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Unscented Lumina

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I also dont get anything from either SS4W or PP. Cougar is great for me though. Although I did have the worst OD ever from it which included vomiting and shaking with the worst cold chills imaginable for about 13 hours straight. So I know I can have a great time with it but after that experience, Im Skeered.


I have yet to (but hopefully will never) OD like that. I've had a few eruptions due to an excess of -enone, or a blend that doesn't like me that contains -enone. But I've never had cold sweats or anything like that.


However, I HAVE experienced rapid and excessive drunkenness due to phero use. (Remember when BF locked me in the back of the car? Yeah. That's what that was).


I wear a pretty regular amount of SS4W, (3-5 sprays of 60/40 is pretty average for me with most pheros), but for me, PP is definitely a more is MOAR kind of phero. I can easily wear about 7 sprays of that and have The Best TIme. I haven't worn more than that though, 'cause 7 sprays just sounds ​like way too much.


With Lumina I usually wear 3-5 sprays, and if I'm honest, I tend to go a bit heavier on it because it's fun.

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On 4/21/2014 at 3:46 AM, vladmyra said:

I have had a few people (family and psychs) wonder if I'm Asperger's. I feel l have quite a bit in common with AS people, but because I've always been so good at reading people (emotions, motivations, personality), everyone's always come to the conclusion I must not be AS. I am particularly aware of my own and other people's emotional states- so intensely it's often painful to me. I think this might be a bit the opposite of someone with AS, but could be wrong there?

Vladmyra loved your sharing here so so much!  And yours TheBirkeys!  Such love and nurturance!  I am in love with our family here :hearts0425:


and now for my 2 cents worth on another perspective...


Vladmyra, I think you may be a Highly Sensitive Person, about 20% of both males and females in the population are - also they can be introvert or extrovert in nature


It is not an illness but a selective adaptation that allows our species to evolve and survive things that others miss seeing, or knowing, from any given environment, as a highly sensitive person has exceptionally highly attuned senses, comparatively with the rest of the 80% of the masses


who simply do not notice all sorts of things occurring within any given environment - whereas, a highly sensitive person is extremely aware  - for the rest it's just filtered out or, they just do not have the same nervous structure in the body and brain that highly sensitives have - we are just different - just very highly attuned to life around us to a very high degree - and the world has not been made by sensitives - so it is loud, disruptive, and basically abuses the senses with way too much over-stimulative input - from which we must seek rest, restorative peaceful places, atmosphere and quieter nurturing beings to be with


I have this, as do many members of my family fortunately, so our home was more peaceful and harmonic than most families we knew that were not sensitives - I had a preference for being in nature or being with wise adults than with most children and teens my 'peers' - were difficult to be with - so I chose the company of those who were several decades older than I - or, I would be with the wee lil ones who appreciated my calm aware nature or, with the animals, insects and plants - who also seem much more sensitive and aware than the vast majority of people I met - no offense - busy beings can be tons of fun yet we must know precisely when to, 'take our leave' before our nerves are suffering 


Gaia has a film, "Sensitive - The Untold Story" with Alanis Morrisette in it, who thought she was becoming unhinged as her needs were so different than her family and others - until she met the woman Dr Elaine Aron, who by then had a wonderful handle on all of this - who then assisted Alanis with information on how to take care of herself in the big noisy wild world


Dr Elaine Aron experiencing these things herself since childhood, discovered thru careful inquiry and observation and interviewing many, many people, that this is a highly developed evolution of human beings and not an malady at all

her books, "The Highly Sensitive Person" and others have been very helpful in educating our culture about this temperament trait which has been incredibly supportive to everyone with this trait and those we live with and work with and perhaps most importantly with our children who have this trait being understood by their families and teachers, who can then consciously create environments more harmonious for their well-being and development


Not surprisingly, other animals have about 20% of highly sensitives among them as well 


Nature is making sure - someone is paying attention - to all the subtle and some not-so-subtle cues we must reconcile to survive all this chaos, with ourselves and our earth intact

I hope this beams a bright beam of light upon the matter and gives everyone another perspective to consider 


Being 'different,' imho is usually a good thing - no matter what the difference is - as it gives us more resources from each other in these times - when we all must, 'think' and 'live' outside, "the box" if we gonna survive - we must blaze a path out of the current political-social morass into a brand-spankin' new  paradigm - like quick! 


Big Love to Us All!

I Embrace Us! I know you do too  :nice09715:

(cause i'm just that sensitive) 



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Lumina is the phero I get the most consistent effects from. It's practically clockwork. I get reactions from two very different, but very distinct groups.


