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Permanent Fragrance Collection

Potion Master

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We will endeavor to always keep the following fragrances in stock. We consider these our permanent collection. Different brew editions may differ slightly from year to year as these are all hand crafted fragrances.

Love Potion® Perfume (Original)
Love Potion #9®
Love Potion®: RED
Love Potion®: BLACK
Love Potion®: PINK
Betrothal Potion

Balm Bomb - Phero Enhanced w/ Balm Bomb

Bosom Bows - Phero Enhanced w/ Girl/Girl
Compromising Positions - Phero Enhanced w/ Sexpionage
Cougar Potion - Phero Enhanced w/ Stone Cougar
Cuddle Bunny - Phero Enhanced w/ Cuddle Bunny

Dominance - Phero Enhanced w/ Dominance
BAM Collection
Like A Magnet (LAM) Collection
OCCO Collection - Copulin Enhanced
Beth's Blushing Milkmaid - Copulin Enhanced Fragrance
NoCo Collection
Phero Girl - Copulin Enhanced Fragrance
UNE for Women
Rocket Fuel - Phero Enhanced w/ Super Sexy for Women

Sensual Harmony - Phero Enhanced w/ La Femme Mystere
Sneaky Clean - Phero Enhanced w/ Super Sexy for Women
Sexology - Phero Enhanced w/ Sexology
TMI - Phero Enhanced w/ TMI
Caramel Musk - TMI Virgin

Sugared Amber
Sugared Honeycomb
Sugared Patchouli
Pure Sugar
Sugared Roses

Love Potion®: Homme
Elementary™ for Men
Excalibur for Men

Kingmaker w/ Charisma
Merlin's Blend for Men
Pashazade for Men - Phero Enhanced Fragrance
Super for Men - Phero Enhanced Fragrance
Teddy Man for Men - Phero Enhanced Fragrance
UN For Men
Voracious for Men - Phero Enhanced Fragrance

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Many people have asked us to compile this list, and yes, it will change from time to time, due to demand and availability of ingredients, but at least now you have a good idea of which ones you may come back to again and again, year after year. :)

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Surprisingly I'm happiest to see Beth's Blushing milkmaid because I haven't tried it yet, and Pashazade because I have :)

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Yes! An unending (virtually lol) supply of Rocket Fuel!

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I would actually recommend North Pole for Men even if it has not produced numbers-wise yet.

It's not even sold out yet though, but having said that...what is your business case justification for such a suggestion?


Like I said, it has not sold out yet but I really think that it is a very good and very unique scent. I know it is kind of a niche scent - very much a winter type scent - but I also know that a few of us guys really like it - and as I am hoping that LP catches on with guys - more will recognize it as both a great overall scent but also one aimed at quiet seduction via the foody overtones.

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LPMP does have a male customer base, so I'm assuming you mean that the demographic has to come around to displaying great demand for that type of scent. But that whole "quiet seduction via the foody overtones" is something which also describes Super/UN so I'm assuming maybe the niche has already been filled. But who knows, maybe it will be around long enough to hoard, some scents take over a year to sell out. I do like it myself and so does Quince, but I also try to see the pragmatic side of demand, not just what I like or want.

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@Luna: I agree.


I obviously have no idea about the business/sales side nor the true size of the male customer base of LPMP. My comment was based both on personal preference but also from discussions with other guys I know from other phermone boards. You can tell from my reviews that there are several scents I like here. But this is the one scent not on the permanent list that I think keeping might pay off for Mara in the long run given what I think is its potential for greater demand. There are actually a couple other scents I like better for daily use (like Creole Man) but feel that may be more based on personal preference.

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