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Hello boards!


I'm sitting and waiting like a kid running up to Christmas, but in this case I'm tinkering with a Paypal list to click into reality at 12:01 on 1 January 2014.


I have bothered poor Heather for advice and then sort of rudely done something else -- filled a cart with over 20 phero-enhanced samples to be shipped to sunny GB! Let's hope the money ones do their stuff, as it feels like I might have a habit to fuel.


Please send help. Thank you.

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We are hear to answer questions and just to hang out with too.....pull up a chair and visit with us for a bit!!

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MissHazel, Dolly, nice to meet you (as it were)!


I've enjoyed reading through the boards so much while trying to decide what to get that I thought I'd register an account before I've even become a proper customer. It's nice to be here.


Reviews, yes, that'll be on the to-do list once I actually have samples in my greedy little paws.

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Welcome, welcome!! Can't wait to hear what you ordered. Crazy good bunch here so come and join the fun!

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Ugh, folks, you're not making the wait any easier! :Emoticons04284:


Here's a little teaser of the planned order:



  • SPELL 2013: Shut Up & Get a Job - Phero Enhanced with SWS
  • River Song ~ Phero Enhanced w/Open Windows [Can't help but think of Doctor Who with this one.]
  • Lap of Luxury - Phero Enhanced with SWS
  • Phero Charged Money Potion - with SWS
  • Valhalla for Men ~ Phero Enhanced w/ Open Windows


  • Phero Girl
  • Petit Four Your Thoughts? ~ Phero'd w/Blatant Invitation
  • Bonded - Phero Enhanced w/Perfect Match
  • Like a Magnet - Sandalwood & Resins
  • Sneaky Clean - with SS4W
  • Tickle Tickle - w/ GOTCHA!
  • Unbridled - w/LFN
  • OCCO Blue (waffling between this, Black, and Gold)
  • BAM - Sandalwood & Resins
  • Agent XXX - Enhanced w/ Sexpionage
  • Rocket Fuel - w/ SS4W
  • Playdate - w/ LAM
  • Cougar Potion
  • Sexology

Gifts for Gents:

  • Iconic Tonic - with Charisma
  • Sorcerer v2 ~ w/ SS4M


Edited to add:

Gimme Money might end up on the list now, thanks BlueBear.

Edited by donsie
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Welcome Donsie, that's a great list you've got there- I did the same thing when I discovered LP. Just noticed though that you have Rocket Fuel under "Gifts for Gents"- you know it has a female phero in it right? Not sure what would happen if a man wore it (but it might be fun to find out!).

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Hello and welcome to the forum.


I noticed the same thing Vladmyra did - I think it is a matter of just putting a scent under the wrong heading. I think Sorcerer is more of a guy's scent and Rocket Fuel is a female scent/phero combination. But it is easy to get them a little mixed up - especially at first and certainly with a list that big!

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Good spot!


Yeah, as I was writing it I though it was interesting that an W is an inverted M and it's kind of like the historical ideas about how a woman was an inverted man (with her bits on the inside, oh horror). I think in my reverie about early modern sex and gender (hello, fellow nerds) I lost track of the task at hand!


Edited to add:

vladmyra, I shall have to test that out!

Edited by donsie
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