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Private Editions for July 2015

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Amanda's Raspberry 'Roon

Mmmm...raspberry and a drop of rose over creamy coconut and sweet vanilla buttercream.

1/7 bottles available

(Tyvey, Invidiana, LadyV, Kitty, Saffron, Cherise



Aphrodite's Belt

An unusual blend of ingredients, but quite wonderful! Red apple, sweet lettuce leaves, candied violet, and a single drop of leather.

2 bottles available

(Phergineer, StacyK)

Alternates: Cherise



Christine's Sweet & Spicy

Dirty sexy honey blended with black cherry and tangerine, spiced with a candy-like cinnamon.

4 bottles available

(JLisa, Wendy, Saffron, Maililyahn)



Jennifer's Six of Cups

Ripe strawberries, sweet heavy cream, a dash of rich vanilla, and a pinch of sugar. Sweet and creamy and joyful!

7 bottles available

(BLACKCAT, LadyV, Phergineer X2, Seajam, RoseB, Saffron)




Jennifer's Fox Medicine

Exotic red musk, aged patchouli, ozone, and the dry earthy scent of fallen leaves on a forest floor.

6 bottles available

(BLACKCAT, Androstenol, Katz, Memorare, Seajam, Olderbutwiser)



Jennifer's Summer Shine

Rich tropical coconut and marshmallow fluff melded with a softer subdued pink grapefruit oil and a few drops of banana.

18 bottles available

(BLACKCAT, Halo, Hearts, Invidiana, Phergineer, LadyV, StacyK, Lovestruck x2, Katz, Seajam x3, JLisa x2, Saffron, Cougariffic, Tyvey)



Lina's Cherry Rum Yum

All lavishly rich boozy notes in this yumaholic confection. Vanilla bean, black cherries, almond and a drop of rum.

7 bottles available

(Invidiana, Lovestruck, SirenSong, Saffron, Halo, Maililyahn, HEARTS)



Lina's Mama Lion

Golden, sweet & creamy! White chocolate, buttercream, coconut frosting, marshmallow, and drops of tangerine, banana, hazelnut and spring honey.

I think this was a song once... it went something like:

Coochie, coochie, ya ya dada... she's my Lady Mama Lion.


6 bottles available

(StacyK, Lovestruck, Blackcat, Seajam, Halo. LadyV)

Alternates: Invidiana, DolphinDolls, Lovestruck, Hearts, Greenergal, Blackcat, Cherise, Lovestruck x2, Androstenol



Lina's Little Miss Pancake

Ultra sweet pancakey goodness! Rich maple syrup over batter-y vanilla and a smidge of ripe banana.

5/9 bottles available

(Tyvey, LadyV, Saffron, HEARTS,



Nevyn Scent

Resembling his favorites from Dad's stash, but just maybe a tiny tad more innocent. Chocolate and chocolate absolute, with accents of cherry tobacco, marshmallow, maple sugar, vanilla and sweet sandalwood. Boyishly masculine and playful.

2 bottles available

(Cherise, Snoops)



Nyree's Lovebirds

A pair of lovingly entwined florals - jasmine and rose - side by side and equal in strength, softened with a layer of downy marshmallow and a dollop of sweet Spring honey.

2 bottles available

(Blackcat, StacyK)



Nyree's Passionate

Iris is the star of this show, backed by soft white patchouli, sheer sweet white amber, and a dusting of Nubian musk.

2 bottles available

(StacyK, RoseB)



Stacy's Milfy Summer

Stacy let me have my way with this one, and if you wear it, the same thing might happen to you. A dry and warm vanilla and musk blend form the base, with summery notes of orchid, coconut and sparkling pineapple shining on top, and gentle Spring honey making an appearance to add a little wiggle to the middle.

6 bottles available

(StacyK, JLisa, Hearts, RoseB, LadyV. Invidiana)

Alternates: JLisa



Tiffany's Hawaiian Cake

Fresh peach and mango top a delish wedding cake of batter-y vanilla and a smidge of tropical coconut.

1/6 bottles available

(Luna, Phergineer, Kitty, Saffron, CinnMel



Wendy's Pomme Fraiche

A gorgeous clear airy tea scent, crafted of chamomile EOs accented with little drops of bamboo, red apple, clover and green leaves to accentuate and bolster the natural beauty of the chamomile. Genius!

2 bottles available

(Wendy, Cherise)



Victoria's Black Cobra

Pretty darn nifty combo of chocolate absolute, wormwood, coriander and anise. Powerful juju! Came out fab!

(LadyV, I am holding an extra aside for you in case you want another.)

