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New Releases for JULY 2012

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Love Potion: Humidity

Brewed on the Summer Solstice 2012



Jubilee - Perfume Spray

Phero Enhanced w/ Teddy BB (for Women)



Tangy Tart









Happy Water 2012

Phero Enhanced w/ Alpha-Androstenol



Sneaky Clean

Phero Enhanced w/ Super Sexy for Women



Grow A Pear



Le Wiz's Mango Tango



Dolly's Hot & Sticky

Yup! We moved some things around so we could release it this month and brewed enough for everyone!

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I brewed four Musks for this month in limited quantity. They are available in 5ml, 10ml and 1oz sprays, but no trial vials, sorry. They will be located in the PE section. Still have two more I want to try brewing, so maybe those for next month. Enjoy!



French Musk



Orchid Musk



Pink Musk



Vintage Musk

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This month's Private Editions to share:



Lina's Tropical Cupcake



Tyvey's Mango Cherry Pepper



Melissa's Pink Vanillamint



Jimmy's California Messiah

by Goddess Lynne!



Mel's Tropical Love Bomb



Kimberley's LOV




Kimberley's Pear, Freesia & Magnolia




Victoria's Cherry Rose

a 2nd brew for Lady V of a favorite PE




Lindee's Choco Chip Mint

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They ALL look FABULOUS !! :aola: :aola:


YAY...GL's Hubby's PE !!!

can't wait to try Humidity, it's gotta be PLUS considering the unusual amount of HUMIDITY here in CT lol !!

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OMG - I want them all!!!


ETA some more coherent thoughts: Mind-reader! I have been wanting to try Teddy BB! And "Grow a Pear"! Love it! Can't wait to try Humidity, and after Dolly's reviews - Hot & Sticky sounds awesome! As for the musks, I definitely want Pink Musk, and maybe Vintage Musk... or French Musk.

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OMG how did you know I was planning on pairing a scent with B2 or TeddyBB!! I want something I can spray on my pillow before I go to sleep, as B2 has been helping me enormously with sleeping problems lately. This is perfect!! I'm so excited! *jumps up and down*

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LV is on two labels - LV's Cherry Rose ... & Gitana!


Cinn on Happy Water?


Eggers on Sneaky Clean?

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That's me on Passion & Envy ;)


I was thinking more Hot & Sticky ....


...and I am the black corset on Vintage Musk! :666:


Yeah - but there's nothing vintage about you other than the corset ...

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Wow, here they are! And they look so pretty. Happy Water is back :) I can't wait to try it. I wonder whether this is similar to the old one or rather a new variant. And so many lovely PEs and musk variants! I wished I had enough money, then I would definitely buy all of them.

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They all look amazing! What a treat to wake up to. I am particulary enthusiastic about Humidity, Jubilee (Teddy BB is a must), Sneaky Clean and Happy water. Not to mention how tempting all those musks and PEs look...Yet another brilliant job Mara, you must have an endless supply of inspiration...

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They all look fab! So glad you did more of the Hot and Sticky! I just KNOW that all of the fruit fans are going to be loving it! it is the PERFECT fruity cover for cops......

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Oooh, I need to at least sample Jubilee (depending on notes) and them musks look mighty okay too.....I'm thinking either French, Pink or Vintage musk must be mine!

When can we expect descriptions???

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Tyvey your label is amazing. The Little Prince is one of my all time favourite books. I'm guessing it's mango, cherry, pepper, not cherry peppers?? Mango and peppers sounds nice though actually. MMM roasted peppers and mango in a salad!


So I'm thinking Humidity is a definite, especially as I talk about humidity all the time (yeah I know, I'm fascinating, clearly lol), Jubilee, depending on notes, for the teddy phero although I have teddy unscented, Maybe Gitana-notes dependent, no idea what Passion and Envy might smell like, Happy Water mainly for the amazing label, Sneaky Clean,Grow a Pear - have recently developed new liking of pear scents, Dolly's Hot and Sticky (boosted with the regulation ass-load of cops ;) , and interested in all four musks dependent again on notes, and I'm probably safe from the rest of the PE's (obviously i have my own already lol) but I love the merman label!!

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Yes, mango, cherry, and just a sprinkle of black pepper to cut the sweetness. It's another plagiaristic amalgam: July girl's cherry pepper of which I only ever had a sniffie but was mad for, x OCCO ambrosia's mango/cherry. very excited to try it !!!

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Jimmy's California Messiah, what a beautiful picture! I wonder which are the ingredients? Grow A Pear sounds very attractive, so does Mango Tango. Waiting for the descriptions before I decide. But at least one or two of the Musks, that's a must!

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Grow A Pear cracks me up!


Curious about all, but esp Gitana and Passion & Envy.


and that Happy Water label is so beautiful.

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Now that I've calmed down a bit I definitely want the musks (if that isn't already obvious), and I think I'm going to go for Sneaky Clean and Tangy Tart, maybe LP Humidity if no melon is involved. Thinking of Kim's LOV too....

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