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  1. I just got my bottle of new today! I've been long hoarding a sample-just one! I've loved it but been hesitant to apply more than a drop once in a while, but now I'm free!! Bf liked it, which is great. There's something very addictive to it. It's strong but soft. That makes it sound like toilet paper...but it's like a really soft flannelette sheet, the old kind, the thick ones you don't get anymore, that has been washed over and over so it's so soft and clean. It's like putting that on your bed and climbing in all fresh for a lovely sleep.
  2. There I was wondering what napke was and how come I'd never heard of it! Haha!
  3. Me too, and with the exception of truffle luv (and even that I wear rarely) chocolate scents aren't really a big draw for me. This is promising something wickedly deep and dark like the cherry chili truffle chocolate we buy, minus the cherry chili syrup part. Ah, maybe that's why bf liked the sound of this, he always snaffles most of that chocolate haha, now he can devour me instead!
  4. Eeek, melon could go either way, do I spin the fruit machine?! I'm enticed by the coconut cops combo though
  5. This sounds like it will smell just like the coffee bf gets in the shop near the art gallery. Another one we like the sound of.
  6. Despite bf not liking chocolate scents usually we both just picked this out as one of the best for me due to the dark aspect of it, rather than something overly sweet.
  7. I know! I was sat in the park this morning reading yesterday's paper, when I saw that! I had to share it right there and then!
  8. If it were me, I'd decant samples and leave bottles at home.
  9. I'll try and get up some of my super handsome boy soon! I can't see what Mara posted!! I'm left wondering,,,maybe if I look on my phone it will show up!
  10. Mwaaaah! This is amazing I hope so! We'll see when I get my fb set, er, I mean sampler... I forgot to mention that when I read your original post I was cracking up because my poor tired out brain read mystique as moustache...edgy moustache and I thought, hopefully not til I'm in my eighties ETA: I began a photo post in my journal! Everyone who wants to post a pic of themselves...feel free!
  11. The whole thing was brilliant! I did indeed see the LP box. You're good with pictures.We get those cart things here some places but they're funny little bubble cars and not trucks. I'm honestly flattered that you thought of that label, that's not really quite like me, I have long dark hair, that bit's perfect and maybe if you add some 38h boobs on there and about 50lbs in weight! After Rio, I lost 28lbs, and now i have put most of it back on in water retention I think. I look like i forgot to give birth to his twin! You're very sweet though It could possibly have been the fact it has Hear
  12. Lovestruck, that truck shopping cart is brilliant! You need a number plate on it 'Love(potion)'s Truck'. Where do you find these things!? Mara Cthoogled it cracks me up so much. I wonder if there'll ever be a cthoogle page? Soooo, I left the room for a minute having put up the pics for the new labels on screen, and come back to find bf perusing the labels and making guesses about the scents. He picked out Terra Mater for me as one he'd like to smell, but I had to tell him the TH makes me a not very nice person. For me I think Flutterby, Tropique ( interested to try a non foody cops sc
  13. This is amazing as I was going to ask to save me one of the last bottles...phew!
  14. I just looked at her website, her work is beautiful, I really like the product labels she has done. I wish we could have her do a family portrait, that would be amazing!
  15. Wow! This cheered me up immensely! I'm meant to be going to bed but now i have to plot which to get! Thank you for doing a new Heart and Soul scent!!!
  16. What's everyone's opinion on a fit for Lace with this? I was thinking of a 50% boost, given the new happy effect I get from it.
  17. I'm glad i have one of these to come, I think it's going to work well. Maras 's last perfume for humidity was amazing and we get a lot of humidity here!
  18. Well, bf agreed to test. Neither of us were keen on the scent on him, the phero smell is way stronger on a male, and there was a kind of air dry clay smell to it. It smells way better on me. However, I asked him what the effects were, and he said it makes him go stupid! Right after applying we went to the park where he wore himself put playing football with the girls and doing handstands and grazed his elbow! He had fun though.
  19. I did some searching afterward and found them, duh! I thought they were on-site!
  20. I had no idea the sugared stuff was up for sale!
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