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  1. Donsie, somewhere like Mr.Sim's Old fashioned sweet shop would have them.
  2. I got two lavender scents this last order and they both reminded me of other things I love. This, I think, has the same lavender as Fuzzy Wuzzy, I'm finding it very similar. The smoke note doesn't really register on me unless it's really stromg so I don't get that.
  3. In about three seconds this morphs from a hint of banana floral into the cakey note I hate in Cherry Divinity, I'm so sad Then it fades and goes dusty. Ugh I tried it on my daughter and she got the same thing and hated it. I've posted it for sale because I know it has a few admirers and will find a good home.
  4. To me this smells like Floral Gums. I don't know if you get them in the US, but they are tiny little hard gum sweets that taste of perfume. I have no idea what they are flavoured with though. I love them! These:http://www.sweetswholesale.co.uk/retro-weighouts-c1/chews-c10/floral-gums-jar-2-25kg-p3403
  5. This smells like Purple Puff to me, minus the marshmallow! It's Purple Puff Pour Homme!
  6. My personal experience of gotcha is that it makes me focus on tidying up, bf is turned off by it, la femme noir he likes.
  7. OMG! Bear and bat and raccoon, and well, all of them. I must have both sets! Can't wait for notes. This has brightened my day
  8. I think there'll be a return of new, and a new cuddle bunny variant
  9. Lovestruck, congrats! I still often feel like a disgruntled house elf! I'm sure I was meant really to be born lady of the manor!
  10. Already?! Wow the time just flies by now!
  11. Haha! Evil twins! MLH is great! It promotes a feeling of happily in control, with good kid results. I like it a lot. Heart and soul is one of my favourite pheros, never a bad response from it, whereas TH makes me ratty. Opposite of intended result! And balm bomb- like a steady hand on the shoulder, and breeeeathe. Good for really sad days.
  12. Thank you for your immense generosity!! I can't wait to get my parcel xxxx
  13. I'd go with 1. Heart and soul 2. Mother's little helper 3. Balm bomb. I know these weren't in your choices but worth considering!
  14. Nooooo! This month needs to be TERRIBLE!! Ugly labels and turnip juice perfume. Please?! Really though, I know it'll be amazing and beautiful, because that's what Mara does but it'd be better for my finances if it wasn't I'm sooooo excited to see everyone on the labels, that's going to be the best bit!
  15. I've only just seen this, but I did get an invoice and pay for it so I think I have accepted it anyway?! That's really kind Stacy, thank you xxx
  16. I love this! It has a real fizzy energy to it. It smells fizzy, obviously, but it makes you feel fizzy too. It smells bright and really picks me up. I don't know off hand the actual ingredients or intent for this but if I was making it up I'd go for it as a morning helper, a pick me up on grey days you have less than optimal energy and housework to do, that's my take on it anyway.
  17. Sooo, I've had this for a really long time but never used it. It's vanilla but with an anise backdrop. It smells similar to darling clementine, they have something in common, it's cake-y too. I'm failing a bit to really described this beyond that. It's not a keeper for me really.
  18. I have a picture of luigi sticking his head out of the Christmas tree that'd be perfect for sugared pine! No Christmas ornaments in it, just his head and green tree. I'd love to see (white) sugared white musk, and later it with sugared milk! Reminiscent of a scent I used to love til they changed the name and it seemed to not be sold here anymore. I see sugared fig, apricot, apple, banana in my future too! Could we have sugared laundry?! I know cuddle bunny has been made already but it doesn't do clean so much on me.
  19. I figured dole whip was those chunks of pineapple in a creamy 'stuff' that come in tiny plastic tubs!
  20. Thanks Mara, that's really nice, I'll see if I can find something.
  21. I love this idea, I'd love to be on a label but have no idea what to send. Rio would be perfect if you do sugared baby-scent though! I'm only fit right now for a label if sugared giant boobs becomes a scent! Buster and luigi might make nice labels though
  22. If there's any left I would love a Siamese cloud please.
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