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  1. I don't think your broken Lor! LOL - you just respond to different things. I DO notice the beautifying effect and I am finding this added to Perfect Match is AMAZING. I cheat and I boosted my PM with 4 drops Cops neat per bottle. Enough to be there - not enough to knock you down. That recipe - PM, 4 drops Cops, and DHEAs misted on hair - truly is a very feminine, very much NEW love, Girly blend - if you want to remind the man why he bonded to you in the first place - give this a go. It's a CHAMP.
  2. I get that "Wheeeee" like yippee let's go thing. - but at high doses. And like Halo - I talk really really fast. My sweet spot for making everyone else happy and not ODing me so much is spraying the BACK of my hair. I'm not doing the inhaling they are. I just have to keep it off my skin or ick - b-acne.
  3. Hi - no I bought it elsewhere as I had ant's in my pants - so didn't report here - although I do understand it's a property of both the molecule itself and less the carrier but more importantly - I think for me - it's dosing. I have it a 100 mcg per spray strength - which I WOULDN'T do again as I am a mister and this is very very potent. IE - it my effort to determine sweet spot - I have given myself a number of unhappy side effects because I have doses at strasopheric levels This is clearly a molecule where misters do better at lower dosages. But - the pluses - so no one panics - is keep it below 200 mcgs if you are monster dosing - but better. 100 mcgs if using over a blend - and you should have the best bubbly happy glow - that spreads to all around you. (at 200 - self effects of extreme horniness - at least with me - wear at that level with care) It's a really wonderful molecule and totally worth having. I am NEVER running out of this.
  4. Tried it last night as a matter of fact - both components of the tweak - added cops and the other secret ingredient - and ZOMG!!!!!!!!!! No really. ZOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Your guess of the cops was dead on (although I cheated and added one more drop - couldn't help myself - 3 seemed so little - don't know why 4 seemed right but WTF it did and it worked) and the addition of the secret ingredient boost? DAYUM. EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY what that blend calls for. Couldn't be better. So - when you get ready to tell the world what's in Top Heavy - then JUMP up and DOWN - because we *HAVE* to tell them our new mad scientist blend for a fabulous awesome unbelievable good time - mixing Top Heavy with an Existing LP plus 4 drops of EOW Neat
  5. Ok Mara - I'll bite. Which version of Topper did you *DO*?! tapping foot wondering....
  6. I really can't top Luna's outstanding review - so I won't try. Here is what I get on me - almond, honey, deepest darkest bitter chocolate underpinned by amber and skin musk. It's not overpowering...it's a close to the skin, come get me studmuffin scent. I smell the cops - more before drydown - some after - but I like them so I'm not in the least bothered by that. Between the Leather and the Cops - it gives me one seriously sassy swing to my hips and attitude. All in all - this is everything I hoped it would be. Dead sexy. And I can not keep from wanting to lick my wrist. So - success. And the man liked it despite the fact he normally doesn't do gourmands. I think it's because he likes dark chocolate...
  7. Thank you. Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle...
  8. I don't know. I'm pretty positive that the notes in Glistening Buttons would clash with those of Licorice Wand. But hey - we are all different. And you might really like that...me - not so much.
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LURVS that LUNA laughed at the Cactus. (BTW Luna - a) I MISS YOU BUNCHES I miss you bunches c) I miss you bunches and d) yeah that) I pretty much expected you would laugh at that DAHLING!!!!! I have to say that Naughty Jester and I have had a BLAST doing this one - we have been back and forth with ideas, text, prose, brainstorming - and it is NOT FLORAL. Not one teeeeeeeennnnnyyyyyyy tiny droplet. It is pure SLF Gourmand. Never designed anything with someone else let alone with (gasp) one of the male persuasion - but inspiration is what it is - and there you have it. Mara reminded me I hadn't done an SLF in a while - I've never really done true Gourmand - NJ and I kicked it around and here we are... The most fun part is I got to work with NJ on the label and the copy. So - it's not a PE - it's an actual edition. And I couldn't have had more fun ever... As to the copy and the phero....you will have to wait. :-) I don't ruin Miss Mara's surprises.
  10. Totally with Twin on this one...I am a champ at wearing but mixing? Not going there... It's like being a foodie - I know what I love to eat - and even my favorite ingredients are - but making that butternut squash rissotto as excellently? Isn't happening...
  11. I am not snuggly at all - but Perfect Match makes me a lap kitty. :-). And a PDA hound - which I am also NOT. Well -ok - maybe secretly - but I would never have acted on it - but this just tipped it over to permission. I love PM.