12 bottles available

(DolphinDolls x2, StacyK, Blackcat, Bella, MDCherie, Tyvey, Invidiana, Seajam x2, Cherise, Saffron)

Alternates: Maililyahn



Victoria's White Cobra

Bourbon vanilla with that lusciously boozy cast, balanced with sweet sandalwood, powdery French musk, and a dash of moody woodsmoke. Atmospheric!

(LadyV, I am holding an extra aside for you in case you want another.)

15 bottles available

(Blackcat, Memorare, Hearts, BlueBear, Invidiana, Seajam x2, MDCherie, StacyK, Tyvey, Saffron, Halo, Maililyahn, Lovestruck, VVeronica)


And merely for your edification, this is King Kobra.

LOL. You're welcome.




Also, a couple of others – remakes of PEs circa 2009 originally designed by Cheeseburger, ordered by another. I am searching for the original labels.


Lorien's Sugared Darkness

Nag Champa, Frankincense & Myrrh, and a 3 sugar blend.

2 bottles available

(EOSP, Memorare)


Lorien's Sweet Nova

Amber, Neroli & Tonka softened with white sugar.

2 bottles available

(JLisa, Lovestruck)

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Oh wow the labels are great!!

Can we request yet? if so I'd like one of LVs black Cobra. Thank you.

Edited by StacyK
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Oh MY GODDESS!!! The beauty! Mara, I love my labels and I adore the names you picked!


And if there any available, I'd love to get 1 each of Victoria's Cobras (so 1 White Cobra and 1 Black)! Would love to hear notes/descriptions from others.


ETA: Love ALL the names and labels!

Edited by Blackcat
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Alrighty, here's your (and my) morning chortle. I'm so out of the lingo loop that I had to look up "milfy" in the Urban Dictionary..stop laughing. No, seriously, stop. I need to get out more often, or, like, get hip to what the groovy kids are sayin'..yo. What a mutha!



Uh, Can you use that in a sentence, please?..



*Note to self: Your 52 is showing.*

Edited by Wanderlust
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A MILF is a mother I'd like to ... Have over for a nice cup of tea :P


The labels are so pretty, you outdid yourself Mara! Really excited to see all the notes. I already know I want a white cobra if there's enough available.

Edited by Memorare
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I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours. I asked Mara for a respite from the inevitable inferno of our landlocked summers. I'd been picking chamomile blossoms for a batch of sun tea. That got the ball rolling for a splash of refreshment.


Wendy's Pomme Fraiche:



Fresh Red Apple, to pull the apple scent forward in the chamomile

Tea (Mara's choice), a clear, clean fresh scent

Bamboo or Aloe, to add an extra breath of freshness

Edited by Wanderlust
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Wendy that sounds quite exquisite!


And d'oh -- here are mine!

6 of Cups -- I asked Mara for a love potion with a different energy from the truly amazing One True Love. I am in a fairly tender place right now, and I want to evoke the most chivalric, generous, protective, not even necessarily romantic love, though it could be. I told her I was thinking of the energy of the 6 of Cups (never occurred to me what perfect name that was!) -- best most innocent child-like fresh beginnings.


I also have been craving a strawberry scent so this is strawberry, cream, dash of vanilla and tiny pinch of sugar.


Fox Medicine -- I have been dreaming up this one for a long time, and didn't twig to the perfection of asking Commander Fox for Fox Medicine until I sent her the email! I wanted something earthy and animalic and natural -- asked for red musk, red patchouli and ozone, left the last note up to her.


Name comes from this link, which a friend sent me after foxes started popping up everywhere:




Summer Shine -- another therapy potion! I wanted something that would both give protection and strength for telling hard truths but also be a bit of glamour potion to let me still feel fresh and pretty while I do so.... grapefruit, coconut, marshmallow root and banana.


I am so excited to finally get these in my hot little hands!


ETA: I cannot describe how wonderful it was to wake up to this after yesterday's challenges, and since I have to spend the day lying low with my broken foot propped up, I can't think of a better thing to do than just stalk this thread continuously.

Edited by Blackcat
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Raspberry roon- raspberry, coconut, rose, buttercream were the notes I requested. I told Mara if it's too

much like the other macaroon PE she's done, to feel free to tweak it as she liked, but the raspberry/rose/coconut combo is what I'm after :) The idea itself is from a recipe I found online.

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Thank you, Blackcat. You've envisioned such beautiful, nurturing, healing strength in these three PEs. Leave it to Mara to know just what you need. She definitely helped heal and strengthen me through two losses in the last two years with her "Fox Medicine"..truth.♡♡


Memorare, this sounds delicious, like something served during high tea at The Grand Hotel.


