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  1. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this, but since I was mostly wearing Lace UN yesterday (with a little DHEAS and TMI), I'll post it here (otherwise, please direct me to the right place). Anyway, I definitely put too much on, yesterday. A few minutes after leaving my apartment, I got DIHL from Betty (she stared for a really long time, but like she had no idea who I was). I smiled back, but then she made a weird face and went inside. Half an hour later, I went to the grocery store and while checking out, I the cashier stared at me for a while before starting to help. A guy at a hotdog stand also just stared for a long time before deciding to help me (but he also tried to give me a gross hotdog that was rolling around on Gods know what, so I decided to eat somewhere else). The people I was with were nice and didn't seem to be affected by it, well, I didn't ghost to them and they were closer to me than anyone else (one of my friends may have been affected, thinking back, he seemed unusually confused at lunch over the menu and pricing that made sense to everyone else. I could be wrong about that, though). I'm thinking it was the Lace, since I've ghosted with this at work, before. It was an interesting day, to say the least. I did have a bunch of fun at the parade. πŸ€
  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. lol no prob! It was a good read ^___^
  4. That is interesting about TMI. I think it's also interesting to read about people being affected by mones on inanimate objects (I believe it was your purse with dom on it that had a man at a show "obeying" it? I'm definitely wording that wrong, but I'm 90% sure you wrote about it in the dom thread, which makes me wonder what might happen if I tried something similar at the work desk on my shift?) This is all so interesting, really!
  5. It's in most of them. I have a couple other scents in some (can't remember which rn) and the rest are empty.
  6. I put 5 drops of this in my red roses (which I put in most of my 5ml bottles lol. I already need to buy more of those πŸ˜…). It's still a bit early, it has opened up some communication with people who probably would have just been in their own worlds, today (a lady at my coffee shop started talking about the weather with me even though I was behind her, she was eating and we don't know each other. I passed my her a couple times and she was in my cloud. The cashier also spoke more than usual). I do wonder if wearing my rose DHEAS would be too much, but right now I'm just testing TMI. I forgot to add my application: back, mostly, spread around with a plastic cap, same with the back of my knees and lollipoped. I later found a spray bottle that got to the bottom of my hair supply basket and did a quick mix with a cotton candy body spray. So far, no one has really passed my desk. It's still early though.
  7. My most notable hits today were a free ride, further discounts on perfume and three men scrambling to open a door for me (well, I was walking through and one man (who I thought was leaving, only to find him sitting at a table in front of me minutes later) came to open the door I was coming in, another guy (definitely leaving) held the other one open for me and another guy got the final door). That was interesting. Definitely got some stares and my mood was pretty good.
  8. Magnet has gotten me discounts (as recounted in the magnet thread yesterday. I was closing tabs and decided to comment here since I'd nearly forgotten about the thread).
  9. @StrawberryKitten Haha, yeah. I was like, "Wait ... this smells better than it should???"
  10. I can't comment on much, right now since I've only just got the Pherotine of this and added some to a couple perfumes I got today (running experiments and stuff). Anyway, all I can say is that I love how it smells - and that's just the Pherotine! I actually thought I'd accidentally put DHEAS into something I meant to put this in and was pleased to find that it couldn't have been the case. I sniffed before and smelled pure sweetness, once it was done, I sniffed the DHEAS and remembered that it smells completely neutral to me, like water or air, sniffed the BAM again and was assured (I had a system where after I put my drops in, I'd close the pherotine so as to not spill (I have super shaky hands and have always been super clumsy), then put it in the back of my other pherotines while I put the label on my new bottle). I wore something with LAM today, so I'm thinking I'll take one of my new BAM scents out, tomorrow, since I'll be running errands, again, so I can see what I think (I've read through some of the LAM/BAM thread where people talk about their preference for one or the other. Though, I did also do a BLAM with one, I may try that one next week). I'm insanely thankful for the pherotines.
  11. Since I got the Pherotine of this, I decided to do a little experiment with some perfume I already had but always wanted to put something in so I could just spray and go (I love the scent of my perfume alone, but since I found pharos, I wanted to add something. I'm probably gonna continue experimenting like this because I enjoy it so much). Anyway, I put the perfume into a spray bottle last night and added three or four drops of Magnet, shook and went to bed. Today, I grabbed this one and did two sprays. One on my chest and the other on my belly button. I went to one store and asked about some perfumes that I got today and received a discount on top of the sale price. That was pretty dope. He also let me sample another perfume that was sealed (to be fair, idk the policy on that, there, but some got on me and it smelled so effing good.) So, I go to the bank. On my way in, this older man shyly starts smiling at me but I was in such a rush I almost missed it (I just wanted to get out of the cold, lol). At the bank, my teller is pleasant and at the end offers me a compliment. I enjoyed that. I grabbed some nail polish at the next store and after a while, the woman behind me at checkout notices it, says she loves the color and goes to get one for herself. The cashier notices it too and shows me the stickers she put on her nails to prep for her granddaughter coming to town - nice interaction.