  12. How about something summery and tropical with Perfect Match? That way when having a summer party - we can spread the love? :-)
  13. Ok - totally going to hell for doing this BUT.... I wanted to test Bodacious Bomb with the Sexpionage Beta - and the man is WAY sensitive to Big OL' Scents. And normally I'm not one to release something this sexual on the public at large...but WTH - it's broad daylight, noon, and I'm just going to the grocery store and garden center with the GF - what can it hurt? LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! The hits, the palpable HITS! 1st - the Bomb totally covers the Sexpionage. Easy Peasy. 2nd - Grocery Store - Male who works there has known the GF for quite literally 15 years. The store has a full policy against bagging your groceries. Period. You bag 'em - yourself. Pregnant. Old. Whatever. You are on your own. GF knows I've got the Phero's on and she's in the lane next to me. He's got me. He looks at me. He looks again. He begins bagging my groceries. The 75 year old lady behind me says in a most indignant tone..."Are you BAGGING her groceries?" He says Yes. She said in the most pissy tone possible..."And will you be bagging mine?!" He looks at her dead on and says - "No." GF says as we are loading the car - that is the funniest thing ever. I said why. She mentions a) the policy and in 15 years of shopping there - he's never not once broken the rule. And then she burst into hysterical laughter. 3rd - Garden Center. Shopping all over. Checking out. Female clerk this time. Goes mooney over me at check out. GF looks back and me and crosses her eyes. I laugh. I make eye contact with clerk. I explain a bunch of things about the plants I have in my cart - this one flavors Earl Gray tea but must be planted in a pot or it will eat your yard. This one...blah blah blah...and so on...the line builds behind me and people are getting pissed. She doesn't care. She is mooney. "I'll remember all of it...." GF says - I'm almost ready to puke. It works on both? That's just wrong. LOL!
  14. Ok - testing again this morning on the premise that if I don't do well I can shower it off before running a million errands later. I am on hour three - have put it on over Musky Dusky Greenery which is super light and went 2 baby sprays on application. I was very very careful not to overapply and OD. I felt great before I put it on. I still get increased sensory perceptions. Colors, shapes, sounds are really bright. Went up to Starbucks and got the usual...no noticeable hits by others which is weird - normally the middle aged men are all scoping me out - with or without pheros. I am guessing it's because I don't have the strut. This stuff makes me jittery and anxious - maybe due to the increased sensory input? And my stomach went all quesy. I am having a hard time staying focused enough to read - and the air conditioning - set to normal - is once again feeling arctic. Will keep it on for another hour or so to see if it moderates - but then I am scrubbing it off. I will try at work for one day - but if the effects are same/similar - I am out.
  15. This is one of my favorites for spring and summer. I don't smell like a tiki drink either - (the pineapple in version 2 disappears quickly) but I do prefer Version 1. Both are a watery, clean, tropical skin musk. I was delighted to find one unopened bottled of V1 in a hoarder bag I forgot I had. Yay me for hoarding that one! :-). A couple more summers of smelling Fab!
  16. If my friend is in the office on Monday I can convince her to to do it. She sits near menso it would be a good test. I wouldn't trust anyone else. This could be a case of a little goes a long way. For instance - Girly Twirly or Lace 1x fine -Woozy Floozy straight not so much - head ache from hell. Everyone is different. That's how it works. :-)
  17. First impressions: I get the enhanced vision / sensory thing as well. Colors and shapes are super sharp. The shape of leaves way way away are like they are 10 feet away. Sounds are acute. Air conditioning is as if it's arctic when it's on normal temps. Smells have HUGE throw. I used Tropical Musk - which I LOVE - and use all the time - in a normal amount - and it's so strong it almost gags me. I don't notice one single sexual effect. I don't notice one single hit on anyone else and I went several places where my social or sexual pheros always generate at least one. I had Mega appetite suppression. I was sooooo hungry but when I went to eat - I could barely get even a few bites in before I just threw dinner out. I couldn't even look at it. The sensory overload became so much that rather than hang out tonight at a place I could be around other people and read my book, I came home to peace & quiet. I am on my patio and when I normally I would want a glass of wine with my book - the idea is just gross. I have to say - this is a most in-congruent phero signature for me - at least so far. I'll keep testing - but at least right now - I don't like it.
