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  1. This one is very sheer on me, almost not there. It is just a faint floral in the background. I just get a light lavender from this. Wouldn't say it's my favourite, but I realised with some excitement when I shake it up really well the purple mica does a pretty purple-green-purple-green thing! Love it!
  2. Wearing this again today in the hot weather and loving the fresh, citrusy feel.
  3. OH!! I've only just seen this, and I just placed my order and now it's too late to add this to it! I really want this now!
  4. It's occurred to me I need to get more Goddess of the Blue Moon, despite purchasing a full spray bottle less than a year ago. Damn that stuff is good. Plus more Snow Musk. Again despite buying a full bottle only a month ago. Sigh... I need to learn to exercise some self-control...
  5. This is such a pretty scent, really one of my favourites at the moment. So clear and fresh and sheer... sweet yet barely there. I just want to slather it all over. I think I'm hooked, I just ordered a full bottle.
  6. Forgive me if there is already a topic for this as I couldn't find it. Please merge if needed! I got a sample of this and it's not bad, though probably a "foody" would like it more than me... I am really into fresh, clean scents at the moment, and while I enjoy the cherry on this, there is too much food underneath it for my liking. The cherry makes me think it is clean and citrusy like a room freshener spray, then I feel like it is something I need to eat, and my brain gets confused!
  7. Synergist

    Blood on Snow

    Well this is quite lovely. It is soft and subtle, like a sweet skin musk, with a red tang to it. My main complaint is it is so subtle I feel I need to slather it all over my arms to smell it, which means my sample will not last long!
  8. $25 as a baseline is good to know. I don't think I have ever ordered just samples, and my orders are usually very well above $25, so that makes me feel better.
  9. I don't know what advice to suggest pheromone-wise, but I certainly know what you're going through and all about the brutal pecking order of the academic world. It is hard for some staff to adjust to the fact that someone who was a student is now at the same level as them - they will always see them as "beneath" them. Ultimately some people you will just never be able to get along with in any way other than being civil and professional to each other. The fact that you have the friendship of the other boys helps - chances are they don't like her much either, and you will probably have them on your side if anything got really nasty between the two of you. Hope it all works out!
  10. What MT said... you don't deserve to be anyone's backburner/stand by. If he can't commit to you and wants to "play the field", he's not worth the time and damage to your self-esteem.
  11. I just tried this one out and I love how it smells just like lolly snakes! It smells so good in the bottle but loses that juiciness on my skin, so I've been wearing a little of the oil on the ends of my hair. I've received a few compliments on how good I smell wearing this
  12. This smells foody and a bit chocolate-y to my nose. I like the gingerbread, but I'm scared of the hazelnut. The glitter is pretty though.
  13. I got John Lennon! But what does that mean...?
  14. This is surprisingly citrus-y. I would like to see the florals come through a bit more, but it is still very nice. I'm hoping this one ages well and becomes more beautiful with time.
  15. This is so nice! It reminds me of Snow Musk, which I also love. Just a gentle, sweet skin musk. I could slather this on. I never knew I liked musks so much...
  16. Synergist

    Snow Musk

    This is just lovely!! It's a very cool, icy musk, sheer and feminine and pretty and light. I have been keeping my sample in my pocket and sniffing it constantly for days. About to buy a full bottle. I don't /quite/ like it as much as BodaciouS Musk, but it is beautiful all the same!!
  17. Wow - this is nice!! What a sultry, dark, sexy combination this is. LP Red was too cinnamony for me, but it works so well in this. This would be a real cold weather scent, it makes me feel warm and comforted and sexy. ETA: Hmm. On drydown this is starting to go a bit smoky on me. I'm not as keen on it on my skin as I am in the bottle.
  18. This is far and away my favourite of all the musk blends.
  19. I received a little sample of this and it is really lovely - deep and rich and sweet. It reminds me of the quality I love about Piia's Candied Violets & Musk, just not as violet-y. I'll second the vote for a rebrew of this!
  20. I have a very similar anxiety issue and Heart's Ease always worked for me. Come to think of it I really should dig that out and start using it a bit more, I could seriously use it at the moment. I get your frustration about the trembling hands, it drives me absolutely nuts.
  21. Has anyone received this yet and can review it? I want to order a full bottle but waiting for reviews... I think I will love it though... ETA: ok I just went and ordered it anyway! I'm sure I won't regret it...
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