  12. Welcome to the forum!
  13. I meant to come back yesterday with my update, but got busy. Anyway, I met up with a friend at the library and that's when I started to notice some weird things. When we walked in, my friend was ahead of me some ways and was greeted. Later, I got a few stares, wandering on my own to find a table for us while he waited at a computer. Leaving, he was ahead of me, and acknowledged, again. We went to get a drink at the store, and the cashier greeted us with an unusual amount of enthusiasm, which was nice, but very strange. Either that guy was having a really good day, or the mones ere hitting hard. Later, we come back to the cashier and he starts talking to us, but directs all of his attention to my friend, even as I'm talking. We get into the skyway and a couple is lost. They ask for directions and start talking to me, then direct all of their attention to him, even though I was still talking and he didn't seem like he wanted to engage. That was pretty much it, I got home and had a headache, so I went to sleep it off and did some cleaning, then cook dinner. It felt like I ghosted, and people were unusually friendly to my friend (This was an unusual amount of attention/firnedliness for him. He really doesn't like interacting with people he doesn't know or being out among many people, not even crowds, just more than 10 people make him wildly uncomfortable and he's very introverted, in general). He was also unusually open to being approached. Not sure what happened, really, but I'll probably be sticking with four drops max whenever I wear DHEAS pherotine.
  14. I'm trying this one again, today. I'm going to the library (last time I went there was in Cuddle Bunny Pherotine). It's under Aja, today (less than I usually wear, bc I like to slather, this time I just did one quick swipe to my wrist and cleavage - aja). Application (DHEAS - not that I expected my sense of smell to change, but it does still smell neutral to me. I sniffed, again.) two drops wrist, chest, belly button. There's still residual on my hat and hair (probably). I don't think I have to wait for dry down with nocop mones, but I am, anyway.
  15. Ooh cool! So to update on the last few hours: Application: two drops wrist, same for hair and hat. Realized I didn't smell anything (I know they won't all smell the same, but the cuddle bunny pherotine smelled floral to me), went back to sniff the bottle just to make sure. I always gotta smell stuff (someone pointed this or out to me, off forum. They got a kick out of me sniffing things? Idk lol). Selfies: already woke up in a good mood, but this definitely enhanced it. Others: went to the grocery store and as I'm checking out, these three men cross in front of me going as I'm going to the line, but they weren't super close, or anything. I stopped to let them by and the second one days "sorry, ma'am. I'm so sorry, ma'am." The first one follows suit, as does the third. I tell them it's okay and hop in line, they stare for a couple seconds then go about their business. Same thing happened at another store, with a woman pushing a cart (I didn't think she was close enough to acknowledge me tbh, but still nice). There weren't too many other people out, but I did notice a couple men waiting at the bus stop starting a little. I also have pretty bad anxiety when I'm out alone, but this time, it was like a low anxiety day, which was also nice (not saying the DHEAS cured me, just that I was in a better than usual mood and my anxiety was pretty much nonexistent, today. Could be coincidence, since I already woke up feeling alright and having mentally prepared to be out making contact with other people).
  16. I'm excited to try this, now, since I just got the pherotine. I'll be trying it alone, first, but I do like Stacy's tip about using it with TH. I'm thinking, maybe, sometime I'll wear it under my F&L? But, for now, I wanna get used to the molecules on their own, which is why I got the pherotines (though I do have a couple full size UN's, as well). I'm thinking: start small, maybe just a couple drops, and adjust if necessary next time I try it. Maybe one drop spread between my wrists and another drop on my hair? I'll update after I get back from running errands, today.
  17. Hi, Welcome to the forum!
  18. Thanks for the heads up, Halo! Will do. haha, for sure, thank you!
  19. It's from the site. Oh that's good to know, maybe I'll just put it all together and add another drop. I had some more perfumes that I was going to use once I tested the rest of my pherotines alone (next up is TMI, which I can later compare to my True Confessions un just to see which (if either) I like better. I know that generally, I like true confessions, but this will be my first time trying TMI). I'll do the same with each of the other ones and add some of each to whichever perfume I like best at the moment (but I think the original goal was to have each pherotine or unscented both untainted and in a variety of my faves so I can just roll and go, which is why I bought the other 20 roll on bottles. I hope they come soon. I really need to make more space in the drawer though).