  18. No worries Calii. It's not a tent city thing for him - he actually really wants to have a relationship I think...although he clearly was appreciative of how I looked... It was more that the combo seem to trip some trigger - and the whole suppressed wanting became a really public wanting again...and honestly - I preferred the suppressed thing. Since I'd actually thought he'd moved onto greener pastures but guess not... Makes face - again - not your fault. More mine. I thought it wasn't an issue and broke out my happy sauce. My bad.
  19. Actually - I feel a little bad about it. I had (I thought) managed to quash the whole thing. So much for that. It got so obvious that I felt compelled as we were leaving for the day, to mention I was off to see the man next weekend...and crush-man got so-pissed off he couldn't control his expressions (tantrum) followed by storming off to his car.(barely said goodbye, sayonara, peeved out of his head) Again - he isn't feeling anything he wasn't already feeling. I just felt bad that he nudged over into a public display. And I did think his feelings had gone away...
  20. El Mucho Huge order came today and I tore into it in order to test - does Bodacious Bomb actually hide Sexpionage? And the answer is an unqualified YES! And I have Sexpionage in Beta, 100% alcohol. (Translation - it REEKS but is *HIGHLY* effective at getting your clothes torn off. Or pushed out of the way due to urgent needs... Just suggesting...) I put on SB's BB - and then sprayed on the Sexpionage. I didn't even have to wait for the normal 20 minute dry down - in 10 minutes - poof - no REEK! Since the man's nose is rather sensitive - he may turn out to HATE the SB's BB - in which case I'm still screwed- or not - as the case may be. (ok, ok, I will still be- within an inch of my life so I'm not complaining - I just might not be using the Sexpionage - which is a total waste but I digress) Please note - if this covers Sexpionage in Beta 100% alcohol - it's going to cover darn near everything. Because really - that stuff REEKS. I do believe I mentioned it REEKS...yeah - that. Don't get all excited - I'm on my own this weekend so there's no official way to totally prove efficacy. And Mystery Phero was also in the box - so I have obligations to go get a shower - then a bath - and soak/wash this all off in the most complete possible way - so I can road test Mystery in public. Now - as to how SB's BB smells? At least to me - this is a Sweet Tart - writ LARGE - with Amber for depth. But my skin is a little wonky. I'm not getting peach or pear but MELON, MELON and MELON. Since I love Melon, I'm good. I get sweet melon, tart melon but all melon. I'm all candy coated, Sweet Tart lickable, melon goodness. Winter goodness? Probably not...spring, summer, and Indian Summer goodness? Yuppers. I'm going to wait on that Shower/Bath fest for a while so I can soak in my melony/cop-heavy yumminess. But then I will go do my duty for LP woman-kind (cuz DUH - Mystery is for women) by going out in public for dinner and errands - and road test the heck out of Mystery.
  21. So OCCO plus SS4W give me phenomenal self-effects- a total shiny happy people thing. It's been an issue at work before however when the pissing match starts...since I don't want any of them - it's an issue. I thought all the relevant male type subjects were OOTO today so WTH? Go OCCO Green plus SS4W and embrace the inner Shel...true that!!! Laughter, giggles, pranks, I had the BEST most fun day at work. But - the male who has had (we all suspect) a crush on me in the past - was in. And that combo proved deadly. Again- you won't feel what you don't feel - but his feelings became rather OBVIOUS. OCCO plus Ss4W? fab combo...by me at least?! used with greater discretion...
  22. The new UN SWS - I like it - it does really seem to bring a collegial vibe to the office. I am testing a theory - I haven't had it very long - but I think I am noticing a trend that everyone else is nicer to each other around me - when I have it on. Will do some control testing - different pheros - different days - and pay attention to interactions of others - to see if intuition bears out...
  23. I went for several good sprays of SWS topped with non-threatening Musky Dusky Roses - and between meeting prep - (loaded for BEAR with statistics, stories, AND linkages between regional and global goals/objectives etc) and the SWS - the meeting went FAR FAR better than expected. Really - anytime I have Leather on - he HATES me. PP - ok. SS4W - wore once - because I was going out after work - MISTAKE. Got this massively dominant reaction from multiple men and it was HEINOUS. I was a total fire hydrant and they all had to piss on me. OW - meh - anol in this workplace seems bad. H&S makes me emotional which in my role - BAD. So - SWS came through. I still thing PM would have worked because of the trust pheros in that one as well but hey - alls well that ends well. :-)
  24. Alright - SWS it is... Helmet to the ready...meeting at end of day so I get to spend all day sweating it... Oh yay!
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