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  1. Something that smells like Tantric Butterfly would make me ecstatic.
  2. I also don't wear this enough. What are we doing?! It's so lovely. I think I have two bottles so I shoukd get it out more.
  3. I somehow managed to put this on by mistake the other day. People were SO nice to me. It was a teeny dab as I realised as I touched it on my wrist but it sure had some positive effects! One of the garden centre employees (oldrr gentlemen and not at all creepy) actually stopped his car as he was leaving to ask if I had had a good day. (they have a mini steam train that runs around the whole property so I had taken the smaller kids as they love it).
  4. Gitana, truffle luv, and probably the virgin sneaky would all work I think.
  5. For me the mother thing wouldn't come into it if I liked someone. Tread carefully. You don't want to end up down the line bowing to everything his mother says.
  6. Just try a tiny dab where you can smell it best yourself for effects and layer with something else for now?
  7. I'd vote super sexy. Just because lfm can have over kill in the admiration but dumbstruck kinda way. Super sexy is a nice boost.
  8. My ex was a narcissistic passive aggressive dick. Est would be a no no around him. Bf doesn't seem to like cops but est is ok. Oddly though, bang! Is a hit. Maybe it's more about how it effects me?
  9. I swear I reviewed this! I have this in spray form.and I love it. It is sheer and misty indeed. There's a musky melon scent with the birch leaf and raspberry swirling around. I don't know how Mara did this but it is amazing.
  10. I'm not cool enough for Instagram
  11. I too have had this for ages and not worn it until today. I haven't skin tested it, I put it straight on my cotton cardigan where it has happily lasted all day. It's very curranty. The ylang is subdued and the patchouli provides a smooth base. Coconut must just add the rounded smell. It is actually quite hard to describe. It's fruity but perfumey too. A very happy scent for a grey rainy day.
  12. This is the one I didn't get but I have now tried a sample and it is working so much better for me. Its really vanilla-y and sticks around longer. I love sweet stuff at the moment so it hits the spot!
  13. The punch does look incredible! I wish there was a UK lp shop!
  14. May I request inviting aphrodite? I was planning a pe myself but this should fill my need! I hope you are feeling better. ?
  15. I didn't know the notes as I tested this but my first impression was passionfruit followed by redcurrant which goes with the notes. Then it turned into...the realest non almondy cherry thing I have smelled. I didnt know it had heart and soul either, so that explains why it makes me feel so happy. The fruity perfumea arent always so 'me' but I can see myself wearing this a lot.
  16. Wooop! This is the orchid I had in my Girl Next Door I think. I love it! I cant wait to wear this one.
  17. I just had a super fast shower and put on a strappy nightdress and a silky short dressing gown. I reached fir one of the perspex stadiums I keep my stash in and looked for something with cops (mine have 3drops per bottle) and oh my goodness. This has kept well! I feel like a 1940's starlet! It is powdery and sweet and slightly different with each sniff. It's iris but yes, almost violet, a parma violet sweet type violet. It does have that lickable kind of smell. Mara really did the most fantastic job with this. Had Vivienne Westwood made a blue, classier flanker for Boudoir, this should have b
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