The first group is women in their fifties. You may ask, "How do you know they're in their fifties?" Because they tell me. In fact, they tell me everything. It's like I'm their best friend/confidant/therapist/religious counselor/diary all in one. It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store, in a waiting room, getting take-out, I will hear their life story. I have heard all kinds of details about divorces, kids, dating, careers, traumas, etc.  Just immediate and complete soul baring and telling me their innermost secrets. If a woman in her fifties ever commits a crime and you need a confession, just slap some Lumina on me and stick me in the room, because I will get it! Oddly, it's not women in their forties, or women in their sixties. It's really specifically women in their fifties.


The other group that I get consistent reactions from are teenage boys. They, thankfully, are not telling me their deepest, darkest thoughts. 😂 They just kind of stand near me. Generally while looking really confused, like they know they need to stand near me, but aren't sure why. It's like a jump scare in a movie. I'll be out running errands, minding my own business, when I turn around and suddenly there's a teenage boy there. They never try to interact, they just...hover.  Like little unsure ducklings. 


What's really funny is when there's a family with a woman in her fifties AND a teenage boy. They will straight up follow me around. It has happened more than once. It's especially funny when the other family members trail along looking really confused. Last time it happened was at a festival. I managed to lose them at the food trucks. 


While these reactions are extremely consistent, they're not ones I'm particularly aiming for. (Not bad, just not useful.) Despite this, I wear Lumina anyway because I like the self effects. When I wear it, I feel very calm and collected. It makes me feel good about myself. It's a subtle confidence. It's not powerful like with Dominance or strutting like with Audacious. More like it makes me feel good about myself without realizing it. It's a worry reducer. I can do things with less anxiety, like make phone calls or talk to people. It makes me more comfortable, with both myself and others. 

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Much has happened in the world since the last post. 


I'm once again job hunting and due to social distancing, having to do interviews via Zoom. I thought back on the last time I had a job interview, which was 5 years ago, and for that in-person interview I wore Lumina. The interview went really well, partly because of the selfies greenappletart noted above: the confidence, feeling good about myself. I was being hired for a team job and tomorrow will be very much the same sort of interview. Feeling blessed that I still have access to my Lumina and can still get the selfies from my side of the screen. I haven't felt much like socializing and don't particularly like looking at myself on a camera, but during the trial run today I found I was smiling at myself and looking forward to the interview. It's silly that I only wear this phero to interviews !! I do love SWS but it makes me less outgoing and much more "let's get this job done" focused. For an interview where the company is trying to figure out whether I would be a good fit for their team, I think the Lumina is just perfection. They get to see the real me and we can both decide whether I'm a good fit. Again, thank you Mara and the LPMP team for making this possible. 





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Just an update for @hedgehog, I did get the job !

Orientation will be via Zoom again, and I can indulge in more scented LPMP during this time. How lucky am I !

Think I will be using unscented Lumina on my first day actually around my new coworkers, rather than using SWS. Just to help me feel relaxed and good about myself. Always time for SWS later if needed. 




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Congrats!! Definitely wear whatever makes you feel good- I think the selfies really make a huge difference in how you act and how people respond.  Best of luck in your new job!  😊

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Lumina is my favorite blend (at least so far! Still learning!) as it seems to nicely work for any and all occasions. People are warm and open around me when I wear it. And it makes me feel happy, but not over the top happy.


This week I was invited to a party 🎉 ! Okay. A work retirement party. Being held outside in a tent. A big tent. A tent with incredible chandeliers and a classical quartet stashed in the background. Pretty sure I’ve never been in tent with such huge chandeliers before. But I digress from the story.


For this party, I wore four drops UN Lumina and two sprays of Sneaky Clean with Lumina which is the most I’ve ever worn and was close to being too much.


Everyone who came into my phero cloud immediately and magically transformed into a happy, talkative person. Even the rather dour faced coworker who never talks. She was telling me all about her beloved dog and telling me things she might regret later (nothing in T.M.I. Territory, but still on the sensitive side).


The Big Cheese bosses kept hanging around the table where I was eating my dinner. Then they all sat at my table to eat and kept complimenting me and another coworker for a project we were working on. They were also surprisingly open about some unexpected things. My coworker kept looking over at me with a “what-the-heck-is-going-on” look and saucer-shaped eyes. 😳Lumina. What can I say.


Oh, yes, for those keeping track, yes, Mr. (UN)Wonderful was there. Both projects we were working on are long finished so we don’t have a reason to talk anymore. My one coworkers said that he kept looking over in our direction. It’s okay, I stayed away.


 I got a ride back with two (female) coworkers and we were giggling like school girls on a sugar high! 🙃 

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