  20. Yeah, is that too much for so little? I could put the rest of my bombshell in there, if it is.
  21. I mixed some of my CB pherotine (4 drops) into a 5ml bottle with a little (half, about 2.5 ml) of my bombshell. Let it sit overnight (long enough? Idk. It was about 9pm when I did this), shook it up to make sure it was all still mixed and applied it this morning at 5:30. Couldn't smell the CB (or, bc I think it smells floral, I don't think I smelled it but probably did). It really just smelled like bombshell, maybe a little stronger than usual? Idk. I've been in a pretty good mood, today (CB calms and relaxes me). I noticed a couple people treading more lightly than usual when they ask me for or about things. Idk how long it'll last, but I can't reapply bc I'm at work and don't have time to wait for drydown, again. I might try it again, afterwards, though. Application method, today: three swipes on cleavage (wasn't sure the first one even went on), lollipop, two rolls up wrist / forearm. I let it dry while I did my hair for work.
  22. I wore it again, today and - WOW! went into a store and Professor Cat was insanely talkative, friendly and flirty (but emphasizing that he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable, which was nice). Way friendlier than the last time I came in (it had been day two of another test, but idr which and while he reacted positively the first time, he was hostile the second time around with identical(ish) application). I also got a discount at another store after making a little small talk with an employee. I don't know if these two were just responders (I think each blend I wore around this man was high EST), but I went to the library and a restaurant, the main men I interacted with were hostile, as was one woman. I'm not sure if it was me (probably not), but after a man passed behind us (he didn't stink at all, he sat next to me and I smelled nothing), she loudly said "spray something, at least!" and aggressively sprayed her body spray (not sure if she was spraying it on me or just around her, but she sprayed it like 15 times in a row). I don't think she'd have been smelling my CB, since I covered it with Bombshell at all application sites, but I also don't think she was spraying because of that man, because he didn't smell like anything. Maybe (she was probably late 40's, early 50's?) she could smell the cops (though dry down time was long over, it was like at least an hour after I'd applied)? I remember reading elsewhere on the forum that older (that's not really old, but idk?) women really don't like having younger women's cops shoved in their faces? And she was sitting very close to me, so maybe it seemed overwhelming to her? I had to ask the librarian for help a couple times and he looked at me like I was interrupting his favorite part of a book (I might have been, but he seemed really begrudging to help, though, when he did, I got almost more information than necessary - just with attitude). At the restaurant, the cashier didn't want to help me (I came in as he was drinking, so I probably interrupted his break). His attitude was very dry and "get it over with". I was pleasant until the end, when I realized that he wasn't going to smile or use more than a monotone voice, he barely looked at me, and when he did, it was clear that he was annoyed. I think maybe it was the EST or maybe these guys were having bad days or really hate being interrupted to assist someone. same application as yesterday (1.5 drops to the wrist, 2 lollipoped, but yesterday, I also had a couple drops in my cleavage that I forgot about. Didn't have time, today, once I remembered).
  23. I got the UN (pherotine) and wore this, yesterday. Wet, sttg, it smells like flowers, to me. I figured it would be a good idea to wear with my Bombshell, so I wore that to cover it (serious thanks to all the ladies here who educated me on how 'mones smell different to everyone, so while I think it smells floral, someone else might smell just cops). I think it was a nice combination (I waited for it to dry down before applying the bombshell (I do have a question about mixing it in, since I'd like to do that, but I'll ask later in the mixing thread). Anyway, I went out to run my errands and meet with a friend. This friend has a habit of rushing people and I'm very irritable when rushed. Anyway, I was in such a good mood that I didn't mind, this time. The cashier at one place was unusually talkative and joking with me, where he had been silent with other customers when I first came in and wandered around. Another cashier came and helped with something that didn't have a tag while I was checking out (usually, the cashiers at this store have an attitude and aren't super helpful). Another cashier came over and noticed something else, entered an employee code and they talked with each other a little, then left to help other people. While I was coming home, someone saw that I had a lot of stuff and offered me a ride home (this literally never happens, so I'm gonna say CB was working). I had about a drop on my wrist (maybe 1.5, I guess, they were smaller than my usual drops), and two lollipopped.
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