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  1. Wore BB to winetasting. Since it mostly women& my MIL. It went swimmingly. I did put happywater on neck. Maybe I should not have*see journal*
  2. Very generously( may I say), I was gifted a sniffee of this beautiful blend. Love this!!! Can't do vanilla musk. I could do this all day, every day
  3. Got my order today. Funny story: I have been overlooking wishcraft until today. Today it called to me. It smelled so wonderful. My mailman always comes @ 2p w.out fail. As I wore wishcraft, I was talking to my son. "I know my pkge. is coming today. I wish the mailman would get here @ 12p.." The mailman arrived @ 12:30p. How lucky is that? My order is wonderful. Everything smells delicious. Thank you Mara & Danna for the extra samples on top of the sale freebies. You definitely brought light into my day!! That sniffee of Ails Vanilla is my ten yr. old fav.. The vanilla in it is just right on my skin.
  4. I know that one too well. Sometimes we zombify the toddler w/ Blues Clues & get some 'afternoon delight'.
  5. Yeesh, this review is freakin hot!! I almost don't need to get mah oven warmed up. Gonna go jump on the TT!!!!
  6. Ooooohhhh I can't wait to get mah order!!!
  7. I love the girl/girl phero. Women that are really snobby to me normally. Open up & laugh & joke around with me.
  8. Yes I'll volunteer gladly. Don't research subjects get free product, mwhaha.
  9. Yes *evil grin* sometimes I want them to clear away. Okay I've finally got a list: 1. Whatever's in Happy Water 2. Swimming w/ Sharks 3.Popularity Potion 3.Blatant Invitation 5.LAM 6.Whatever is in Teddy Man
  10. Is P79 the same? I ordered the boosted cheap girls/ P83&P79. I don't wanna get into a bar brawl now, lol.
  11. Looking for hints on July new releases. I know Ail likes to drop'em & skip away.
  12. name='djacquelynstew' date='Jul 19 2009, 12:59 PM' post='61798'] Okay Djac. I'm thinking I want to ask you if you'll trade Neanderlicious for Right Now. I really love Right Now. Neanderlicious not so much. If not that's okay. I'm sure I'll have a taker somewhere. I want to send out Elevation Potion today. I think I'm going to wait to hear back from you first. & I did decant a sniffee for Sug. She sends her gratitude. My review on Right Now is that.... I wore it to work. I've been working nightshift. It helped me sell my rooms. Everyone was nicer to me. They did not complain about rates & do the 180 to the door as quickly. So excellent for me.
  13. I would definitely say on me for some reason. Bosom Bows has a slight male tinge like maybe Preferred Stock or CK one. It is ever so slight, just enough to make me love it. I'm not sure about Neanderlicious, it is very different from BB. I always try a fragrance @ least 5 times before I decide. Even if I don't like the smell. Sometimes I'll wear it for the effect & cover w/ something else. Not sure about either on this one. I think I really prefer LAM sandalwood. But that's just my personal preferance & chemistry speaking. Have to give it a second chance.
  14. Mmmm....What would you amp it w/ ? If you were gonna?
  15. Good reviews Sardust, I can't wait to get mah LP:Red now!!!
  16. Beccah

    Evil in Carnation

    So, Luna I need to ask you. What's your opinion of wearing this. When one is already a wild child. I'm already in touch w/ my evil twin. Yet I do have the ability to reign it in before it's too late. Do you think this could push me over the edge? I'm interested in it, not because of juju. Because I love spicy scents. I have been hestant because of the juju, though. Do you think I could temper it w/ a calming phero like Tranq.?
  17. Yep I have your addy, don't worry about it. Be blessed, dearest.
  18. I hear Canadia(j/k) is beautiful tho. My stepmother is from the french side. You definitely can smell the love they put into the LPs :J001:
  19. OK Djac. It not working for me goes the same as happy water, but with drugstore vanilla tinge. It no likee me: ( I gots to let it go. You want it? You gave me Thief, so no charge.
  20. With all you guys do for us. We better make that a bottle of Dom!!!!
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