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New Releases for FEBRUARY 2009

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I ordered a bottle unsniffed (still waiting for the goodies) but i was thinkiing i wanted another one just in case i loved it - WOW, good things go quick - i guess if i need another bottle i'll have to hit the trade boards and beg


I know it is sold out here, but I am wondering if one of the third party vendors are going to be putting it on their websites...hmmm...

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Baystids postal workers!


No goodies yet and i was dyin inside, i checked the tracking at stamps.com and it said a notice was left on the 12th and 13th - no it was not, i am going there when it opens today and they better have my package.


I must have new post people b/c they sent my package from sally back saying undeliverable -my address don't exist





Sure did get my package from the post office - now i can breath a little easier and go sample my new samples - ahhhhhhh

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I hate it when that happens...

the worst is when u go online to see if it has been delivered and it says it has so u expect to see it THAT day...

well unfortunately they say one thing online..in reality they meant to ship it the next day...

this has happened to me a few times but never with LP...thank goodness!

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FEBRUARY :blue_dancing_banana: OMFG!!! There is not 1 potion in this sampler that I don't like. :) Ladies. I hope it's ok but Iam ordering another sampler of February. I want at least another sample size of everything...lol. I wish I could get the bigger bottles of everything but with this shitty economy the real estate market is down a bit around here. It Should pick up in a few months though. Our busiest season here at work is Spring and Summer plus iam still waiting for my tax refund check which takes like a month but in the mean time I'am getting in on another Sampler because OMG!

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