"Nevyn Scent"..so adorable! Oh, my heart! It doesn't seem so long ago that my son's were that age.


The label for Nyree's Lovebirds" is just so pretty! All the labels are so thoughtful! Mara, you never cease to amaze.


Hearts, I could fall in a vat of your "Cherry Rum Yum" and (hopefully) never find my way out!


We need to hear from Nyree and Christine. Need to know about Lovebirds, Passion, and the secret ingredients for Sweet and Spicy.


*Feel better, Blackcat!*

Edited by Wanderlust
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Oooh, Memorare, that sounds very yummy!


And WendyLynne -- you are so right about Mara's magic. I had her make me a PE in January specifically to help with my therapy relationship and the number of powerful positive changes that happened -- many not initiated by me! -- was spooky. So I think from here on out I am always going to fold intent into my PEs!

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If we can request bottles already, can I reserve one of LV's Black Cobra? And a Six of Cups?


I love the label for Aphrodite's Belt.. can't wait to see the notes for that one.. and for Mama Lion and Milfy Summer!

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Can I reserve a White Cobra please?


Curious about the notes in Hawaiin Cake...

Here are mine

Cherry Rum Yum - cherry, rum, almond and black vanilla

Little Miss Pancake- pancake or bready notes, maple syrup, whipped cream and banana

Mama Lion- I let Mara decide with that one. I asked for golden and creamy; fem but with a fierce mama lioness energy.

I'm so in love with the labels on mine! Yay!!!!!

Edited by hearts
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"Nevyn Scent"..so adorable! Oh, my heart. It doesn't seem so long ago that my sons were that age.

The label for "Nyree's Lovebirds"..just so pretty! Every single label is so thoughtful, Mara! You never cease to amaze.


Omgosh, I know! That little guy is too cute for words!

I'm swooning over the fox medicine label too. I hope you feel better Blackcat :Hug_emoticon: Your PEs are always awesome :)

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Ooooh SHINY! Your bringing back Sugared Darkness and Sweet Nova? NICE! It makes me happy that someone still digs those so much,so many years later! I wore Sweet Nova just the other day,LOVE that one!

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Hearts, I absolutely love your concept for the Mama Lion! I can't wait to hear what Mara came up with for that!


The Nevyn Scent label tickles me every time I look at it... I so love hearing all the reports of next generation LP'ers getting started.


And truly, all the labels and names... seeing everyone's fab concepts (I'm looking at your MILFY Summer in particular, StacyK!) brought to life by Mara's talent and craft is so moving. This is such a creative, vibrant, fun-loving community!


And thanks to all for the well-wishes. They really help!

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Raspberry Roon

LV Black Cobra

LV White Cobra

*I see what you did there LV. First it's pussy, now it's cobra. Heh heh heh. :lol:


(will be greedy and might add more to this list when notes are posted)




Summer Shine

Cherry Rum Yum

Edited by Invidiana
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Guest cutie.pie

Can't wait to see notes in Hawaiin Cake! :)


Hearts, is almond in your Cherry Rum Yum marzipan-ish maybe? ;)

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Im going to need that six of cups after I have baby Luke so everyone can kiss my ass and not make me want to murder them

Ha! That sounds like a perfect use, LV! I felt like One True Love was way more grown-up and partnership-y than I am capable of at the moment. This one says, "Come take care of me and be my devoted white knight asking nothing but to serve and protect me and bring me all the cupcakes and chocolate I desire NOW."


I reread your Cobra notes and OMFG!!! So amazing, I can't wait to hear from Mara what they ended up being!

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For "MILFY" Ok so I gave MARA full control. I didn't suggest any notes. Just the Mojo Since she does the best enhanced scents I did ask for a type congruent to MLH (by day). So mom/woman in charge by day. But, also sensual and all woman by night. I literally get to be as excited as everyone else.

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Oh damn it.. I can't wait! I'd like to pleas add

Mama Lion &

Summer Shine to my request. Hopefully there's some left. :)


eta .. so many sound great. I wish I could get them all!

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Alrighty, here's your (and my) morning chortle. I'm so out of the lingo loop that I had to look up "milfy" in the Urban Dictionary..stop laughing. No, seriously, stop. I need to get out more often, or, like, get hip to what the groovy kids are sayin'..yo.



Uh, Can you use that in a sentence, please?..



*Note to self: Your 52 is showing.*

:lol: I learned the term a few years ago from "30 Rock" they were doing a "reality" show called "MILF ISLAND" :lol: another great name btw.


"MILFY" is Maras terminology. I :heart: it!


She's a take no prisoners MILFY. :lol:

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I had to add the Y to turn it into an adjective.


The kids are away and I'm feeling very MILFY!!!!

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