink baby doll. I think it means a negligee as they had few clothing related scents.
  16. Where have you been?! It seems forever. I hope you enjoy our two!
  17. Would it be possible to change the title of Rik's southern lights from Riki's please?
  18. I'm feeling evil enough to make you wait for Mara muahahahahha. I did leave some of one up to Mara though so I don't quite know one of them though, I'm not 100% mean!
  19. I know! Me too. We're having a candy floss machine and popcorn at middle kids birthday soon though, so part way there
  20. This is aging so nicely. I soaked the ribbon bow on my bra with this today and oh my goodness. I got whiffs of something delicious all day, I kept doing that thing where you smell something lovely and it takes you five minutes to go ohhhh duh! It's me! I had four and a half hours sleep last night and I have run around all afternoon on a happy cloud of Iris. I know I can't really take the credit for this as Mara blended it but I get really proud when I wear this, like hey this was such a good idea
  21. If it won't screw up the postage I would really like to add a salted Apple soap to my order. Please don't elf me!
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