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"So that happened." Bonsoir!

Toronto Sol

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Hi everyone,


Totally new here (and to pheros in general), I ended up here when I was guided from TruePheromones to PheroTruth and then from there to here. So I've just been lurking and scouring resources, reading everything I could absorb for the past few weeks across all sites, totally diving into a new education. At first I was pretty much just interested in the scientific side of [pheros] (as you pros already know, it can be overwhelmingly fascinating) but - specifically as I've spent more time here - I find myself being drawn to the equally intriguing world of scents, particularly how they're approached at LPMP.


Aaaand being a sucker for a sale or deal (seriously, I can be among the worst) I've already placed my second order (With a PE! Dun dun dun…) before receiving my first. "Well, this is well thought out…"

But what the heck, eh! You only live once (...or many times, depending on what you believe) so might as well live by experiencing new things, yeah? Though granted, there's probably more moderate ways to go about it than my MO...


Anyway, pretty sure that's enough yammering from me for now so that means the intro, c'est fin.



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Welcome to our home,you have found the best place to be :) No one does scent with intent like LPMP...no one!!

The best advice I could give for phero use is that one size does not fit all...enjoy the adventure,the fun is in the experimenting :D

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Aw, thank you everyone, that's very sweet.


Wow, and welcome!! I don't think you'll be disappointed - but if you're used to commercial scents...let your nose have time to 'adjust' to this Whole New World! ;-)


Heh, truthfully I generally just go au natural under whatever scents my hygiene routine (soaps, washes, shampoos, etc.) consists of. Then last year a friend introduced me to BPAL with a whole bunch of samples. It took a while getting used to but I found there were some I really liked, e.g. Hollywood Babylon, and started warming to the idea. It's not an everyday thing for me, but I appreciate them as a nice touch once in a while, for occasions or going out...or because I feel like it and no one can stop me!


I'm a total foodie, so scents along those lines: baked, fruits, et al, can just make me melt. For instance the Cake line...mmmm. Nothing's a hard fast rule though (e.g. BPAL's Sugar Skull '08 makes me gag). Conversely I also have a soft spot for warm eastern scents (Egyptian heritage, they're just comfortably home-y to me); an aversion to...I want to say chemical perfume-y because I don't know how else to describe it. The category that has you smelling like the counter at Sears? And an absolute hate-on for patchouli (sorry, very negative associations with it). Oh, and florals and I are usually just casual friends.


Have you used the G2 that you ordered the first time yet?

Not yet, a fair part of that due to not having received it! (I anticipated next week according to the ship F.A.Q., but borders can mean anything.)


So. The P.E. I mentioned the foodie thing, right? See, I had actually come up with a whole bunch before managing to narrow it down. But this, being the season it is, meant my Visa's already crying so I asked myself, "Hypothetically, if you're only going to do this once...?"

And then I knew. (That is my blog so fair warning should you roam, though kept pretty clean it's not always the most PC thing.) And please, feel free to try it yourself. If you do I think you'll understand why I chose to take a chance on that instead a more conventional or "safer" experiment.

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Very interesting! I tried a variation on that sort of thing over T-day weekend with a praline-bacon sundae and...OMGYUM! There's actually a BPAL which kinda smells like bacon on me - it's one of the versions of Hearth ('06 maybe?) and it was quite compelling in its way.

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Welcome to LP, Toronto Sol!


Great to have you here with us, I loooove your vibrant personality, which I can tell you have just by your writing style!

I'm intrigued by your bacon-ice-cream-dough PE idea....surely my bf would love something like that, being a bacon lover...

Mara is a genius and I'm sure she'll do something wearable and innovative...can't wait for your review!

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