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  1. You might find this link helpful... http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1637
  2. Ok - KrazyKat is one person...and I'm not discounting her experience. But if you want to try it - try it when you don't have the pressure of such a big moment. There are several of us who have MEGA success with it. Just sayin'
  3. Hi Somethingsweet - You are in good company. Agree with Xev - I wouldn't ever put Phero's above make up or shoes - unless I was trying to convince the man to get horizontal and superimposed - in which case - since I need neither makeup nor shoes - I'd agree! And Xev's advice on the Beta's is dead on. Just read both the descriptions and then the reviews in the Phero section - and you will have a good sense of what they say they do and what effects the users have noticed. Choosing from there is easier....
  4. I can't add to the excellent advice - so let me just suggest wearing Leather to a maximum advantage: 1) OCCO in the Mara lollipop from between cleavage around bellybutton. I add a drop to inside of each elbow and the backside of each knee. That way short sleeves or skirted - you have more diffusion from warm and exposed spots. 2). LP fragrance of choice - allow OCCO and LP to fully dry. 3). Then spray or apply the Leather. VoilĂ  - you are now sex on a stick. And you might find that he is seeing her again because you haven't left your marriage formally. I know all about leaving one emotionally long before you are really ready to leave. But the support and friendship I received here while I took my journey made all the difference in the world to me. Much love and luck to you tonight.
  5. Et moi aussi. Which is about all I remember from HS French... shhhhhhh.... don't tell.
  6. Current Top 5: - The last of HAM/SLF - NOCO Sandlewood and Resin (amped in my case) - Shelly's BeeGasm - Miasma - Christine's Tropical Musk
  7. Me too...had to get a bottle of Legend after smelling a sample on HSF. EGAD what that did for me. :-) And a bottle of Synch II before it disappears again...down to just a couple in the cart and when I smelled the sniffie - it was a HAVE to. What a lovely skin musk - so warm and sexy.
  8. Got a sample and put this on HSF - must say this is my favorite men's scent here. So fresh - he smelled so good I could NOT stop nuzzling him. Maybe the Charisma? I'm thinking yes... I'm not normally a PDA sort of person - but I was totally all over the poor thing. He asked - "Is this the same girl who won't PDA? You could NOT smooch me more..." "Ummmmm....well - you have a point. WTH I've broken the PDA Rule but good - so may as well keep going..." This is a full bottle purchase for him for SURE.
  9. Takes me back to the EOW neat in the car application - that lead the kids to say - WTH is rancid in here...and I told them a cheeseburger must have fallen under the seat!
  10. Having smelled Legend on HSF - yeah - need some. And Synch II on the list - lurvs it!
  11. Shelly B


    Which is something I can't do everyday but when I am channeling a Mae West vibe - this would rock it.
  12. CAKE - amber and musk. That's CE at least to me...starts out all butter cream sexxiness and then goes to...sweetest sweet potatoes and amber/musk. With a Phero load. It's nommable. It's getting SLATHERED on Sunday. Here's to nommable. Dear Lord - pullllleeezzzzzeeeee - let me be Nommable on Sunday. With happy potion CE. Just sayin'
  13. Shelly B


    HOW did this NOT end up more popular? This is plain nuts...K - since I came to LP I love gourmands. Get it. But before I was a white floral fiend. AND this is WHITE FLORAL. Writ large. Loud and Proud. DAYUM white floral. White floral with a bad a$$ attitude. I really don't understand why this didn't sell out in like - 2 mins?! So so confused about that.... LURV's the wide a$$ white florals in this one. And THROW is a good thing. Embrace your inner Perfume 'HO already.
  14. Wooooooootttttt Wooooooottttttt!!!!! The CE and Woodland Man are here.... LOVE YOU MARA! You rock lovie.....before I go to bed I'm treating the pillow with Woodland Man for a FAB night's sleep.... Right now Miasma one wrist and CE on the other.... Lillies and CAKE! Nummy....
  15. I got a sniffie as well. This is a pretty night time scent to me. Close to the body, I get citrus, cream and a dash of woods. Almost but not quite - an orange creamsicle but softer. It's comforting.
  16. Can't stay asleep but here are three PE's.... 1 ONE:BERRIES, TWO:VANILLA, THREE:MUSK, Honey as the sugar 1 ONE:CHERRY, TWO:AMBER, THREE:MUSK, honey as the sugar, 1 ONE:PEACH, TWO:MUSK, THREE:NONE, Hyacinth honey as sugar So basically - it's a honey musk and fruit festival for Spring. I'm hoping these have THROW. I would really like them to be good covers for Phero's. For instance OCCO White plus ....a little Leather?
  17. I designed 3 PE's. Couldn't help myself - have been dreaming of them.
  18. Catch and release? That's an awesome analogy. Welcome to our party! Personally - I love the scent of Woodland Man - but I think the Men's sampler is probably the right way to go. That way you are only full bottling the ones you really love...which due to wonky skin chemistry - might be ones that surprise you.
  19. And to clarify because I probably should - please note that I'm not normally a warm and fuzzy person - so making me all emotional is NOT my thing. Not that H&S isn't a good blend - just really incongruent with MOI.
  20. Here's another: - personally - I have both - I'd vote the OW. H & S makes me all PMS emotional. http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=4229
  21. No joke - if it's honey musk - I LURV it. :-) I hope some really pretty ones are designed for spring/summer - like a bright juicy peach honey musk.
  22. So - enquiring minds want to know what notes are in your PE? :-)
  23. Hah - If you really wanted to know you'd just mail me and ask. What you are really doing is just teasing the others. And Kovvy - I like the sounds of Scandalous Wench. Don't you think that would be a great perfume name? Maybe a big burst of cherry for the obvious reasons over a big honkin' musk?
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